Mana Ryougi (両儀 未那, Ryōgi Mana?) is the daughter of Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou.



Mana Ryougi is Shiki and Mikiya's daughter. The one who named Mana was Mikiya. Mikiya himself came up with the name without a second thought, but Shiki knew its meaning. She said with a sour look on her face, "Ah, so that's what it is." and accepted anyways.[1]

When Mitsuru Kamekura was struggling to pay back his debt, Shiki and Mana decided his fate. She's a fan of Mitsuru's book "The Vampire's tears" (吸血鬼の涙, Kyūkeysuki no Namida?) and under her own volition she recruited Mitsuru so that he would work for her father in his detective agency, however it seems that Mitsuru is mainly stuck with being Mana's caretaker.


Mana is close to 10 years old; she has blue eyes and black hair.


Mana seems to be greatly amused by things that are out of the ordinary and jumps at the possibility of doing something interesting. She is aware of Kamekura's dark past, however she thinks of him as a nice man who is similar to her papa (in her words, he is plain, can't say no to pretty girls and has a non-working eye). Her wish is to "beat her mom so she can have her papa."

She also knows about her mother's male personality, SHIKI (, ?). She refers to Mikiya as papa, to Shiki as mother and to SHIKI as father.


Kara no Kyoukai: Future GospelEdit

Later she is interested in having the agency becoming the sponsor of Mother of Mifune, a famous and accurate fortune teller who gave predictions to Shiki and SHIKI long ago. 

She told the fortuneteller her father, SHIKI, would like to say thanks. 


Ryougi Mana is a normal human with no special powers or talents.[2]