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Noble Phantasm
Maria the Ripper


Maria the Ripper

Japanese name: マリア・ザ・リッパー
Title: The Holy Mother of Dismemberment
Japanese title: 解体聖母
Transliteration: Kaitai Seibo
Owner: Assassin of Black
Type: Anti-Unit[1]
Rank: D~B[1]
D (F/GO activation)
D+ (F/GO rank-up)
Range: 1-10[1]
Maximum number of targets: 1 person[1]

Maria the Ripper: The Holy Mother of Dismemberment (解体聖母マリア・ザ・リッパー, Kaitai SeiboMaria za Rippā?) is a set of four strangely shaped knives. They are normally classified as Rank D Noble Phantasms, but they can be empowered under certain conditions by "the hatred of children who were denied everything, even the chance to sell their own flesh; the children who were abandoned back then by the 80,000 prostitutes in the London ghettos in order to maintain their own livelihood." If activated normally, they can be used to deal physical damage to the target while the conditions are not completely fulfilled. Upon fulfilling them, the damage rendered receives a large boost in Rank and the attack can guarantee instant death. If a) "it is night-time," b) "the target is a female," c) "it is misty," the knives manifest within the target's body, instantly vivisecting their flesh. The attack is communicated as a curse rather than a physical technique executed by utilizing the set of knives, so it may be used at range.[1][2] Much like Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat, physical defense is impossible, but resistance to curses may permit evasion.


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