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“Draw your arrows, I shall allow it!"
"Witness the defense of Uruk, the greatest and richest of cities! The deluge of the land is my will!"
"Melammu Dingir!”


Melammu Dingir: King's Signal Cannon (王の号砲メラム・ディンギル, Ō no GōhōMeramu Dingiru?) is the Noble Phantasm of Gilgamesh in his Caster form. It is a long-range bombardment from the citadel of Uruk. A prodigious cannon fire that concentrates not only Gilgamesh’s own, but also the total force of the people of Uruk that lived in the Age of Gods.[1]

With heartrending grief, Gilgamesh loads his own collections on the ballistae and entrust them to the soldiers.[1]

English | Japanese

Broken Phantasm? I have been doing such a thing since over 4,000 years ago!”



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