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Noble Phantasm
Japanese name: メセケテット
Title: The Solar Ship of the Dark Night
Japanese title: 闇夜の太陽の船
Transliteration: Yamiyo no Taiyō no Fune
Owner: Rider
Type:  ???
Rank:  ???

Mesektet: The Solar Ship of the Dark Night (闇夜の太陽の船メセケテット, Yamiyo no Taiyō no FuneMeseketetto?) is Ozymandias' flying ship. It is able to fire several beams of light that can scorch the earth. Rider is also able to summon just parts of it if he chooses and it is both sturdy and large enough that just causing the front of it to appear is enough to demolish a sizable portion of his Master's workshop. The destructive power of this vessel is such that it is touted to be able to destroy all of Tokyo in a matter of hours.

In Fate/Grand Order, this Noble Phantasm is used as his standard attacks.[1]


  1. Ozymandias Valentine's Event Scene

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