Mjölnir (ミョルニル, Myoruniru?) is the hammer of the Thunder God Thor, said to be the pinnacle of a mythos. It is utilized by Beatrice Flowerchild through the Berserker Class Card. It is a massive, ornate hammer that requires a massive arm of great strength in order to wield. It is a powerful melee weapon, and it can be thrown with great force. It attacks with the power of lightning, and shows multiple stages of power when the hammer's lightning is charged. As the power of the hammer grows, the triquetra symbol at the center also expands, the criss-crossing lines on the hammer extending out as jagged tendrils.

All-Crushing Hammer of the Thunder GodEdit

“Scatter into elemental dust! Smash all, Mjolnir!!!”

Mjölnir: All-Crushing Hammer of the Thunder God (悉く打ち砕く雷神の鎚ミョルニル, Kotogotoku Uchikudaku Raijin no TsuchiMyoruniru?) is the first stage of the Noble Phantasm that releases a large lightning strike at the enemy. Requiring the power of lightning, the attack cannot be used at full power indoors, but still displays overwhelming power in such a state. Outside, lightning can be gathered to charge the weapon by raising it towards the sky, doubling its potential power. Its power is such that even High-Thaumaturgy casted by Illya while using the Caster Class Card can only hold out for a few seconds, eventually breaking through five gates of A-rank level thaumaturgy.

Storm of the Thunder God Roaring with ThunderEdit

“Come to me, lightning! Go mad and rage on past the limits of nature! Mjolnir!!!”

Mjölnir: Storm of the Thunder God Roaring with Thunder (万雷打ち轟く雷神の嵐ミョルニル, Banrai Uchi Todoroku Raijin no ArashiMyoruniru?) is the second stage of the Noble Phantasm, releasing twelve highly-dense lightning pillars from the sky that move along the ground to enclose the enemy in a circular pattern. The hammer takes in more lightning than the previous stage, causing the ornate markings to transform and extend from the hammer, tripling the amount of magical energy compared to the previous stage.