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Monte Cristo Mythologie: The King of the Cavern (巌窟王モンテ・クリスト・ミトロジー, GankutsuōMonte Kurisuto Mitorojī?) is the way of life of Edmond Dantès, acting as the incarnation of revenge, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm through his manifestation as an Avenger. As he did not fit under any other sort of class, his body that manifested as Avenger was converted into a Noble Phantasm.

It allows him to attack by using magical energy like a poisonous flame. His body is immune to all sorts of poisons and mental inference effects.[1] It also allows him to conceal his parameters and class, displaying false information to others. It is a continuously-active-type-Noble Phantasm, but it also has an effect when releasing its True Name that is not displayed in Fate/Grand Order which is to release pent up grudges in an area and provoke enemies to attack each other.


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