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Monte Cristo Mythologie: The King of the Cavern (巌窟王モンテ・クリスト・ミトロジー, GankutsuōMonte Kurisuto Mitorojī?) is the way of life of Edmond Dantès, acting as the incarnation of revenge, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm through his manifestation as an Avenger. As he did not fit under any other sort of class, his body that manifested as Avenger was converted into a Noble Phantasm.[1]

It allows him to attack by using magical energy like a poisonous flame. His body is immune to all sorts of poisons and mental inference effects. It also allows him to conceal his parameters and class, displaying false information to others. It is a continuously active-type Noble Phantasm, but it also has an effect when releasing its True Name which is to release pent up grudges in an area and provoke enemies to attack each other.[1]

This Noble Phantasm is tied to the fourteen relics of the treasure of Monte Cristo that has the power to remake a person, a legend hidden in the mountain of Christ that represents the despair of those without God, the flames of hell, and the void. It is a power equal to that from the Age of Gods which forces a special Magic Circuit and Magic Crest into the user. By turning into a black flame that surrounds the user, it creates fire that are even able to break magical barriers and burn souls, as Michael Roa Valdamjong had found out while fighting the Count of Monte Cristo, his vampire's regeneration and even his reincarnation abilities being nullified by this Noble Phantasm.[2]


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