The Moon (, Tsuki?) is a central motif in a number of TYPE-MOON works. It is most prevalent in the works involving Vampires, such as Tsukihime and Melty Blood. It is not a planet, but it is still a celestial body that had an Ultimate One known as Type Moon. Within the world of Fate/Extra, it also holds the Moon Cell Automaton (ムーンセル・オートマトン, Mūnseru Ōtomaton?), a large computer-like construct created by an unknown civilization one hundred million years before the existence of the Earth or the Moon. It has recorded everything that has happened on the planet since its formation, and it keeps the records much like Akasha. It acts as the main setting of Fate/Extra.


According to radiometric dating, the moon formed approximately 4.5 billion years before the Age of Man. It previously was home to a lunar civilization led by Crimson Moon, but it fell into ruin. He eventually decided to abandon the moon and turned to Earth make into his new kingdom. During his battle with Zelretch, Crimson Moon created a mirror image of the Moon and dropped it towards the planet. The event, known as the Moon Fall (月落とし, Tsuki Otoshi?), was stopped by Zelretch's magic. The event is known in the current era, as mentioned by Rin Tohsaka.[1]

Unique to the world of Fate/Extra, the Moon Cell's photonic crystals are shown to have been created 4.6 billion years before the Age of Man, making it a construct formed roughly 100 million years before even the formation of the Earth. It is the oldest known object in the solar system, and it has watched the Earth since its creation. The exact formation of the planets and how the crystals were integrated into the moon is unknown, but scientists know it to be an observation device constructed by an alien civilization of non-human intelligent life.[2] The existence of the Moon Cell is not known to average humans, and it was only discovered in the 2030s. Other than the existence of the Moon Cell itself, the world of Fate/stay night is said to be exactly the same up until the 1970s.[3] The Moon Cell has nothing to do with Crimson Moon and can be said to be unable to fit within the world of Tsukihime without making the story fall apart, but the Fate/Extra-universe equivalent of Crimson Moon, the "Brain of the Planet", should still be living.[4][5]

Effects on VampiresEdit

When Crimson Moon answered the call of Gaia over four thousand years ago in order to protect the planet against human corruption, he created vampiric creatures in order to fulfill the pact: the True Ancestors. The True Ancestors were made his image and were created as a natural protective system for the Earth.

Since True Ancestors are related to the moon in this way, the cycle of the moon over the Earth affects their power. They are at their peak during the full moon and are weakest during the new moon. The same applies to their fallen kin (Demon Lords) and servants (Dead Apostles).

A prime example example of this is when Roa, who already has supreme regeneration powers thanks to his possessing the body of SHIKI Tohno, is able to regenerate himself from grievousous wounds dealt to him thanks to the full moon. He states that if the moon were waning even the slightest bit, such extensive regeneration would have been impossible.

It is unknown if those who became vampires using magecraft, like Nrvnqsr Chaos, are affected by the lunar cycles.

Moon CellEdit

In the Fate/Extra universe, the Moon Cell (ムーンセル, Mūn Seru?), also called the Holy Grail, Eye of God, and Divine Automatic Recording Device, is a massive collection of photonic crystals within the moon that comprises a giant supercomputer of sorts. This great mineral vein is located within an extremely large hole comparable to a several-kilometer-wide crack boring through the moon itself. The diameter of the crystals themselves reaches up to thirty kilometers. It seems that, apart from its surface portions, the moon itself is made up of these photonic crystals. The Moon Cell was discovered by the Western European Conglomerate, who decided to call it the "Holy Grail" because of its reality-changing power. The time of its initial operation is unknown, but an estimate based on radioactive carbon dating approximates the moon to have been formed 4.55 billion years ago, while the photonic crystals were created 4.6 billion years ago. Indeed, it is the oldest entity in the Solar System, and it has been observing the Earth since its birth.

Photonic crystals are crystals that, on a microscopic level, regularly alternates between layers of high and low refractive index. In this way, it is a substance that can control the transmission of light, making it a valuable material for a quantum computer using light. Humanity has only managed to successfully make photonic crystals a few centimeters in length since intensive study of them began in the twentieth century. The giant photon crystal slumbering beneath the moon can be considered as a supercomputer of enormous size, incredible complexity, and immeasurable processing power that was created from such nanoparticles. Although most supercomputer development was abandoned in the 2010s in favor of shifting the focus to cloud computing, the processing power of the all digital media on Earth combined cannot hope to match the capabilities of the substance. According to Twice H. Pieceman, the Moon Cell's core is made of the purest type of photonic crystal, a material that can act like the crystals used on holography to recording media.[6]

It scans the entire Earth about once per nanosecond and compiles the results of its scan in its database. It is a pseudo-intelligent being that has the supreme ability to affect the outside world with its internal calculations. As an eye that observes the Earth, it acts as a database of human history that faithfully simulates all life on Earth and is capable of providing a definite prediction of the future. It is a processor with a massive memory that has recorded the habits, history, ideas, and even the souls of humanity. As it can also affect the outside world with its calculations, it has the power to "grant wishes." In this way, it can be thought of as a Pandora’s Box that promises the next stage of evolution. It promises god-like power to those intelligent lifeforms who have become technologically advanced enough to scan the interior of the moon.[2]

After it was discovered by the Conglomerate, it managed to hack into every computer system around the world and connect to them within two seconds of contact. This made all Internet security systems moot, as anyone could get into any other computer via the passageways through Moon Cell as long as they could connect to the Internet. To prevent individuals from reaching the Moon Cell, the Conglomerate prohibited all space travel. In order to determine who is truly worthy of using its power, the Moon Cell began the Holy Grail War, where "spirit hackers" who have hacked themselves into the SE.RA.PH (see below) fight for the right to use the Moon Cell.



The Core's Area and The Main Core.

The Serial Phantasm, abbreviated SE.RA.PH, also known as The Photonic Abyss and Angelica Cage, is an artificial environment within the Moon Cell located inside of a spiritual computer system called Automaton. The system is similar to Akasha in the terms of holding the "stores and archives" of all human history. It was likely discovered by Harway family, since Leonardo B. Harwey tells about his family has prevented space-travel to prevent anyone from landing on the moon.[7]

The SE.RA.PH is responsible for the summoning of the Servants during Fate/Extra. The SE.RA.PH restricts the exit until the tournament participants are reduced to one, as per the Moon Cell's rules. It is also responsible for the existence of the NPCs and all areas in the tournament. The area within it called the "Moon Cell" is a representation of the Moon Cell's core, and the golden globe within the cube is the main core--the core of the Moon Cell itself. Servants generated by the Moon Cell are called to protect the core, even at the cost of violating the contract to their Master. Servants are required to stop their Master should they try to destroy the system, and those who prioritize their Master over the Moon Cell will be deleted from its records. It is, however, possible to fool the Moon Cell's surveillance, enabling Hakuno Kishinami's Servant to protect him/her.


The landscapes generated by SE.RA.PH are all independent Reality Marbles, an extremely powerful feat. The school of the preliminaries, the school for the main tournament, the Arena, and the Coliseum are each individual Reality Marbles. Even the greatest supercomputer on Earth would be unable to sustain a single Reality Marble for any great length of time.


  • Tsukumihara Academy
  • Church
  • Infirmary
  • Library

Tsukumihara Academy (月海原学園, Tsukumihara Gakuen?)


  • Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • First Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • Second Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • Third Chimeric Lunar Seas - Ice
  • Fourth Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • Fifth Chimeric Lunar Seas - Forest of Sea
  • Sixth Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • Seveneth Chimeric Lunar Seas
  • Enemies
  • Enemies


Elevator to the field of honour

Elevator to the Coliseum

The elevator known as "Elevator to the field of honour" connects to the Coliseum.


  • NPC Journalism Club
  • Disciplinary Chairman NPC

The NPCs (Non-Player Character) within the Moon Cell are humanoid virtual lifeforms created to manage the Holy Grail War. They are artificial intelligence configured according to the program, things treated as "functions of programs" and "do not exist as actual beings." They perform only one task, and though they respond with personality, they are nothing more than puppets. They are merely mechanisms for the sake of allowing human lives to progress smoothly, and they are "not there" even when they "are" in front of someone's eyes. They are created from the Moon Cell's records of real humans that have lived in the past, and they simulate the personalities of them.[8]

It also generates AIs and Advanced AIs, beings granted the capability for self-judgement. Advanced AIs are given the management of a section like "managing the health of the Masters." Advanced level AIs are created to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation." They have been programed with souls to act as perfect reproductions of humans, but while they "are there", the contents of the souls are colorless. They have the ability to manipulate the Moon Cell in certain ways, such as repeating a day dozens of times. They cannot delete their memories, so they can only be transferred and reset.[9]

It is possible for NPCs become self-aware, and it is even possible for them to gain the powers associated with Masters. Twice H. Pieceman speculates that his interactions with Masters and his skill as a Spirit Hacker pushed him into consciousness, but he also mentions the possibility of it being an anomaly born from a single near-impossibility. He also gained the advantage of being recreated once he died unlike regular Masters, but he cannot interact with the core of the Moon Cell because he is still considered an irregular data stream. He can fool low-level processes, but the core would detect him as an NPC instantly.

Both AIs and NPCs are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed of along with its completion, as the fact that only one Master will be left alive at the end even applies to the virtual lifeforms. They are recreated by SE.RA.PH with each new round of the Holy Grail War, and having been returned to zero, the Advanced AIs are allowed only to retain their personae. Any memories they gained are reset, and they are made to pretend that they never existed. Their absolute rule is "Improving one's functionality is not allowed", but BB manages to become a "hyper level AI" through her modifications.[10]

Sakura Matou is an Advanced AI in charge of the health of Masters, and BB also takes on that role. There is a successor in case Sakura is deleted, Caren, who has a problem in her algorithm that makes it so she does not prioritize Masters' lives. She believes ordeals are more important than living, so Hakuno Kishinami's survival rate would drop to less than three percent in the first week if she were to be put in charge.[11]

Known NPC Characters:

Far SideEdit

There also exists the Far Side of the Moon (月の裏側, Tsuki no Uragawa?), an imaginary space known as the trash bin that is used for storing malicious information and imaginary numbers. Sealed off as "Not For Use" information, it is a higher dimension where the light within the photon crystals is jumbled. It is the “exterior of the world”, and can be called the "Garden of the Fallen" built from imaginary numbers in contrast to the Near Side being a cell where the "light of heavenly fire" is imprisoned.[15] Due to his power, Gilgamesh is not allowed to appear on the Near Side of the Moon, so he sleeps in the Far Side instead. Nothing else should be able to exist there because it is the territory of nil, and intelligent life forms should not be allowed or be able to exist there. It is not within normal time, allowing for a series of communications over eighteen days from Earth to take less than a microsecond within the timeframe of the Moon Cell.

Due to BB surfacing and gaining power as an Advanced A.I., she begins an extensive reconstruction and periods of resetting to work towards her goals. This allows for someone to contact Gilgamesh even when it should be impossible. The end result of her work is Cursed Cutting Crater, a real space in the present, past, and future. Establishing it as a "place", even Masters can exist there. It is not possible to hack the Moon Cell however much time is spend, but she is able to take control of it by placing herself in “unlimited time” through the power of the primordial goddesses she has taken into herself.[10]

Sakura dungeon mapping

Sakura Labyrinth

Chapter 1 - Backyard of Eden
-01F Escape From New Moon.
-02F Gold Trash.
-03F Slave On Syndrome.

Chapter 2 - Girl's Side Laboratory
-04F Honey tight Dresscode.
-05F Needless?
-06F Bandit Zero Over.

Chapter 3 - Alter Ego/M
-07F Rapunzel Go Home.
-08F Sleeping Beauty.
-09F Red Skin Monster.

Chapter 4 - Sick, Home sink
-10F Connection.
-11F Memory.
-12F Life.

Chapter 5 - Iron Maiden Princess
-13F Dragon Sweet Coaster!
-14F Crimson Full-Course
-15F No Past.

Chapter 6 - Alter Ego/S
-16F Silence Swan Lake.
-17F Alice in Graveyard.
-18F Crime Ballet.

Chapter 7 - I love You.
Observer on Angelica Cage, black bottom moon light.
Crimson Full-Course
No Past.

Chapter 7 - Anima Ataraxia.
Deliverer on Angelica Cage, holy only lime tree.[16]

The Zero DarkEdit

14,000 years ago, the Umbral Star detected Earth and it's civilizations and sent a fragment of itself, containing Velber 02, which crashed into the Far Side of the Moon, infiltrating the Moon Cell. Velber 02 attacked the moon cell, causing huge damage, but was defeated, and was quarantined in an area which became known as The Zero Dark. Using the full power of the reformed Regalia, the darkness in the Zero Dark can be made even deeper, so that the cavern containing the White Titan is sealed away permanently. 

Tsuki no SangoEdit


The Moon in Tsuki no Sango.

The Moon is the main focus of Tsuki no Sango, a world where the events of Tsukihime did not occur. It is about a time when the humans reached a crisis and the moon was a world of death for humanity, but humans still tried an immigration plan to deal with humanity's overpopulation crisis, The Lunar Immigration Plan. Since then, the moon became a new frontier, and its immigrants created a city, a nation upon the lunar surface.

But then a great disaster struck: humanity lost its "heart's fire". The desire for growing, expanding or excitement for invention. With this, the Moon's humans decided to abandon the Earth's humans. After 50 years of that tragedy, the Earth and Moon sealed their doors to each other, becoming entirely independent of each other.

Apparently, some decades later the light of the Moon disappeared and at the same time, humanity’s population on Earth also dramatically declined. The motive was simple: no one felt like propagating the species anymore. After these fifty years, humanity was to be extinct, if not for a group that still "keep trying".

Most of the Moon is covered by a sheet of ice. It's a blue ceiling that apparently protects the seven lunar cities on surface.

The Seven Lunar CitiesEdit

They are the cities were built on the Moon's surface. Covering the part that could be seen from Earth. The living beings of the cities are apparently dead. Actually, the seven cities were a huge grave.

  • First Lunar City:
  • Second Lunar City:
  • Third Lunar City:
  • Fourth Lunar City:
  • Fifth Lunar City: Matori, has a nuclear core that provides hydrogen to the seven cities.
  • Sixth Lunar City:
  • Seventh Lunar City:

The Other Side of the MoonEdit

On the other side, the one that could not be seen from the Earth, has a gray forest. Trees made of limestone, a layer of ice covering the sky and within the center, a nuclear reactor providing the necessary molecules for hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.

Being the core of reactor, was the "Girl of the Moon". Her hands and feet were fused into the ground, her arms and legs discolored black; looking like a pillar extending from the ground wearing a dress. According to records, she was a silicon based body with the function to manage the planet with more efficiency, as it represents the Moon's soul, or more correctly, brain. While this "machine" was connected with the core and the moon, she was virtually immortal (cause she was operating on a different time scale from humans).

However, even if "it" was a representation of "life", if she abandon her position as machine, the Moon would return to its natural form. In the end, she will receive only the death through the time with that choice.[17]


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