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Nasuverse character
Mr. Cellphone
Japanese name: ケータイさん
Appears in: Carnival Phantasm
Mahou Tsukai no Hako
Type-Moon Mobile Site
Japanese VA: Daisuke Kishio
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 27 (Cancer)
Height: 210mm
Weight: 130 grams
Three sizes: B150/W150/H150 (millimeters)
Likes: Eroge, late night anime
Dislikes: Smartphones, hinge-directed attacks
Talents: Annoying Greenie

Mr. Cellphone (ケータイさん, Keitai-san?) is an original character created for the Type-Moon mobile site.



Mr. Cellphone refers himself as Pakeshi (パケシ, ?), a nickname that Neco-Arc has given him. Mr. Cellphone spends his time in Ahnenerbe.


Mr. Cellphone is a mysterious blue mobile flip phone with a male voice. The phone doesn't have waterproof function.


Mr. Cellphone is hostile to smartphones. Mr. Cellphone refers to Chikagi Katsuragi as Greenie (, Midori?). There is an ongoing gag where Mr. Cellphone would do something inappropriate and Chikagi would break him.

He is knowledgeable about the Burial Agency, Dead Apostle and Magecraft, he doesn't want to get involved with Ciel and Kirei Kotomine.


Mahou Tsukai no HakoEdit

It is hinted by Lorenz Trendel and Hibiki Hibino that the true identity of Mr. Cellphone is the Dead Apostle Caubac Alcatraz.

Carnival PhantasmEdit


The phone is a Mystic Code, made by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. It's original form has wings and handle, like Magical Ruby.

Whenever Chikagi breaks the phone, Mr. Cellphone somehow revive himself.

Mr. Cellphone has a digital camera function, but it was removed immediately when Mr. Cellphone took a happy embarrassment image of Hibiki and Chikage. However he had already backed up the important invaluable photo.


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