Mr. Dawn (ミスタ-・ダウン, Misutā Daun?) is the tentative number six of the Burial Agency. He is not an actual fighter, so he is only considered to be the sixth member together with his partner. He used to work for V & V Industries, the company that ran the factory involved in the ritual in Aylesbury, as the Sixth R&D Division Manager. There was some kind of accident there where he was the only survivor, and he resigned from the company afterward. Narbareck hired him for the Burial Agency due to his accomplishment in solving the incident. The incident left him a scar in his mind, and he hasn't been able to remember his real name since. Even when his name is mentioned, he is unable to hear it. His partner prays for him, saying that he was in hell during the incident, and that he lost both his soul and the ability to recognize his name eternally. He is one of the least qualified people to stop the ritual due to being a normal human, but still decides to go due to direct orders and a prophecy from Narbarek that he might regain his lost name.

He looks dangerous, but is actually more like a timid and charming school teacher. He says he lacks the qualifications to teach others, and he simply wishes to live a calm, easygoing happiness. He is a natural pacifist, and he is uncomfortable with blood and violence, even in horror movies. He is feared by other Executors as the "absolute number one person we never want to be with on a mission" because he panics and gets in the way upon viewing a slaughter caused by heretics. His level of faith is somewhat below average, and he hasn't removed his Bible from his desk drawer since the incident. He loves black humor. He is a skilled engineer, considered to be an elite among elites, but he lacks any Executor Sacraments, abnormal abilities, nor any knowledge of Magecraft, and he refuses to even carry a gun to defend himself due to his pacifistic nature. He is still considered an irreplaceable exorcist under certain conditions, being the only person to exorcise a full grown daemon from a person. There are revelations from the prophecy of the Virgin Mary that he will perform three more in his lifetime.

He is the driver of a thirty five ton American transportation truck and trailer called "Sympathy for the Devil", carrying steel weapons, crosses, medical equipments, and his partner. He also uses it to transport various orders from other Buriers, such as Ciel, who he hates due to her frequent and often changing orders. His partner, an exorcist known as "somewhat prone to become unethical", resides in the back of his trailer on a bed. She must be kept sealed in darkness and the temperature must be maintained above twenty degrees Celsius, or he would need to abandon and blow up the truck for unknown reasons. Referring to her as "my lady", she is described as a "malformed Virgin Mary" who is penetrated by demons yet gives them ease at the same time. Blood is smeared on her white skin, she makes oozing sounds when she moves, and Dawn secretly worships her unsymmetrical shape. She is affected by those who are superstitious, causing her to feel pain that she finds pleasant. She can see its shape, calling the countryside prettier than in urban cities. Generally when they are called for a job, she is able to "feast." She has a number of object with her in the trailer, including an ingredient of Mapo Tofu, but she becomes annoyed when Mr. Dawn says it's similar to an ingredient of curry.


Other appearancesEdit

Carnival Phantasm Mr.Dawn, Barthomeloi, Merem

Mr. Dawn, Barthomeloi Lorelei, Merem Solomon in Carnival Phantasm.

Mr. Dawn makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.