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Nammu Duranki: Mother, Yell the Shout of Beginning (母よ、始まりの叫をあげよナンム・ドゥルアンキ, Haha yo, Hajimari no Kyō wo AgeyoNanmu Duruanki?) is a Noble Phantasm utilized by Kingu. When used in Enkidu's body, it is identical to Enuma Elish. Tiamat also uses a variation of the ability as a skill in her dragon form, Nammu Duranki: Child, Abide the Laws of Creation (仔よ、創世の理に従えナンム・ドゥルアンキ, Ko yo, Sōsei no Ri ni ShitagaeNanmu Duruanki?) chomping down on her opponents.


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