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“"Nightingale Pledge"!”


Nightingale Pledge: I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous (我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを絶つナイチンゲール・プレッジ, Ware wa Subete Doku aru mono, Gai aru mono wo TatsuNaichingēru Purejji?) is the Noble Phantasm of Nightingale. Not only this has sublimated Nightingale's mentality, who ran into the battlefield and opposed death, but there is even connections to the concept of nurses as "angels in white* that save the sick and injured", which holds true in modern days thanks to her own anecdotes.[2]

Negates all toxicity and hostility within the effective range. A forcibly produced absolute safety zone.[2] Nightingale Pledge disables all weapons and Noble Phantasms, heals poison and bad status effects in the case of servants. Swords fall from hands, guns shoot no bullets, bombs cease their chemical reactions, Magecraft stops working, and Noble Phantasms' true names are not released. Also greatly heals the stamina and mana of selected targets.[1]


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