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“With my ba ji, two strikes are not needed! Anger! Mastery! Seven wounds of gushing blood.... A purified death!!”


No Second Strike (无二打, Mu Ni Da?) is Li Shuwen's title of "For Li Shuwen, a second strike is needless (God Spear, No Second Strike)" (李書文に二の打ち要らず(神槍无二打), Ri Shobun ni Ni no Uchi Irazu (Kami Yari Mu Ni Da)?) given shape. It is not a true Noble Phantasm, but rather the quintessence of his martial arts where all of his hard strikes, even those meant as a diversionary strike or a feint, are enough to snatch away the opponent's life.[1] He was an expert martial artist with strength that surpassed that of others, but the principal of "engulfing the opponent with Qi (, ? localized as "Chi")" being put into practice was thought to be more important than physical strength. One theory states that he did not just defeat opponents with the destructive power of his fists. Those annihilated by his techniques did not die from the destruction of their internal organs, but rather from what in the present would be called circulatory shock.[2]

The technique of "engulfing with Qi" does not have a fixed title as a technique, and it is an idea that just slightly resembles the Cosmic Orbit (周天, Zhou Tian?) methods seen in the Taoist discipline. Zhou Tian is a kind of training method in which Qi is cultivated by enclosing the body and mind in Qi, revitalizing the whole body and allowing for the resonance and amplification of the Qi. One goal of the training is to fill one's body with Qi and to fill one's own Qi in the surrounding space. It has been speculated whether or not Li Shuwen "engulfed his opponent with Qi" by utilizing the practice of molding the space filled with his own Qi in order to construct his own territory. Those who have been "engulfed with Qi" would have some of their senses dazzled, entering into a state of tension, and in the case a direct impact is driven into the nervous system of an opponent in this state, his heart will stop due to a reaction in the pneumogastric nerve.[2]

This technique skew his target's nervous and circulatory systems as well as Magic circuits. It disrupts the internal Magic Circuits like a tornado, in Servants case, the Master magical energy connection can no longer function properly.[3]

God Spear, No Second StrikeEdit

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“Liu He Da Qiang!”


God Spear, No Second Strike (神槍无二打しんそうにのうちいらず, Kami Yari Mu Ni DaShin-sō ni no Uchi Irazu?) is the spear technique of Li Shuwen. It has the same effects as the Assassin-class "No Second Strike", but the range was broadened by holding a spear. One can guess that the precision of movements is also no different from when unarmed.[4]


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