Notes. is a short novel written by Kinoko Nasu and published in an angels-centered doujin anthology Angel Voice. In the same anthology, Takashi Takeuchi published the one-shot manga clowick canaan-vail.


The story in Notes. takes place on Earth in the distant future, after mankind eventually killed the planet on which they lived with pollution and warfare. All natural life died, with the exception of mankind, as they were able to make use of advanced technology to artificially sustain themselves. This led to the creation of artificially enhanced humans, who were able to live on the ruined planet, and the A-Rays, creatures created with genetic engineering by combining humans and various other extinct life forms.

A war breaks out between the enhanced humans and A-Rays, resulting in complete and utter devastation of what was left of Earth, as well as the near extinction of enhanced humans. The war is then interrupted by the abrupt arrival of the 8 Aristoteles, who only seek to indiscriminately destroy all remaining life on the dead planet.[1]

Position in NasuverseEdit

Notes. was written before Tsukihime and other works that made TYPE-MOON and Kinoko Nasu famous, and shows some basic ideas that Nasu later incorporated in his works:

  • Most notably, the idea that Earth is a living and conscious being was used in all subsequent works.
  • Black Barrel, a weapon carried by Gun God seems related to Barrel Replica used by Sion in Melty Blood.
  • Crimson Moon was mentioned later in an interview as being one of the Types, Type-Moon. Subsequently, TYPE-MOON was the name of the doujin circle Nasu and Takeuchi formed, which later evolved into the company it is today. Additionally, "Notes" is the official company name of TYPE-MOON.

It is unknown if the story in Notes. represents the future of the world in which the Tsukihime and Fate franchises take place. If it does, its time frame would have to be over 1000 years in the future, as Melty Blood mentions the year around 3000 as the year when Crimson Moon would reappear, and by the time of Notes., the planet is already dead, no longer carrying any relevance to him.


  • Gun God – the main character of the story, the last 'unmodified' human.
  • V/V – Known only to Gun God as "the angel", she is a beautiful angel girl that takes residence in Gun God's apartment. She is eventually revealed to be an incarnation of Type-Venus.
  • Angel
  • Ado Edem, also known as Knight Edem, is known as being the strongest of the Ether Liners, who wields the demonic sword, Slash Emperor. He is attributed with destroying Type Saturn and Type Jupiter by slicing its core in half.
  • Six Sisters


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