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“Let's play together”

Caster, Fate/Grand Order

Nursery Rhyme: A Tale For Somebody's Sake (誰かの為の物語ナーサリー・ライム, Dare ka no Tame no MonogatariNāsarī Raimu?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by Caster. It is a Reality Marble, her nature of reflecting her Master's desires upon herself through the Perpetual Engine relic. Alice has great interest in nursery rhymes, so she takes on that form.

“A nursery rhyme is a children's refrain,
Tom Thumb's charming picture book,
The first glimpse of Mother Goose's awakening,
The sorrowful me to the lonely you,
Your final wish, let's make it true.”

—Caster Matrix


Nursery Rhymes

Unknown whereabouts. (正体不明で消息不明。, ?)
Fire-spouting dragons and cloud-breathing giants. (火をふく竜とか雲つく巨人。, ?)
Illusions (trompe-l'œil) are silhouetted apparitions. (トリックアートは影絵の魔物。, ?)
Adult conversations are, perhaps, full of lies. (けだし、大人の話はデマカセだらけ。 , ?)
The truth lies within Professor Dodgson's head. (真相はドジスン教授の頭の中に。, ?)

Aykroyd in celluloid. (アクロイドでセルロイド。, ?)
Acrostic sadistic. (アクロスティックなサディスティック。, ?)
Everyone here is ordinary. (ここでは誰もがただのモノ。, ?)
Birds being birds and people being people is nice, isn't it. (鳥は鳥で、人は人でいいじゃない。, ?)

Your name, I will now take. (貴方のお名前、いただくわ。, ?)



The Jabberwock

“And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! and through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.”

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol

Caster can summon the Jabberwock (ジャバウォック, Jabawokku?), a being she calls a "friend" that is greater in power than Servants. It is initially believed to be the Berserker-class Servant of Alice, and it has an overwhelming presence. Its strength shakes the Arena itself, and simply nearing it allows for its fierce, swirling magical power to be felt. It can overwhelmingly defeat Hakuno Kishinami's Servant, and the only defense is to retreat because Alice doesn't have it pursue due to wishing to wait for Hakuno to "play" with her. It is created through their power, and it will stay until its granted magical energy is depleted. In the Fate/Extra manga, it was shown that while Saber and Lancer could damage the Jabberwocky, it simply regenerated from its injuries, even restoring its decapitated head with no issue.


Alice Eater

It can only be defeated by the Vorpal Blade, a "blade of legend that no one has ever seen", a Mystic Code weapon that has an effect on certain types of monstrosities. It is from the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol, depicting a nameless hero's quest to slay the fearsome beast. It is not something found normally within the Moon Cell, but crafted by an alchemist with Malachite. The one created by Rani VIII is only able to be used once. It emanates magic as it nears the Jabberwock, shrinking his aura and allowing for him to be defeated in regular combat. It uses a skill called Alice Eater (, ?) to temporarily strengthen itself.

Nameless ForestEdit

“Birds are just birds here. People are just people here. Welcome to Alice's tea party.”
—Alice and Caster

Nameless Forest (名無しの森, Nanashi no Mori?) is a Reality Marble generated as a "playground" for Alice and Caster. Modeled after a forest, it is "Alice's tea party" where none can remember their names. It slowly chips away at the target's ego in order by influencing their unconscious mind to cause them to disappear. They first forget their name, forget who they are, and then begin to fade away until their body completely disappears. Attempting to retrieve information like their identity or the names of others from their memory does not work, feeling a disturbance like slipping against smooth stone. Alice and Caster carry a piece of paper with them with "What is your name?" written upon it. Hakuno Kishinami's Servants, Alice, and Caster appear unaffected by its abilities.

The only way to recall information within is for the target to recall their name. Simply writing it and reading it aloud is enough to break the effects. Reading a wrong name has no effect, and they are unable to tell the meaning behind the words. They similarly don't comprehend the importance of their name at first, but feel the area return quickly afterward.

In the Fate/Extra Manga, the Nameless Forest takes the shape of a table with chairs laid out with food and tea, set in the middle of a garden with metal arches marking the entrances.

Trump SoldiersEdit

Trump Soldiers (トランプ兵, Toranpu-hei?), spear-wielding card soldiers from Alice in Wonderland, can be created. She can bring about an army of forty, and though their combat ability is low, they are almost invincible due to Caster providing regenerative powers.


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