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Ochd Deug Odin: Great God Carved Seal (大神刻印オホド・デウグ・オーディン, Ōkami KokuinOhodo Deugu Ōdin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Cú Chulainn in his Caster form.

In modern terms, it is known as Matrix Wodan. It is a Noble Phantasm activated by invoking all the 18 original runes conferred by Scáthach together with the release of the True Name. The power of the rune obtained by the great god Odin of Northern Europe is temporarily released to bestow large-scale magic damage on the enemy camp. Furthermore, surviving enemies will have all buff effects dispelled, the parameters of their abilities will be forcibly reduced by 1 Rank and, in case they possess constantly active Noble Phantasms, those will be halted for 1~2 turns.[1]


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