Oda Nobukatsu (織田信勝, Oda Nobukatsu?) is a Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



The Servant's True Name is Oda Nobukatsu (織田信勝, Oda Nobukatsu?), also known as Oda Nobuyuki, the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga.



Nobuyuki is apparently a cold man as he willingly sacrificed his niece, Chacha, to merge Andras into "Golden Demon Taiko Hideyoshi". Despite this, he holds great affection for his older sister, committing such acts in order to create a preserved world for the two of them to live in eternal happiness and enjoy the pleasant times of their youth together, and finding it unforgivable that the Oda Elders didn't acknowledge her because she was a girl. He also acknowledges he is weaker than his sister, commenting there was no way he could have led the Oda Clan and that he is small fry who was never a match for her. He shows regret in his rebellion against Nobunaga in life, but accepted his death at her hands, saying only "---I'll leave the rest to you, Sister.".


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pako is the character designer for Oda Nobukatsu.