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This is a list of minor characters appearing in the many series of TYPE-MOON.

Carnival PhantasmEdit

Characters in the Carnival Phantasm.

Neco-Arc BubblesEdit

Nasuverse character
Neco-Arc Bubbles
Japanese name: ネコアルク・バブルス
Franchise: Take Moon
Appears in: Carnival Phantasm
Japanese VA: Kumi Sakuma
Character type: Neco
Gender: Female

Neco-Arc Bubbles (ネコアルク・バブルス, Neko-Aruku Baburusu?) is a Neco-Arc featured in Carnival Phantasm. She doesn't speak, and her only dialogue consists of an enthusiastically intoned "Un-Un-Un!!" ("Yeah-Yeah-Yeah!!") as she rapidly nods in agreement to any comment. She is voiced by Kumi Sakuma, who also voices Ciel.

Neco-Arc DestinyEdit

Nasuverse character
Neco-Arc Destiny
Japanese name: ネコアルク・ディスティニー
Franchise: Take Moon
Appears in: Carnival Phantasm
Japanese VA: Atsuko Tanaka
Character type: Neco
Gender: Female

Neco-Arc Destiny (ネコアルク・ディスティニー, Neko-Aruku Disutinī?) is a pink Neco-Arc featured in Carnival Phantasm. She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka, who also voices Caster. She is somewhat a drama queen, and often cries about things like 'love and money' or 'we all look the same.

Neco-Arc EvolutionEdit

Nasuverse character
Neco-Arc Evolution
Japanese name: ネコアルク・エボリューション
Franchise: Take Moon
Appears in: Carnival Phantasm
Japanese VA: Kenji Nojima
Character type: Neco
Gender: Male

Neco-Arc Evolution (ネコアルク・エボリューション, Neko-Aruku Eboryūshon?) is a black Neco-Arc featured in Carnival Phantasm. He is an otaku who is particularly obsessed with Phantas-Moon. Unlike the other four Neco-Arcs of Ahnenerbe, he is not part of their group. While he speaks to them with familiarity, they have no idea of his identity. He is voiced by Kenji Nojima, who also voices Shiki Tohno.

Fate IEdit

Original characters in the Fate series, including Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Zero, Fate/Extra, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/strange fake, Fate/Grand Order, and other related stories.

Alma PetresiaEdit

Alma Petresia (アルマ・ペトレシア, Aruma Petoreshia?) is Christian sister who works at the church under the authority of the Holy Church in Trifas. She is completely unrelated to the Church's Executors or the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, and was merely ordered, “For now, watch over the situation of this town”. She never investigated matters unnecessarily, simply ignoring the existence of the magi in town and passing several decades there in an unconcerned manner. Naturally, she is not able to get excited and passionate at her age. Just when she thought that, she received a shock from Ruler who appeared before her suddenly. When Alma first saw her, she realized with a glance that she was the esteemed saint Jeanne d’Arc and almost fainted.[1]


  • Althea

Althea (アルツィア, Arutsia?) is a female homunculus of Yggdmillennia. The homunculi created by Gordes have somewhat varied personalities and abilities, and Althea is a model that excels in magecraft. Her personality is exactly like that of a homunculus: reserved, yet wicked tongued. The homunculus who aided in searching for Assassin of Black. After the war, she went with Caules to London. In London, she basically helps with household chores. She is also responsible for helping with Caules’ magecraft, but she has taken up a part-time job searching for familiars with magecraft.[2]

Association DirectorEdit

The unnamed Director (院長, Inchō?) of the Mage's Association, the person of person of highest position in the Clock Tower, has been the same person for the two thousand years since the founding of the Association, and because of this is thought to be something more than human.[3] He apparently has a high amount of Magic Circuits and power. When compared to the powerful Barthomeloi Lorelei, it is said that if "it was just magical circuits" she will "even surpass" the Director.[4]


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ボンベ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Gender: Male

Bombay (ボンベ, Bonbe?) appears in Okeanus singularity in Fate/Grand Order, he serves under Francis Drake.

Cardinal LaurentisEdit

Cardinal Laurentis (レンティス枢機卿, Rentisu-sūkikyō?) is a cardinal of the Church, known for utilizing trickery and working behind the scenes for the Church's benefit. Within the world of Fate/Extra, he has begrudgingly become the Pope as of the 2030s, acting as the leader of the organization as a whole and keeping a good relationship with the Harwey family. In regard to not wishing to becoming the Pope, he felt that "I'm such an atrocious fellow that it's ridiculous to think that I could be the successor of the Pope."


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: カーシュラ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Gender: Male

Cashura (カーシュラ, Kashūra?) is a character who appears in Fate/strange fake. He is a magus who works for the US government and summoned Saber in the False Holy Grail War.

Cashura tried to summon King Arthur for the False Holy Grail War, but was killed by Assassin, leaving the summoning incomplete. Because of the incomplete summoning, Richard I was summoned instead.

Chishiki MabiEdit

  • Chishiki Mabi

Chishiki Mabi (間目 智識, Mabi Chishiki?, localized as "Sharon Tipps") is the Librarian NPC of the Moon Cell.


Dilo (ディーロ, Dīro?) is a bishop of the Church who is sent to Fuyuki to act as overseer after Kirei Kotomine's death. After the Heaven's Feel route, he is referred to as Kirei's successor and stays for at least two years, while he only stays for six months during Fate/hollow ataraxia and notes he is only a temporary overseer until a more appropriate replacement priest for such a small church is decided. He described as a kind old man who is very fond of Sakura, and he teaches her magecraft during the two years after the end of the Heaven's Feel route.[5][6] Twenty years before the False Holy Grail War, Dilo saved the life of Hansa Cervantes.

Father SimonEdit



Father Simon (シモン神父, Shimon-shinpu?), voiced by Shinya Fukumatsu, is the local priest living on Alimango Island. He has known Shirley for a number of years, having taught her reading and writing in the stead of actual schooling. It is unknown if he has a connection to the supernatural side of the Church, but he is extremely wary of Norikata Emiya, warning Shirley to stay away from him or lest be "ensnared by the devil" by working at his house. He gives her a silver knife for her own protection. Upon the outbreak of ghouls on the island, Kiritsugu Emiya goes to him for help, and Simon contacting others eventually leads to the Enforcers of the Mage's Association and Executors of the Church purging the island. He later becomes a ghoul as he moves to warn the villagers, and he is killed by Natalia Kaminski.

Gai GotouEdit

Nasuverse character
Gai Gotou
Japanese name: 後藤 劾以
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Masanori Katsuragi [Note 1]
Mitsuhiro Ichiki [Note 2]
Character type: Human
Gender: Male

Gai Gotou (後藤 劾以, Gotō Gai?) is one of Shirou Emiya's classmates in class 2-C at Homurahara Academy. He is a happy-go-lucky person who is easily influenced by TV, favoring the period drama Abarenbō Shōgun, changing his behaviors daily simply because of what he watched the previous night.[7] He only briefly appears in the Unlimited Blade Works route after Shirou and Rin Tohsaka form their official alliance. Along with other students, he notices Rin waiting in the hallway, and he describes her feelings of frustration of Shirou not noticing her from her expression and posture in such an overly-accurate and ridiculous way that Shirou questions if he was a general in his previous life. If Shirou hides from her, Gotou and the other students continue to narrate her actions until she attacks Shirou with an eraser that flips Shirou over his desk, causing Gotou to think Shirou was performing a "ninja move" and asks to be able to learn it from him. He did not have a design in the original visual novel, and he only obtained one in the first anime adaptation.

Gaisuke GakumazawaEdit

Gaisuke Gakumazawa (嶽間沢 凱介, Gakumazawa Gaisuke?) is the older brother of Tatsuko Gakumazawa and the second son of the family.


Gazamy (ガザミィ, Gazamyi?), the Evil Spook (悪霊, Akuryō?, Evil spirit), is a Magus that is considered to be the greatest disaster of the Mage's Association. While he is not that dangerous as a person, he has a magic attribute that is more troublesome to magi than any other ever recorded. He has been locked away in the bottom of London Tower due to this reason. While he has not appeared in any Type-Moon works, Fate/complete material III suggests he will have a role eventually.[8]

Golden Fuyuki-kunEdit

  • Golden Fuyuki-kun
  • Golden Fuyuki-kun scaring children

Golden Fuyuki-kun (ごーるでん冬木くん, Gōruden Fuyuki-kun?) is a parody version of Gilgamesh featured in the TMitter 2010 April Fools' Day joke. He is a mascot character that scares children.

Gouto GakumazawaEdit

Gouto Gakumazawa (嶽間沢 豪兎, Gakumazawa Gōto?) is the father of Tatsuko Gakumazawa.

Hibari KuriharaEdit

Hibari Kurihara (栗原 火雀, Kurihara Hibari?) is the sister of Suzuka Kurihara.

Ikuyo YuutouEdit

  • Ikuyo Yuutou

Ikuyo Yuutou (有稲 幾夜, Yūtō Ikuyo?, localized as "Arina Savant") is the Manager NPC of the Moon Cell.

Kaede MakideraEdit

Nasuverse character
Kaede Makidera
Japanese name: 蒔寺 楓
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: All Around Type-Moon
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Fate/school life
Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Michiru Yuimoto
English VA: Erica Lindbeck
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Three sizes: B72/W56/H78

Kaede Makidera (蒔寺 楓, Makidera Kaede?) is a beautiful but loud and obnoxious sprinter. A member of Class 2-A's famed track girl trio. She is the track team's star sprinter, and she wishes people would call her the "Black Panther of Homura" while her actual nickname is just "Maki".

She is a friend of Rin Tohsaka and she's scheming at making her as her best friend, and she sees Ayako Mitsuzuri as a rival. Her hobby is collecting wind chimes, and she loves working with glass. Perhaps because her tastes intersect with Rin's on that point, the two often go around visiting antique shops together on their days off and the two often go window-shopping together.[9]

She is energetic, likes competition, and tries to lead the members of their trio. She can't really stand failures. She is not academically brilliant and has poor marks at school. In the Fate/school life spinoff, she is depicted as receiving high marks only in History class.

Kane HimuroEdit

Nasuverse character
Kane Himuro
Japanese name: 氷室 鐘
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: All Around Type-Moon
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Fate/school life
Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Rie Nakagawa
English VA: Dorothy Fahn
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Three sizes: B84/W56/H85

Kane Himuro (氷室 鐘, Himuro Kane?) is a student at Homurahara School. She is a friend of Yukika Saegusa and Kaede Makidera, they are known as Class 2-A's famed track girl trio and she generally plays the straight man of the group. She is the track team's high-jumping ace. If you're wondering whether or not she hates having such an old-fashioned name as "Kane", she's actually really fond of it. It seems she actually wants to paint pictures, but was strong-armed into joining the track team by Kaede.[10]

She is considerate and intelligent. She is the brains of the trio. She is quiet, reserved, and doesn't speak that much as well. She is Minori's best friend and has a passion for gossip, especially if it involves those around her. She stars in her own spin-off series, Fate/school life, which displays her in a much more comical light along with her friends.


Kobayashi (小林, ?), voiced by Sho Okumura, is a Third Class Lieutenant in the JSDF. His call sign is Diablo II, and he pilots a Mitsubishi F-15J. Along with Ougi, he is called back from border patrol for a requested disaster relief operation, and he is unnerved by the report of it being a monster. He requests permission to fight if the report is true, and is unnerved by Ougi's death flag remark. Upon reaching the monster, he makes a descent to better see it through the mist. With an opponent not of modern technology, he is unable to even gauge or react to its tentacles instantly reaching for him. He is only able to scream as he loses control and his jet is absorbed into the body of the creature.


Nasuverse character
Fate zero ep10 kotone
Japanese name: コトネ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Asami Seto
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Kotone (コトネ, ?) is a second grade female student that attends Yatsushirodai Elementary School (八代台小学校, Yatsushirodai Shōgakkō?), just outside Fuyuki City. She is a close friend and classmate of Rin Tohsaka during Rin's stay with her maternal grandparents during the events of Fate/Zero. Rin feels very proud of the trust and respect Kotone has for her. She feels it is good opportunity to put her family creed into action by standing up for Kotone, such as when she is bullied by the boys of their class or when the librarian forces work onto her. Kotone eventually vanishes from school much like many other children of the area. She is taken by Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster for use in their various human projects and sacrifices. Rin realizes the disappearances are related to Holy Grail War in some way, and feels that she is the only one able to help her.

Rin ventures into the city to search for her alone. It is implied that Kotone meets the same gruesome fate as most of Ryuunosuke and Caster's other victims during the novel. Rin begins to despair that the hope of finding her alive is slim, and eventually even thinks that she should have aimed to find her remains in the first place. She is never referenced again afterward. The anime version of the events play out differently, as Rin manages to follow Ryuunosuke to an old building where he is keeping a number of children. She finds Kotone among them, and she manages to save them all by shattering the magecraft that was holding them in a trance. Kotone returns to school afterward with the other victims. She was originally named Satsuki in the first draft until it was remembered that Satsuki Yumizuka has that name.[11]


Krishna (クリシュナ, Kurishuna?) is the dorm supervisor of Gray's dorm at the Mage's Association. Gray describes him as someone who is obsessed with helping people, and comments that he is good at cooking.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: レティシア
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Laeticia (レティシア, Retishia?) is an ordinary French girl who got dragged in the Great Holy Grail War, after Ruler chose her as her possession vessel. She's a decent and honest person who has no Magic Circuits, but her religious piety alone surpasses that of others. Though she has lived an extremely normal life, she loaned her body upon Jeanne d'Arc's request. Her facial features and style is only partly similar to Ruler's. Due the effects of the possession, her body was somewhat changed to match Ruler's.

Despite being dragged into the Great Holy Grail War, emotionally it was like watching a movie inside a dream for her. She served as the witness to Ruler and Sieg's relationship, and she was, in a certain sense, the final stronghold for Jeanne, a sheep that allowed Jeanne not to notice her own feelings of love.

After Ruler left her body, her appearance returned to normal and her memories of the Great Holy Grail War vanished. Despite this, she found a direction for her prayers in the form of wishing that "those two may find happiness together", and she prays believing in such small miracles every day.[12]

Marisbilly AnimusphereEdit

Marisbilly Animusphere (マリスビリー・アニムスフィア, Marisubirī Animusufia?) is a magus and the father of Olga Marie Animusphere and the founder of the Chaldea Security Organization. In the Fate/Grand Order timeline, he won the first Fuyuki Holy Grail War of 2004 and was the Master of the Caster Servant Solomon. He used the Holy Grail to wish for the money needed to set up the Chaldea Security Organization. Though he knew the truth about using his Command Spells to force his Servant to commit suicide and start Heaven's Feel, he instead chose to fulfill the propaganda of the Three Founding Families and wish for something only within this world, allowing Solomon to make his own wish and incarnate himself as the human being Romani Archaman. He was found dead in his office five years before the events of Fate/Grand Order after committing suicide for some unknown reason, but Sherlock Holmes suspects that it was actually a murder that was arranged to look like a suicide.[13]




Master of Copenhagen (コペンハーゲンのマスター, Kopenhāgen no Masutā?) is the owner of the Copenhagen, a liquor store and bar that has employed Shirou Emiya for five years. He is the father of Otoko Hotaruzuka, who is also employed there. He is very generous to Shirou when paying him, willingly paying him a weeks worth of pay for only three hours of work, and he was the only person to hire Shirou after Kiritsugu's death made him feel a responsibility to pay for his own expenses. He likes sweet foods while his daughter likes spicy food, making Shirou see them as a well balanced family.

Minori MitsuzuriEdit

Nasuverse character
Minori Mitsuzuri
Japanese name: 美綴 実典
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm[14]
Weight: 65kg[14]
Bloodline: N/A

Minori Mitsuzuri (美綴 実典, Mitsuzuri Minori?) is the younger brother of Ayako Mitsuzuri, a Homurahara student and a member of the Archery Club. He has a crush on Sakura Matou, and perceives Shirou Emiya as his rival. He becomes the captain of the Archery Club after Sakura graduated.

Minori is somehow shy, but he might be also a bit aggressive. He does not show any particular affection to his sister, although he greatly loves and respects her.

Mr. and Mrs. KuruokaEdit


The Kuruoka Couple (繰丘夫妻, Kuruoka Fusai?) are the parents of Tubaki Kuruoka. They planned on becoming Masters in the False Holy Grail War by summoning Qin Shi Huang, but their daughter obtained Command Spells and summoned Rider, who quickly infected them and brought them into Tubaki's dream world.

Nanami MoriyamaEdit

Nanami Moriyama (森山 奈菜巳, Moriyama Nanami?) is the sister of Nanaki Moriyama from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. She attends the same school as Shirou and Rin, and she shows affection towards Shirou, much to Rin and Luvia's displeasure.

Norikata EmiyaEdit

Nasuverse character
Norikata Emiya
Kiritsugu father's Norikata
Japanese name: 衛宮 矩賢
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Isshin Chiba
English VA: Kirk Thornton
Character type: Human, Magus
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Emiya

Norikata Emiya (衛宮 矩賢, Emiya Norikata?) is the father of Kiritsugu and fourth head of the Emiya family. He is a genius who rose to the rank of receiving a Sealing Designation even though he is only the fourth generation, a relatively shallow generation compared to more esteemed families. He managed to evade the enforcers for twenty years despite being actively hunted the entire duration of time, but his wife was slain by the enforcers shortly after Kiritsugu's birth. He eventually settled and hid on a small southern island, Alimango Island, with Kiritsugu while working on a potion to make the drinker into a Dead Apostle, so that he may continue his work for as long as he needs with the immortality. He had Shirley working as his assistant, and due to her overeagerness, she drank one of his experimental potions. After the outbreak of the Dead on the island, he is assassinated by his son before he can escape and resume his research elsewhere.

He researched Time Manipulation, manipulation inside the body or possibly small cause-and-effect, in his quest to reach the Root as had his ancestors. The Emiya's magecraft works by accelerating or slowing the flow of time inside a Reality Marble free from the world’s interference. Thorough investigation lead him to the realization that a Bounded Field that was minimized until resistance was almost zero could allow the flow of time to be accelerated without limit. He believed that reaching the Root was possible, right before observing the universe's end. While the theory was promising, such an experiment would have required hundreds of years to finish, leading him to resolve the issue of life span by exploring methods to become a Dead Apostle.[15]

Odd BorzakEdit

Nasuverse character
Odd Borzak
Japanese name: オッド・ボルザーク
Also known as: Demonic Bee User
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Character type: Dead Apostle, Magus
Gender: Male

Odd Borzak (オッド・ボルザーク, Oddo Boruzāku?, also romanized as "Odd Vorzak"), the Demonic Bee User, is a Dead Apostle and magus. He manipulates Demonic Bees (死徒蜂, Shito Hachi?), familiars that use poisonous stingers to increase the number of Ghouls under his power. Considered to be very dangerous, he brings destruction where he travels, having wiped out a town once. He was once sought by Natalia Kaminski, but she failed to capture him. He later changed his name and face to conceal himself as an ordinary person without leaving an information trail. The Association later obtains information that he is taking Flight A300 from Paris to New York to meet with allies, and puts out a large bounty for him. Natalia and Kiritsugu Emiya accept it, with Kiritsugu traveling to New York to investigate his false identity and kill his allies.

Though his identity and face are unknown, Natalia accepts the task of finding him on with plane among 287 passengers. Natalia finds and neutralizes him from behind without issue, and manages to destroy the bees placed into his luggage. Her plan fails after it turns out that he had kept more bees inside his body, which proceed to turn the passengers into Ghouls. Though Natalia manages to survive and take control of the plane, it is shot down by Kiritsugu to remove any possibility of the bees escaping into New York.


Ougi (仰木, Ōgi?), voiced by Go Inoue, is a First Class Lieutenant in the JSDF. His call sign is Diablo I, and he pilots a Mitsubishi F-15J. Along with Kobayashi, he is called back from border patrol for a requested disaster relief operation, and he is bewildered by the report of it being a monster. Having to follow orders no matter the validity, they head towards the operation, with Ougi saying “If this is a monster film, we are surely the roles which will be killed. The underdogs from Ultraman.” Upon seeing the monster and a strange UFO, he lacks the understanding to explain the situation.

With Kobayashi's jet being swallowed, he loses his mind, left "solely with a perception alien to common sense." Feeling the "eyes" of the monster upon him, he engages it to kill it before it can kill him. Having lost all sense of himself, he cuts off communication and prepares to become a "God of Death" to avenge Kobayashi and fire all of his weapons at the enemy. Before he can act, his battle instincts that are pushed to the limits tell him that there is something behind him, but that delivers the final blow to his shattered psyche in seeing Berserker's hatred filled gaze staring into the cockpit. He lets out a final scream that reaches no one as Berserker takes it over, and later dies during the intense force of Berserker battling the Vimana.

Reiichi GakumazawaEdit

Reiichi Gakumazawa (嶽間沢 黎一, Gakumazawa Reiichi?) is the older brother of Tatsuko Gakumazawa and the eldest son of the family.

Reikan RyuudouEdit

Nasuverse character
Reikan Ryuudou
Japanese name: 柳洞 零観
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 189cm[14]
Weight: 90kg[14]
Bloodline: N/A

Reikan Ryuudou (柳洞 零観, Ryūdō Reikan?) is Issei's older brother and a judo specialist. His personality is similar to that of Fate/zero's Rider and he is more broadminded than his brother. There have been times when he's asked Taiga for a date and then ended up in the hospital thanks to her father's subordinates.

Reikan is a very responsible person. Issei tries to act in the same manner and follows him as a role model. Reikan is very fond of martial arts, training frequently with Souichirou, and takes his role and his duties very seriously. He dislikes having a woman, Caster, living in the temple, but he does not dislike her personally.

Ryuudou FatherEdit

Ryuudou Father

Ryuudou Father

Ryuudou Father (柳洞父, Ryūdō-chichi?) is the unnamed father of Issei Ryuudou and Reikan Ryuudou and the high priest of Ryuudou Temple. He is an acquaintance of Raiga Fujimura, said to be trying to "not lose to him" by taking a spiritual journey to another mountain temple, and their relationship is described as "downright murderous." Like Raiga, he is fond of Shirou Emiya.[16] Along with Raiga, he put a great deal of effort into Kiritsugu Emiya's funeral plans and chose the temple graveyard for his tombstone.[17]


Serge (セルジュ, Seruju?) is an elderly man living in Trifas who opens his home to Sieg and Ruler.

Sutera GakumazawaEdit

Sutera Gakumazawa (嶽間沢 ステラ, Gakumazawa Sutera?) is the mother of Tatsuko Gakumazawa.

Taiga's fatherEdit


Taiga Fujimura's unnamed father is a member of the Fujimura Group led by Raiga Fujimura. He was adopted into the family as a son-in-law, and he is described as "reliable, taciturn giant of a man."

Tamaki KitanoEdit

Tamaki Kitano

Tamaki Kitano is the younger sister of Tatsumi Kitano who is a Master in the Holy Grail War of 1991 in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver. Tamaki only appears in one of the bonus acts.

She first appears on a train heading towards Setagaya, after not hearing from her brother for a while. Unaware that Tatsumi has been killed and turned into a Living Dead, Tamaki goes to his apartment to check on him. Finding him not there, she is disturbed to find a goodbye memo in one of her brother's notebooks.

After contemplating on whether or not she should call the police, Tamaki decides to go buy some groceries, make dinner, and stay the night at her brother's apartment. Ringing up her mother who is worried sick about both her and Tatsumi, Tamaki then proceeds to stay the night. In the morning, Tamaki leaves a note for her brother which states her and her mother's concerns for Tatsumi and desires for him to contact them, before heading back home.


  • Toole

Toole (トゥール, Tūru?) is a female homunculus of Yggdmillennia.

One of the homunculi created by Gordes. Though her Magic Circuits are meager, she excels in fighting ability and inspiration, so she was selected as a commander. Just as told in the novels, battle-type homunculi have extremely short lifespans, with a limit of two to three months of life.[18] For a homunculus, she has a neat and lively personality. If we were describing her using visual novel or light novel terminology, then she would be the “female teacher-type who has sex appeal, but is unfortunately coarse and ill-mannered”.
At Gordes’ request, she has taken charge of thoroughly beating up his son. Naturally, his wife protested when their son was beat up, so Toole beat her up and beat up Gordes too while she was at it, winning supremacy over their family. It is said that, for three months, this homunculus stood at the top of the Musik family.[18]

Touki SisigouEdit

Touki Sisigou (獅子劫 燈貴, Shishigō Tōki?) is the father of Kairi Sisigou. He had been highly praised at the Clock Tower.

Wolf's creatorEdit


The unnamed creator of the Wolf Master of the False Holy Grail War is a magus seeking to become a Master in the war until his supposed catalyst, the Wolf, gains Command Spells and escapes. He almost manages to retake the Command Spells until it summons Lancer, who lets the magus live. He is then subsequently killed by Faldeus Dioland.

Yukika SaegusaEdit

Nasuverse character
Yukika Saegusa
Japanese name: 三枝 由紀香
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Fate/school life
Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Eri Nakao
English VA: Jessica DiCicco
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Three sizes: B75/W57/H78

Yukika Saegusa (三枝 由紀香, Saegusa Yukika?) is the gentle manager of the Track Team, warmly loved by the majority of her class. She is a female student of Second year Class A in Homurahara Academy. She is the mascot girl of the Class 2-A's famed track girl trio. Originally she supposed to join the Cooking Club, but she became the manager of the Cross-country Club at Makidera's insistence. Just like her appearance, she is extremely bad at sports.

Yukika is a shy, patient, and mature girl. Although she lived in poverty, her heart shone brighter than the most lustrous silk. Consequently, her smile healed those around her. While she is not an honor student, she respects and she looked up to her classmate Rin Tohsaka in awe. She had several younger brothers of various ages. She's very affectionate towards her younger brothers and she spends a lot of her free time looking after them.[19]

She is one of the few people able to see Assassin at the Ryudo Temple gate, and strikes up a conversation with him in Fate/hollow ataraxia.

Fate IIEdit

Historical, mythological or culture characters in the Fate series, including Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Zero, Fate/Extra, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/strange fake, Fate/Grand Order, and other related stories.

Abe no SeimeiEdit

Abe no Seimei (安倍晴明, ?) is an Onmyouji in the Heian period. He is described as a handsome man with shifty eyes and a soul black as the underworld.

He had been investigating the cause of Emperor Toba's mysterious illness. He exposed Mizukume as a Kitsune.

Due a series of disappearances of young men and princesses taking place in the imperial capital, Abe no Seimei performed a divination and ascertained that it was the doing of Shuten-douji.

Akuji no TakamaruEdit


Akuji no Takamaru (悪路の高丸, ? lit. "Takamaru of the Evil Path") is an Oni who lived during the Heian Period. He was slain by Suzuka Gozen and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro. Gozen describes him as a "bit too full of himself."[20]


Anchin (安珍, ?) was a handsome monk who was the love interest of Kiyohime in the "Kiyohime Legend." Having fallen in love with him at first sight, she visited him late at night after he requested lodging on his journey to a temple in Kumano. He bluntly rejected her, but promised to visit her on his return. He later broke his promise out of fear for her, running away before their promised meeting. This act drove Kiyohime to despair, transforming her into a dragon who pursued him to a temple. She burned him to death while he hid inside a bell. Summoned as a Servant, Kiyohime treats her Master as the reincarnation of Anchin, loving them while also weary of any lies they may tell her.[21] Anchin was featured in a brief scenario written by Nasu in his blog, describing how he draws the attention of various female Servants of Chaldea during Fate/Grand Order. Despite their attention, he ignores Kiyohime and the rest, instead focusing his attention on Sasaki Kojirou.[22]




Agrippina (アグリッピナ, Agurippina?) is the mother of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, known for causing her daughter's mental instability by slowly poisoning her over her life. She is mentioned in Fate/Extra and appears in visions of Saber's life in the manga adaptation. She is a Heroic Spirit and qualifies for the Caster-class as a Servant.[23]


Aias (アイアス, Aiasu?) is the hero who fought alongside with Akhilleus in the Trojan War. There were two heroes who shared the name Aias; Aias the Great (大アイアス, Dai Aiasu?) and Aias the Lesser (小アイアス, Shō Aiasu?), both of whom met disgraceful fates. Aias the Great's shield is the famed Rho Aias.[24] Rho Aias was capable of stopping the javelin of the great hero of Troy, Hector.[25]




Amaterasu (天照アマテラス, ?), Golden White Face (金色白面, Konjiki Hakumen?), is the deification of the sun. Despite being called a Divine Spirit of great class that the time axis has almost no bearing on her in Fate/Extra material, she called herself an Evil of Man, candidate for the Beast class and Hakuno Kishinami perceived her as something much more fiendish than a Divine Spirit. She is the distantly ancient, but still existing source of Tamamo-no-Mae. While Tamamo has reduced her own power to manifest as a Servant in the Moon Cell, she would not become Amaterasu upon returning to her full power. Upon obtaining her Origin Form, Tamamo's mythological formal wear resembles her clothing. After Hakuno Kishinami touched Tamamo's origin, Amaterasu saw the future and decided to kidnap her future self's Master from the future spacetime to the past in the Age of Gods, during a dream-like state, ignoring any possible time paradoxes. While someone entering her mausoleum would normally be burnt to a cinder, Hakuno Kishinami display their usual "reckless bravery" to converse with her. [26]

She appears as a large, nine-tailed being similar to Tamamo, but those entering the mausoleum while not in a dream would only see a huge sun. She is very powerful being who could only be overcome through the strength of several Servants, and within Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC, Arcueid Brunestud is about the only one alone capable of bringing her down "to circumstances where its possible to defeat her, however little the chances may be."[27][28] In Fate/Extella, it was revealed during Tamamo's route that while most Divine Spirit come from Earth, the sun gods came from the universe. [29]Therefore Amaterasu is as powerful as the Velber in term of power, and thus together with Sefar, possessing the energy on the level of a sun [30].

The original design for her was to be a "naked nine-tails spin on the naked apron", but was given formalwear to keep the "ethical barrier" from being breached.[31][32]


Asclepius (アスクレピオス, ?) is a Heroic Spirit and the Greek god of medicine. He was one of many heroes taught by Chiron, later becoming a god. He traveled aboard the Argo with Jason and many other heroes. Fragments of the Argo could act as a catalyst to summon him as a Servant.[33] He is noted to be one of many killed by the enigmatic being known as the Watcher.[34]

Charles VIIEdit

Charles VII (シャルル7世, Sharuru 7-sei?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Berserker class when summoned as a Servant.[35]

Charlie ChaplinEdit

Charlie Chaplin (チャーリー・チャップリン, ?) is an American actor known as the King of Comedy (喜劇王, ?). During the False Holy Grail War, Sigma hides the true identity of his Servant Watcher by claiming it to be Charlie Chaplin manifested as a Lancer.

Chen GongEdit

Nasuverse character
Chen Gong
Chen Gong
Japanese name: 陳宮
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extella
Gender: Male

Chen Gong (陳宮, Chin Kyū?) is a strategist, who was known to serve Lu Bu in the Three Kingdoms era. He is the inventor of God Force.

Edward, the Black PrinceEdit

Edward, the Black Prince (エドワード黒太子, Edowādo Kurotaishi?) is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Saber and Archer classes when summoned as a Servant.[35]

Emperor SutokuEdit

Emperor Sutoku (崇徳天皇, Sutoku-ten'nō?) is one of Japan's Three Great Monsters.


Europa (エウローペー, ?) is mentioned in Fate/Grand Order Material I in Medea's profile. It is said Medea has no direct connection to Europa, but Medea cannot ignore her because Europa employs the Strongest Guardian (最強の守護者, ?) as a familiar.


Nasuverse character
Grainne shot
Japanese name: グラニア
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Rie Nakagawa
English VA: Wendee Lee
Gender: Female

Gráinne (グラニア, Gurania?) is a princess and the daughter of Cormac mac Airt. Grainne was arranged to be the bride of Fionn mac Cumhaill but Gráinne having fallen in love with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne at her wedding party, placed a geis upon him to run away with her. The tragic love story of Diarmuid and Grainne later became the story model of Guinevere and Lancelot.[36]

In Sensha Otoko, she is one of the local stalkers in the neighborhood. She is seen stalking El-Melloi girl's older brother.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ハーゲン
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Gender: Male

Hagen (ハーゲン, ?) is known as the killer of Siegfried in the "Nibelungenlied". He was once called a friend of Siegfried and in the past exchanged cups of brotherhood with. The man granted his friend wish. He tenaciously searched and found out the hero’s weak point, crafted a plan knowing fully well that it was a cowardly act, and aimed for the hero’s back as he drank water. Even while knowing that, the hero stopped himself from resisting. Without leaving behind any unseemly figure or stupidity, the hero died as a tragic hero who received a sneak attack due to trickery. His former friend became widely known as a rare villain who had killed the hero through foul play. He was later killed by Siegried's wife Kriemhild, who used Balmung against him.

Ionioi Hetairoi soldiersEdit

  • "Long Hair"
  • "Bright Forehead"
  • "Mid-Length Hair"
  • "Erect Member"

Four unnamed soldiers of Rider's Ionioi Hetairoi, given the parody names Long Hair (ロン毛, Ron-ke?), Bright Forehead (デコ朗, Deko-rō?), Mid-Length Hair (中分け, Chūwake?), and Erect Member (盛り雄, Sakari Yū?) in Sensha Otoko, are given specific detail during the deployment of the Reality Marble along with Mithrenes. They appear as the household employees in Sensha Otoko.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: クリームヒルト
Franchise: Fate
Gender: Female

Kriemhild (クリームヒルト, Kurimuhiruto?) is the main character of "The Song of the Nibelungs". She is the beautiful princess of Burgundy and the sister of the Burgundian king. She would later be Siegfried's wife after hearing rumors about her and proposed to her. However, a shadow was cast on such flamboyant glory around the time she was wedded to Siegfried. Her brother Gunther, the Burgundian king loved a certain woman, the queen of Iceland; Brunhild. He requested Siegfried to help him to seek her affection and so it was settled by having the hero embrace that woman as his proxy. It was a request that ended up coming back to her husband as punishment which resulted in his death.

This connects to the revenge tragedy for the murder of her husband in the later half of the tale. She loved him so much that she didn't mind selling her own soul to the devil if it was to get revenge for her death husband as she became Etzel's wife later using Etzel's forces to get retribution for her dead husband. Her hatred wasn't pointed only to the killer Hagen but also to her own brother Gunther. And then Kriemhild herself, trapped in her hatred, is defeated by a chivalrous attack. Furthermore, the sword Kriemhild used to kill Hagen was Siegfried's beloved Balmung, so there are people that say that after twists and turns Siegfried finally got his revenge.


Loxley (ロクスレイ, Rokusurei?), or best known as Robin Hood. He is King Richard's closest friend. It is suggested that Robin Hood is based on a real person and Loxley is most likely the person to be modeled on. The original Robin Hood was is depicted as a man of justice and have actively resisted against the tyrant John Lackland who ruled while Richard the Lionheart was away on the Crusades in the 16th century.[37] It is said that the original Robin Hood died from excessive bleeding at the hands of his aunt by the Kirklees Priory due to a conspiracy of the abbot.[38]

Saber believes Assassin to have the agility comparable to Loxley. As part of Richard's Noble Phantasm, he shoots poisoned arrows from the shadows as Saber's support.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ミトレネス
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Tomohisa Hashizume
Character type: Servant
Gender: Male

Mithrenes (ミトレネス, Mitorenesu?) is a Heroic Spirit who was part of Alexander the Great's army during his life. As one of the many soldiers who pledged eternal loyalty to his king, he can be summoned with the Noble Phantasm Ionioi Hetairoi, Alexander notably using him as a scout outside of the Reality Marble during the Fourth Holy Grail War.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: モーセ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver
Gender: Male

Moses (モーセ, Mōse?) was a prophet who was the Foster Brother of Ramesses II and a friend of Nefertari. The staff he used to split the Red Sea shares the same origin as the cruciform snake staff originating from Leviathan.[39] Their friendship was put to test when Moses became prophet of the Israelites and began to preach the teachings of God, denouncing the gods of Egypt.

When Moses told him to free the Israelites, Ramesses refused. So, the 10 Plagues of Egypt were triggered. Ramesses finally agreed with Moses' request when the Pharaoh's firstborn son was killed by the final plague.

However, despite not bearing any ill will or hatred towards Moses, Ramesses still felt anger due to his son's death. One of his advisers persuaded him to lead a legion of charioteers to Attack them. When Moses saw the coming troops he displayed the miracle of God by parting the Red Sea and lead his people across it. Seeing that, Rider simply let his surrogate brother and once closest friend go, and bid him a farewell.

According to Ozymandias, the light of which he used to split the Red Sea resembled the starlight projected by Excalibur, though the light from Excalibur was far more powerful and brighter.

Nebuchadnezzar IIEdit

Nebuchadnezzar II (ネブカドネザル2世, Nebukadonezaru 2-sei?) is a Heroic Spirit mentioned as the proper owner of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as a Noble Phantasm, compared to Semiramis who only obtained it through history having been distorted over time.[40]


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ネフェルタリ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver
Gender: Female

Nefertari (ネフェルタリ, Neferutari?) was one of the wives of Ramesses II and friend of the prophet Moses. She gave birth to Ozymandias's firstborn son, but he was killed by Moses' final plague; Nefertari later gave birth to Ozymandias's second prince afterwards.

Her necklace is used as a catalyst to summon him as a Servant.


Nuada (ヌァザ, ?) is the god of war told of in the Tuatha Dé Danann in Celtic mythology and an ancestor of Fionn mac Cumhaill. He posseses a prosthetic arm, Shining Airgetlam (輝ける銀の腕、アガートラム, ?), created by the god of healing, smithing, and artificing, Dian Cecht, after having lost his right arm during great conflict. The arm is a Divine Construct of great renown, and Merlin uses its name to bolster the power of Bedivere's "Switch On - Airgetlam." He is said to have been killed by Fionn.

Peter the CruelEdit

Peter I (ペドロ1世, Petoro 1-sei?), also known as Peter the Cruel, is a Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Caster class when summoned as a Servant.[35]

Pierre BasileEdit

Pierre Basile (ピエール・バジル, Piēru Bajiru?) is one of the Heroic Spirits summoned through Richard's Noble Phantasm in the False Holy Grail War.

Pierre CauchonEdit

Nasuverse character
Pierre Cauchon
Japanese name: ピエール・コーション
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Gender: Male

Pierre Cauchon (ピエール・コーション, Piēru Kōshon?) was a bishop who played a significant part in the downfall of Jeanne d'Arc and her execution of being burned at the stake.

He appears in Orleans singularity in Fate/Grand Order, he shocked to see Jeanne d'Arc Alter.


Rasputin (ラスプーチン, ?) is mentioned in Fate/Grand Order Material III in Caster Irisviel's profile. There is only a single line of Irisviel saying "Eh? First thing first, could you die for me?", so their exact relationship is unknown.


Roland (ローラン, Rōran?), also known as Orlando (オルランド, Orurando?), is the paladin leader of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne.[41][42] Recognized as one of the more popular and renowned of the Paladins, he is famed for being the wielder of Durandal that he received from Charlemagne.[41][43] He is thought by others to be a pervert along with Astolfo, but Astolfo describes him as being "into kinky stuff like handcuffs" in comparison to himself who enjoys being part of a scandal.[44] Roland was said to have fallen in love with the beautiful queen Angelica, but she rejected the idea of falling in love and eloping with a "mere soldier" out of her pride. This caused Roland to go mad, throwing off all his clothes and rampaging around while nude.[43]

During his rampage, Astolfo and the other Paladins worked hard to capture him.[43] Astolfo notably dressed as a woman during the episode, wearing such clothing to calm and appease Roland.[45] He says the hair ornaments worn during that period are an "irresistible proof of friendship" between the two.[42] They eventually brought him a bottle of reason from the moon and restored his sanity.[43] When Roland was eventually on the verge of death in battle, he made an attempt to break Durandal to keep it from falling into enemy hands, but its indestructible nature did not allow for that. The sword appeared in various other legends revolving around Charlemagne, and it eventually became a symbol of Roland's bravery.[46]


Scipio (大スキピオ, Dai Sukipio?) is a roman Heroic Spirit who would qualify for the Rider class when summoned as a Servant.[23]




Seneca (セネカ, Seneka?) was the tutor of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

Seneca appears in Romulus interlude in Fate/Grand Order.


Sigmund (シグムント, Shigumunto?) was the original possessor of Gram, "The Sword of the Sun" that would shatter against Gungnir and be reforged by his son Sigurd from it's fragments into a demonic sword and wield it as his own in the Völsunga saga of Norse mythology.[47][48] The incident of Gram "the sword of supremacy in the tree" from Northern Europe being pulled by him from the trunk of a mighty tree within the halls of King Völsung is a legend of a "sword of selection" originating with the sword Merodach.[49] itself was the model for Caliburn, the sword in the stone, possessed by King Arthur.[48][50]




Shamhat (シャムハット, Shamuhatto?) was a "woman whose beauty transcended gender" serving as a sacred prostitute in Uruk. She has long hair that "faintly shines a light-green color" and looks to be around sixteen years old.[51] Anu, fearing that Enkidu would remain a beast, prepared Shamhat for him. Enkidu fell in love at first sight and spent a week with her while slowly learning of himself and losing his bestial nature. He took her form as his own as if to imitate it and assume her beauty.[52][53] Although Enkidu can assume any form, it remains his most preferred form.[51] She was present during the first battle between Enkidu and Gilgamesh, speaking the words, “I felt as if the World was born seven times, and destroyed seven times” at the sight of their battle.[54]



Vivian in the Fate/stay night manga.

Vivian (ヴィヴィアン, ?), the Lady of the Lake (湖の乙女, Mizūmi no Otome?), is a fairy of the lake who bestows Excalibur upon King Arthur and later receives it back from Bedivere at Arthur's behest. She is the counterpart of Morgan le Fay, embodying goodness compared to Morgan's evil. This duality is also reflected in the nature of Excalibur itself.[55]

Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Characters in the novel and film series Kara no Kyoukai.

Akitaka SuzurigiEdit

Akitaka Suzurigi (硯木 秋隆, Suzurigi Akitaka?) is a loyal servant of the Ryougi family. He is described as a former Yakuza but he's a butler entrusted with handling all the household affairs.[56] He's only in mid 30's but does his job tidily. He's been looking after Shiki Ryougi and believes she's the successor of the Ryougi family. A companion who was kept constantly busy by Shiki's willfulness and lack of common sense.[57] When Shiki needs more money, she casually puts out an "I wanna go shopping" sort of aura, and the ever-perceptive Akitaka will make arrangements.[58] Shiki's kimono costs about two months of his wages.[59] He got along quite well with Mikiya Kokutou. His wardrobe consisted entirely of black suits.[57] In "A Study in Murder (Part 1)", Akitaka was the one who washed off all of the blood stains from Shiki's kimonos.[60] Shiki's parents had already heard from Akitaka that Shiki was acting strangely.[61]

Black catEdit

The unnamed black cat is the pet of Mikiya Kokutou.


Gakuto (学人がくと, ?) was Mikiya's friend from high school. He wondered why Mikiya would like a scary girl like Shiki, to which Mikiya simply answered that she is not that scary. He later appeared when Mikiya was having a financial crisis and gave him some money in exchange for making him look for Minato Keita, who had seemed to have gotten involved in something dangerous.

Hideo HayamaEdit

Hideo Hayama (葉山 英雄, Hayama Hideo?) is the teacher who got replaced by Satsuki Kurogiri. He was hired as a teacher just because he was a relative to the chair person of the school. He's a criminal who was taking his students out of school for relationship money. After Kaori Tachibana died, he was questioned by Misaya Ouji, got in a quarrel, and was accidentally killed.

Kaede EnjouEdit

Kaede Enjou (臙条 楓, Enjō Kaede?), voiced by Miki Itou, is Tomoe Enjou's mother. In Tomoe's recollections, he stabbed and disemboweled her. However, in his nightmares, he sees her killing her husband, and then him.

Kaname RyougiEdit

Nasuverse character
Kaname Ryougi[62]
Ryougi Kaname
Japanese name: 両儀 要
Franchise: Kara no Kyoukai
Appears in: Murder Speculation (Part 2)
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Ryougi

Kaname Ryougi (両儀 要, Ryōgi Kaname?) is the firstborn son of the Ryougi family, but he was unable to manifest a second personality within himself. This made him ineligible to succeed as the head of the family. Around the time when Shiki woke up form her coma in The "Hollow Shrine", Kaname is living away from home. He is described to have a Gackt like personality.[63]

Kaori TachibanaEdit

Kaori Tachibana (橘 佳織, Tachibana Kaori?) is a high school freshman from the Reien Girl's Academy, who died in the fire incident. She was a friend of Misaya since they were in the elementary level classes. Once she discovered Hideo Hayama taking drugs in school, he addicted her to them as well. Once she began to undergo withdrawal, she ran out of class, saying that "the fairies" were coming after her. She kills herself in the abandoned school building by burning it, hoping that it would be a way to save the souls of her guilty classmates and herself.

Keita MinatoEdit

Keita Minato (湊 啓太, Minato Keita?) is a member of the gang who frequently abused Fujino Asagami, doing many cruel things to her like hitting her from behind with a bat as well as periodically raping her. Out of all the members of the gang, Keita was the only survivor. As Kokutou would put it, simply having to continue living after everything that happened is punishment enough. It is said that his penis got torn off in some kind of accident.[64] He was an underclassman to Mikiya, and was quite attached to him.

Mother of MifuneEdit

Nasuverse character
Mother of Mifune
Mother of mifune
Japanese name: 観布子の母
Franchise: Kara no Kyoukai
Appears in: Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin
Japanese VA: Kujira
Character type: Human, Psychic
Gender: Female

Mother of Mifune (観布子の母, Mifune no Haha?) is a fortuneteller that appears on Mirai Fukuin. She claims that she can see the future, and her fortunetelling is always true. But, 10 years after the event of Mirai Fukuin, she appears to have lost her ability gradually.

Risu MiyazukiEdit

Risu Miyazuki (宮月 理々栖, Miyazuki Risu?) is Yuuko Andou's friend.

Takayuki EnjouEdit

Takayuki Enjou (臙条 孝之, Enjō Takayuki?) is Tomoe Enjou's father.

Yuuko AndouEdit

Yuuko Andou (安藤 由子, Andō Yūko?) is a friend of Miyazuki, and a victim of Kirie Fujou.


Characters in the short story Notes.


Angel (天使, Tenshi?) is an unnamed A-Ray that is part of the angel species, classified as "No.20 Guardian Angels", who has a romantic interest in Gun God. Other A-Rays believe it is below them to interact with a weak human that would be unable to strengthen their species genetically, but she states she finds him attractive and there are not many A-Rays close enough to the angels in physical appearance in the first place. They often go out to drink together, and she takes a great interest in his state of mind. Though she is a humanoid with wings, she does not use them for flight. They are actually used as a dish to collect heavy particles from her surroundings, allowing her to fly and output enough energy to equal a nuclear bomb.[65] This places the angels on the same level as the top ten A-Ray species and the Knights. She takes part in the battle against Type Saturn, though she is seriously injured, and she is saved by Gun God. She speaks with him for a final time before leaving him to die as he wishes.

Six SistersEdit

The Six Sisters (六人姉妹, Rokunin Shimai?), referred to as the "No1 Earth's saving system", are six beings that ruled over all of the A-Rays during the war. They each carried an ability allowing them to surpass all of the one hundred species, and they were users of Magic. Their appearances were those of humans that looked like witches, who wore black hats and rode on broomsticks, from a fairy tail. The youngest sister, Judgment (審判, Shinpan?), was defeated by one of the Knights near the end of the war, and her death cry was powerful enough that it tore apart an entire continent. The Sisters are said to have killed Type-Pluto, possibly in a mutual destruction, but there are conflicting reports. The blood of Type-Pluto created the blood sky above the clouds, and it is said the clouds themselves are actually a barrier designed to keep the two remaining Aristoteles from entering the world.[66]

Type JupiterEdit

Type Jupiter (タイプ・ジュピター, Taipu Jupitā?), The Black Aristoteles (黒いアリストテレス, Kuroi Aristoteresu?), is the Ultimate One of Jupiter (木星のアルテミット・ワン, Mokusei no Arutemitto Wan?). It appeared in the western continent. It has the appearance of a somewhat humanoid giant several tens of kilometers in size, but its true nature is that of the core of an unknown nature within the giant that can only be described as a pseudo-star. The "body" itself is actually a mass of black photon gas emitted in enormous quantities from the core that could theoretically expand without limit. It is the Ultimate One that has annihilated the most living beings on the planet, as it has been engaged in total warfare with the western continent. It received no damage until the Ether Liners were dispatched to confront it. It was sliced apart by Ado Edem's Knight Arm, the Slash Emperor, but the core went out of control and incinerated the surface of the entire continent.[67]

Type MarsEdit

Type Mars (タイプ・マーズ, Taipu Māzu?) is the Ultimate One of Mars (火星のアルテミット・ワン, Kasei no Arutemitto Wan?). It is not detailed in Notes.

Type PlutoEdit

Type Pluto (タイプ・プルート, Taipu Purūto?) is the Ultimate One of Pluto (冥王星のアルテミット・ワン, Meiōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It was destroyed by the Six Sisters, who confronted Pluto to prevent it from entering the planet. The blood of Pluto covered the planet and became what is known as the "blood sky", the area above the ashen sea of clouds. It is believed that the clouds are a defensive membrane that the Six Sisters expanded, which has managed to keep the remaining two Aristotles, whose entry had been prevented, swimming like fish in the clouds.

Type NeptuneEdit

Type Neptune (タイプ・ネプチューン, Taipu Nepuchūn?) is the Ultimate One of Neptune (海王星のアルテミット・ワン, Kaiōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It has not been described. Along with Type Uranus, it destroyed the majority of the Leaves of Yggdrasil, the Type Venus monitoring base, during the Type Uranus and Type Neptune firing operation.

Type SaturnEdit

Type Saturn (タイプ・サターン, Taipu Satān?), known as The Cross (十字架, Jūjika?), is the Ultimate One of Saturn (土星のアルテミット・ワン, Dosei no Arutemitto Wan?). It has the appearance of a three thousand meter long flying cross. It's outer shell is composed of an illuminated mineral, and no other pattern can be seen on its surface. It attacks by raining down one meter, cross-shaped electromagnetic shockwaves from its body towards the surface that explode and destroy the surrounding area on impact. It can generate different type of its "cross lights", such as ones that will bore through the surface in order to cause an earthquake, destroying the very land on which the beings of Earth live. As it passes through different areas, it leaves behind wastelands covered in countless crosses piercing the ground like tomb stones.[68] It is also known as the Aerial fortress, and it is a relay unit among the Aristotles that came to Earth. It is eventually destroyed by Ado Edem, which triggers a signal for a final battle.

Type UranusEdit

Type Uranus (タイプ・ウラヌス, Taipu Uranusu?) is the Ultimate One of Uranus (天王星のアルテミット・ワン, Ten'ōsei no Arutemitto Wan?). It has not been described. Along with Type Neptune, it destroyed the majority of the Leaves of Yggdrasil, the Type Venus monitoring base, during the Type Uranus and Type Neptune firing operation.


Characters in the visual novels Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, in the fighting game Melty Blood series, and other related side stories.

Akemi YamaseEdit

Nasuverse character
Akemi Yamase
Japanese name: 山瀬 明美
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Akemi Yamase (山瀬 明美, Yamase Akemi?) is the sister of Maiko Yamase that appears briefly in Kagetsu Tohya short story Daybreak, itself written from her sisters point of view.

Her presence in the final scene of Daybreak provides her sister the motivation to resist the hunger from chaos beasts in her inherited Reality Marble and gather them all inside her own body for Shiki to kill with his eyes.

Akira SeoEdit

Nasuverse character
Akira Seo
Normal | Melty Blood
Japanese name: 瀬尾 晶
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: PLUS-DISC
Kagetsu Tohya
Melty Blood Actress Again
Voice actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
Character type: Human, Psychic
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 17
Height: 153cm
Weight: 41kg
Three sizes: B73/W59/H82
Blood type: AB

Akira Seo (瀬尾 晶, Seo Akira?) is an underclassman and friend of Akiha Tohno's at Asagami Private Girls Academy. Her eyes give her minor precognitive powers (although usually not entirely clearly), and she previously appeared on the Tsukihime PLUS-DISC. She met Shiki Tohno in the events of "Alliance of Illusionary Eyes", and they have remained in contact, to Akiha's chagrin.[69]


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: 洗脳探偵
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Character Material
Carnival Phantasm
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Brainwashing-Detective (洗脳探偵, Sen'nō Tantei?) is a parody design of Hisui detailed in Character Material. She came about due to the original release of Tsukihime having a large number of typos that led to some very strange lines. Hisui's lines were affected in particular, which made the line You're the criminal (あなたは犯人です, Anata wa han'nin desu?) into You're going to be the criminal (あなたを犯人です, Anata wo han'nin desu?). The typos were corrected during the final version, but they remained popular as memes that eventually lead to the character's creation. She does not make any appearances in main works, but she has a brief role in a segment of Carnival Phantasm.

Brainwashing-Detective, also referred to as the "Locked-Room Detective" (ロックドルーム・ディティクティブ, Rokkudorūmu Ditikutibu?), is a famous detective who resolves difficult cases beyond the reach of normal deduction. She resides in a place called Tohno City, which exists in a world of despair wherein the very concept of maids has been destroyed. Silently judging the world with an emotionless countenance, she is a cold, logical preserver of the law whose case resolution rate is 100%, feared both by the perpetrators and victims of crimes. She continues her involvement in criminal investigation because she has judged it the most efficient method of locating her beloved long-lost twin. Incidentally, her true identity is unknown, and she patrols the streets of Tohno City every night for the sake of finding her sister.


Her Locked-Room Detective ability activated

The nature of her existence is similar but different from that of a Magical Girl, more accurately existing as a Dark Hero (ダークヒーロー, Dāku Hīrō?) of the night-shadowed metropolis. Her main skills are psychological modification, narrative correction, and confession enforcement, and she pierces to the very heart of incidents with her dark, blue eyes. It could be said that she is a bizarre individual who pursues justice with a crazed intensity, whose odd manner of verbalized deduction, saying things like "motive from alibi" (アリバイから動機です, aribai kara dōki desu?) or "deductive perfection" (推理に完璧です, suiri ni kanpeki desu?), is nevertheless strangely compelling. This is due to her special ability, "Locked-Room Detective", that does not refer to a specialization in locked-room mysteries, but rather her own unique method of deduction.

Locked-Room Detective causes a bizarre phenomenon to occur under the condition that she and one suspect of her choice are confined to a locked room alone. Within minutes, the suspect is induced to make a full confession to the crime, and confirms themselves as the perpetrator. Though her method to her deductive reasoning is presumably amazing and brilliant, none besides herself and the suspect of her choice bear witness to it. Per her cool character, when her the ability is active, her sitting posture takes on an air appropriate to that of an "absolute dictator of logic." [70][71]

Curry de MarcheEdit

Nasuverse character
Curry de Marche
Japanese name: カリー・ド・マルシェ
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Plus Period
Character type: Dead Apostle
Gender: Male

Curry de Marche (カリー・ド・マルシェ, Karī do Marushe?), formerly known as Killshtine (空柩のキルシュタイン, Sora Hitsugi no Kirushutain?, lit. "Killshtine of the Sky Coffin"), is a Dead Apostle who is said to have started Ciel's obsession with curry. Ciel was sent on her first assignment to India where she fought him. Before he was killed by Ciel, he wanted to have her eat the curry he prepared before it got too cold. He said that it was the "supreme dish that can be called a treasure of our planet", and having ate it, she developed her love for the food and didn't kill him. The Church doesn't really care about his existence, taking the stance "It won't hurt to just let him be", so he cooperates with them in terminating other vampires. He appears in the "Tsukihime of the Day" manga that was later collected in Plus Period. The manga, described as "probably about half true", is meant to explain Ciel's love of curry.[72] Nasu once mentioned that Curry's involvement is totally a joke and responded to another interviewer asking about his canonicity with "Yeah, pretty much. (Laughs)."[73][74]

His great love of curry makes it so he doesn't want to drink blood anymore, so he only takes in the minimum amount in order to survive. He has a strange special ability that can change the nature of an object, and his true intention is to use it to make human blood taste like curry. While he has not achieved the power, he wishes to overcome the Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. When driven away, he promises to make Shiki Tohno taste like curry first.


Eins (アインス, Ainsu?) is an agent of the Church sent to follow Ciel in subduing the Forest of Einnashe. He is over fifty years old. Merem Solomon shows up instead, claiming that he ate Eins. He says to report back that Eins was killed by the forest because he had reached a proper age for retirement anyway.

Fake ShikiEdit

Nasuverse character
Fake Shiki
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: PLUS-DISC
Character type: Human, Psychic
Gender: Male

Fake Shiki (偽志貴, Nise Shiki?) is a person who sees Shiki Tohno, is enthralled with him, and wishes to take his place. Has the ability to see the records (memories) of one's life upon meeting. Also capable of sharing perceptions to an extent.


Forte (フォルテ, Forute?) is a member of the Mage's Association, the oldest daughter of a magus lineage of many generations. She often takes tasks like protecting Seal-Designed Magi and recovering grimoires. She is sent to investigate the Forest of Einnashe, encountering Satsujinki and being defeated without receiving a scratch on her body. She understands that it is a complete and utter defeat, and she is surprised she even still lives. She asks for his name, but she cannot understand him due to not speaking Japanese. She inscribes his poorly heard name into her memory, and remarks on how his display of ability shows that even Nrvnqsr Chaos had certainly been exterminated before she departs.

Forte is a rare kind of magus who has experienced many gruesome melees, and she has the capacity to face those of the Burial Agency. Although she resembles a blade-wielding swordsman, she utilizes her sword as a magical staff. She favors spells called Aero Strikes (空気打ち, Kūki Uchi?), and using three orficies on the body of the sword to generate sound, making it not fit for slashing, creates a resonant effect to produce an invisible impact on the target several hundred meters away. She has the Wind Element, which she shares with Aoko Aozaki, whom she has encountered several times.[75]

Fumio ArimaEdit

Fumio Arima (有間 文臣, Arima Fumio?) is Miyako Arima's father. He and his wife, Keiko Arima, took care of Shiki Tohno during his time away from the Tohno family.

Hanei MisawaEdit

Nasuverse character
Hanei Misawa
Hanepin KT
Japanese name: 三澤 羽居
Also known as: Hanepin
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Melty Blood: Actress Again
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 7
Height: 162cm
Weight: 46kg
Three sizes: B90/W59/H87
Blood type: O

Hanei Misawa (三澤 羽居, Misawa Hanei?) is one of Akiha Tohno's roommates at her school, Asagami Private Girls Academy, along with Tsukihime Souka. Nicknamed 'Hanepin', she is slow-witted, conscientious, thorough and good at fixing things. She is one of the few characters who can deal with Akiha. She also happens to have the biggest breasts of any character (Major and minor) in Tsukihime.

Ichiko InuiEdit

Nasuverse character
Ichiko Inui
Ichiko KT
Japanese name: 乾一子
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 10
Height: 169cm
Weight: 50kg
Three sizes: B86/W67/H85
Blood type: A
Bloodline: N/A

Ichiko Inui (乾 一子, Inui Ichiko?) is the older sister of Arihiko Inui. Known to be a heavy smoker. She works at night, and sleeps in the day, demanding that her younger brother keep quiet. No one knows what her job actually is, and Arihiko has wondered about it for many years. Arihiko considers her to be irresponsible and childish, citing her tendency to run around and do as she pleased after their family's death.[76]

Keiko ArimaEdit


Keiko Arima

Keiko Arima (有間 啓子, Arima Keiko?) is Miyako Arima's mother. She and her husband, Fumio Arima, took care of Shiki Tohno during his time away from the Tohno family.




Lance (ランス, Ransu?) is a student of Camelot International School in Hana no Miyako, serving the student council president Artoria Pendragon. He is based on Lancelot.

Maiko YamaseEdit

Nasuverse character
Maiko Yamase
Japanese name: 山瀬 舞子
Also known as: Nrvnqsr Chaos
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Tsukihime
Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Dead Apostle
Gender: Female

Maiko Yamase (山瀬 舞子, Yamase Maiko?), a young woman with a minor role in Tsukihime, and the lead role in the Kagetsu Tohya side story Daybreak. She lived with her parents and younger sister Akemi in Misaki city, whose only appearance in Tsukihime was during the fight scene between Nrvnqsr Chaos, Shiki Tohno, and Arcueid Brunestud. During this short appearance, Yamase was eaten alive by the injured Nrvnqsr. It was her death which helped motivate Shiki to victory.

In Daybreak (alternatively translated as Dawn), Maiko reawakens inside the body of the dead Nrvnqsr several months after her death, which regenerated itself from the fragments used by Arcueid to heal Shiki's injuries. After encountering Ciel and Arcueid, and bidding her sister goodbye and a happy birthday, Yamase is killed by Shiki in much the same manner as the original Nrvnqsr. Her final act is to rescue her sister from the chaotic lives that make up her body, even as Shiki delivers the death blow. Maiko appears to be a case of an inherited Reality Marble, acquiring the Lair of the Beast King, though the reason for this has not been clarified. During the side-story, her head and neck appears as she originally did while she was alive (as the story is narrated from her point of view, her actual appearance is never shown on screen) but the rest of her body is a 'black mass' like Nero, though the outlines are those of a womans. She is capable of adapting her appearance to a limited scope, including taking the appearance of Shiki Tohno. She is also a black belt in an undisclosed form of karate.

Makihisa TohnoEdit

Nasuverse character
Makihisa Tohno
Makihisa Tohno
Japanese name: 遠野 槙久
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Half-Demon
Gender: Male

Makihisa Tohno (遠野 槙久, Tōno Makihisa?) is the father of Akiha Tohno and SHIKI Tohno and the adopted father of Shiki Nanaya (who became Shiki Tohno). He died before the events of Tsukihime.

Makihisa is the one responsible for much of the events of this series, due to his kidnapping of Nanaya Shiki from his family, hiring Kouma Kishima to slaughter the rest of the Nanaya Family, his brutal treatment of Kohaku, and his strict training of Akiha. He, like all of the Tohno family, possesses demonic blood, which caused in him bipolar disorder along with schizophrenia. And although his face was never clearly shown, In the manga, it was evident that during the massacre of the Nanaya's that he had similar abilities to that of SHIKI Tohno, as he could solidify blood from inflicted wounds and use it as a sword-like weapon.

Before the events of the game, he was seemingly murdered by SHIKI. It is his passing, along with the awakening of Roa/SHIKI, that begins the events of the game. During the course of the game much is revealed as to why Shiki was brought into the Tohno family and how Hisui and Kohaku came to be at the mansion.[77]

Master PandaEdit


Master Panda

Master Panda is a character introduced in Character Material. He wears a panda suit with "Nanatsu-Yoru", the name of Shiki Tohno's knife, written on the back. He taught martial arts to Miyako Arima, and has the same voice with Shiki Nanaya. He later makes an appearance in Carnival Phantasm, as one of the characters sitting in the background. He appears unmasked at the time but is too small to be identified.




Mecha-Shiki (メカ志貴, Meka-Shiki?) is a parody character featured in a Drama CD involving Illyasviel von Einzbern and Ruby from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, Hisui, Mech-Hisui, Kohaku, and Akiha Tohno. Like Mech-Hisui, he is a creation of Kohaku. He is voiced by Kenji Nojima.

Narbareck (Ancestor)Edit

Narbareck (ナルバレック, Narubarekku?) is the ancestor of Narbareck. She was the co-founder of the Agency along with Michael Roa Valdamjong.


Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ナルバレック
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Tsukihime
Character type: Human
Affiliation: Church
Gender: Female

Narbareck (ナルバレック, Narubarekku?) is the first member and current technical leader of the Burial Agency. She is very young, but she is powerful enough that she has captured three Dead Apostle Ancestors. She loves killing, most likely getting turned on from it. She is generally shut in the executive room of the Agency as a form of incarceration for that same reason. Word of her infamy has even reached the Mage's Association. She is descended from another Narbareck, the co-founder of the Agency along with Roa, both of them being good friends at the time, she knew of Roa's plans to become a vampire, but didn't stop him. Only she and Ciel have seen Merem Solomon's true form, while the rest have only dealt with the priest alter-ego of his left arm. She sent Ciel to destroy the Forest of Einnashe in talk., but Ciel believes that it is likely a test to see if she is worth keeping around without her immortality. She believes Narbareck is simply telling her to die, while Merem says that it's just part of Narbareck's rotten spirit and that she likes Ciel's stubborn personality.[78]

Sougen JinanEdit

Nasuverse character
Sougen Jinan
Jinan KT
Japanese name: 時南 宗玄
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 28
Height: 165cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: AB

Sougen Jinan (時南 宗玄, Jinan Sōgen?), father of Jinan Tokie, is a doctor who's an old friend of Shiki's father, Kiri Nanaya. He also seems to be an acquaintance to Tohno Makihisa. Being a former member of an organization who monitored the Demon Hybrids, he knows a lot about the Demon Blood and Demon-related topics. He's retired now and running an informal infirmary. He has been looking after Shiki as his personal doctor. Understanding where Shiki's anemia comes from, he's been maintaining his health by oriental treatments. Also a teacher of medicine to Kohaku. Melty Blood manga reveals he was the one to teach Miyako Chinese martial arts.[79]

Tokie JinanEdit

Nasuverse character
Tokie Jinan
Toki t01
Japanese name: 時南 朱鷺恵
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 2
Height: 164cm
Weight: 49kg
Three sizes: B82/W56/H88
Blood type: B

Tokie Jinan (時南 朱鷺恵, Jinan Tokie?), daughter of Jinan Sougen.[80] She knows Shiki Tohno since he regularly visited their office when he lived with the Arima family. She was Shiki's first sexual partner.[81]

Tonami KugamineEdit

Nasuverse character
Tonami Kugamine
Kuga t1.png
Japanese name: 久我峰 斗波
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Half-Demon
Gender: Male

Tonami Kugamine (久我峰 斗波, Kugamine Tonami?) is a man formerly engaged to marry Akiha Tohno, in presumably an arranged marriage by her father, Makihisa. Once Makihisa died, Akiha immediately called off the marriage and evicted Tonami from the Tohno Mansion. It is fairly clear that Akiha does not like him very much at all. But since they have a say in about a third of the Tohno family matters that concern a corporation, even the Tohno household can't afford to mistreat the Kugamines. He seems to have calmed down a bit, after his engagement with Akiha was dissolved, and he even seems to have taken a liking on Shiki, so he cannot treat him harshly.[82]

Tsukasa ShijyouEdit

Nasuverse character
Tsukasa Shijyou
Shijyo t01
Japanese name: 四條 司
Franchise: Tsukihime
Appears in: Kagetsu Tohya
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Tsukasa Shijyou (四條 司, Shijō Tsukasa?) is an underclassman at Asagami Private Girls Academy. During the events of A Story for the Evening, she wishes for Akiha to disappear, in accordance with one of the rumored Seven Curses of Asagami, involving postal boxes, and gets nervous when Akiha does not disappear as it means the wish will be reversed to her within a week's time. As a result, she panics, and attempts to kill Akiha to fulfill the wish so as to save her own life, only to be knocked unconscious by Akiha instead.[83]

Youichi TakadaEdit

Youichi Takada (高田 陽一, Takada Yōichi?) is a classmate of Shiki Tohno and Arihiko Inui. He is a "mysterious character" who occasionally shows up, described as "something you'd see in a manga." No details of his life are known, and he has a great personality. He rides a Honda Dream 50.[84]

Tsuki no SangoEdit

Characters in the short story Tsuki no Sango.




Ise (イセ, ?) is one of the fifty Islanders, and she serves the Princess as an attendant, helping her prepare for things like meeting suitors. She only appears in the manga adaptation, shown to be apologetic to the Prince of Arishima about the princess's actions.

Prince of ArishimaEdit

Prince of Arishima

Prince of Arishima

The Prince of Arishima (アリシマの君, Arishima no Kimi?) is an unnamed suitor seeking marriage with the Storyteller Girl due to the island she inhabits being the "hope of humanity." As with the previous fifteen suitors, he is given an impossible task used to define her view of love, so he leaves angrily without even attempting it. Even more impossible than normal, she asks for a fish from the Moon that obviously does not exist, and it would involve taking the one-way journey to the Moon without a method of return. She justifies it in that him showing up on a full moon without any tact makes it his fault. He is more humble towards the rejection in the manga adaptation, understanding that she has her own circumstances. He envies the peacefulness of the island, wishing that the world could reflect it.




Sui (, ?) is one of the fifty Islanders, and she serves the Princess as an attendant, helping her prepare for things like meeting suitors. She only appears in the manga adaptation, shown trying to convince her to take a spouse at the behest of the Island's committee.


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