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“'Only For Killing'”


Only For Killing: Nonreturnable Dagger (不還匕首ただ、あやめるのみ, Fugen HishuTada, Ayamerunomi?) is the Noble Phantasm of Jing Ke. It is the blade prepared for the assassination of the First Emperor of China, said in anecdotes to have been hidden in a map scroll, and so it is very easy to conceal. The poison on the blade can instantly kill with just a scratch, though those attributed with poison resistance will be advantageous against it. However, that is not the true worth of this Noble Phantasm. Using this dagger shows one's readiness to "never return from the mission". Jing Ke had accepted her death and devoted her all into carrying out the assassination. As such, it is an assassination Noble Phantasm which is highly difficult to evade.


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