Opulence of Sun and Shine and Catnap

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Noble Phantasm
Opulence of Sun and Shine and Catnap
Bright Sunlit Nap
Japanese name: さんさんにっこう ひるやすみしゅちにくりん
Japanese title: 燦々日光午睡宮酒池肉林
Transliteration: Sansan Nikkō Hiruyasumi Shuchi Nikurin
Owner: Berserker
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)[1]
Rank: D[1]
D+ (F/GO rank-up)
Range: 1~40
Maximum number of targets: 30 people

Opulence of Sun and Shine and Catnap (燦々日光午睡宮酒池肉林さんさんにっこう ひるやすみしゅちにくりん, Sansan Nikkō Hiruyasumi Shuchi Nikurin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Tamamo Cat.

Something derived from the Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu. Shuchikurin (酒池肉林, ?) was a torture game in which "you let a tiger run free on the woods, and then had fun throwing people in there", but there was a change in its meaning nowadays.[1]


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