Nasuverse character
Orlando Reeve
Japanese name: オーランド・リーヴ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Command Spell: Orlando CS
Gender: Male

Orlando Reeve (オーランド・リーヴ, Ōrando Rīvu?) is the "False" Master of False Caster in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Orlando Reeve is the police chief of Snowfield. He is a magus who has gone to great lengths to prepare for the Holy Grail War. He has known of the ritual, and he is disappointed in the government for their decision to advertise it to outsiders.


Orlando is a very serious and solemn man with a commanding voice, and he does not mix well with the boisterous Caster. He responds to Caster's rambling in a serious tone, but simply hearing Caster's blatant words causes him to frown and twitch while trying to keep his cool. They don't interact face to face, but instead use a phone line that evokes a rather strange sense of distance between them. He responds to Caster's exaggerated lies calmly, and simply tries to urge him back to work with promises of women and other delicacies.

He is very charismatic, instilling loyalty within his squad. They remain alert and expressionless, and respond to their master in flawless unison. He radiates intimidation, enough that even the darkness surrounding him seems to grow restless.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

Orlando holds a meeting with one of his informants and his squad after the materialization of the other five Servants to discuss the true start of the Holy Grail War. He is disappointed that his system has only identified Tine Chelc and her Servant, Archer, and while he had planned to ally with the Kuruoka family, the emergence of Rider has caused them to lose contact. The only other Master confirmed is Flatt Escardos, but both his identity and that of his Servant are missed and the only reason he was seen is because he chose to summon his Servant in broad daylight.

While musing that Archer, the King of Heroes, is the greatest obstacle, he is interrupted by a call from Caster. He quickly begins on a tangent of random topics and complaints over his workload. He tries to placate Caster while suppressing his frustration, but discussing the merits of Caster's abilities causes Caster to fly into a rage. He decides to hang up the phone amid Caster's ranting to go back to his meeting. He returns to discussing the strategy to slay Archer, and directly addresses his squad, vowing to them as both the Chief of the Snowfield Police Department and a magus that they are the force of justice.


Orlando resides in a high elevation building inside a modern office with several desks placed side by side, topped with personal computers, and other modern conveniences like air conditioners. It is not typical of a magus' lair, and it does not seem like it would be part of the battleground of the Holy Grail War. He has taken great care into his strategy for winning the war, and he has involved the entire police force as well. He chose to summon Caster even though he is a non-combative Servant, as they instead plan to take a path that will shake the War's very foundation: to defeat Heroic Spirits with the power of humans (人間による英霊の打倒, ?). He has Command Spells with a chain-like pattern.

He has used the Police Department to open a physical “web” over the city. While he wished to rely on both personal informants and a monitoring system that watches the entire city to identify the other Servants and Masters, he is disappointed that it has been almost useless. The only confirmed Master and Servant are Tine Chelc and Archer, while the status of rest of them are mostly unknown. Unknown factors brought in by making the ritual public have also messed up the system by making it difficult to determine those who have inherited the Command Spells from the magi that have entered the city.

Due to Caster's ability to produce forged Noble Phantasms with greater power than the originals, he has formed a group of close to thirty men and women that he has decided to codename as Clan Calatin.