Oryou (お竜さん, Oryō-san?) is the partner of Rider in the Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail of Fate/KOHA-ACE.



Oryou is the humanoid form of Rider's Noble Phantasm, Like a Soaring Dragon. The black-haired woman who follows by Ryouma’s side, Oryou. Falling in love at first sight with Ryouma when he saved her from her seal on a certain mountain, a fine lady who stalks Ryouma with the excuse of repaying the favor. Strictly speaking, she is not a dragon, but a lesser specter more closely related to snakes and serpents.

In the closing days of the shogunate, perhaps she had a slight hand in the shadows of his grand enterprise. Or perhaps not. By the way, in Ryouma’s last moments, she was unluckily away, so she was unable to save him. Giving into her sadness, she faded into the depths of the ocean, never having the chance to become a dragon and rise to the heavens.





Oryou first appears with Rider as Sakura Saber is facing off against Assassin. She fights off Assassin, and they are then confronted by Demon Archer. Although she appears to quickly defeat Archer, she is disabled in a single shot. They manage to retreat with the appearance of the Fuhrer and his army of Servants. They later face off against Archer again, Rider unleashing his Noble Phantasm as Oryou transforms into a dragon.


Oryou shows the ability to deflect the blows of a Servant with her bare hands in human form. While able to easily overpower Demon Archer, her level of Mystery allows her to be easily defeated by Archer's Tenka Fubu - Innovation Skill.