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“"Pandemonium Cetus"!”


Pandemonium Cetus: Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple (強制封印・万魔神殿パンデモニウム・ケトゥス, Kyōsei Fūin - Manmajin-donoPandemoniumu Ketusu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Gorgon. By renouncing to her last vestiges as a goddess, the shadow of her former self that she becomes at the very end - the “Gorgon monster” - is temporarily materialized and all life within the designated territory is liquified. Instantly robs the lives of humans, and even Servants are given severe damage.[1]

Despite being a strengthened version “Blood Fort Andromeda”, the Noble Phantasm that Medusa possesses when she is a Rider, it does not require setup time and is invoked with just the release of True Name. Effectiveness is somewhat low against inorganic-type opponents.[1]


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