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The Holy Grail War has certain sets of parameters that to apply the Servant class system. They have ranked abilities and skills that reflect the abilities they had in life, or sometimes those granted by the specific class container in which the Heroic Spirit was placed.



Servant parameters

  • Strength (筋力, ?): Bodily might in terms of power.
  • Endurance (耐久, ?): How much damage one can withstand.
  • Agility (敏捷, ?): Quickness and speed of reaction.
  • Magical Power (魔力, ?): How much prana can be handled.
  • Good luck (幸運, ?): The quality of one's luck.
  • Noble Phantasm (宝具, ?): The strength of the Noble Phantasm one owns.[1]

Servants are ranked based upon their statistics. There are five main ranks from A to E with each having a quantifiable number assigned to it. There is also an EX Rank that represents a value that cannot be quantified under the normal system because it is in a league of its own, powerful to the extent of rendering comparisons meaningless.[2] Abilities will often base the effectiveness of the attack or effect directly on rank, such as God Hand, Cybele, and those that have "Strength checks" or "Luck checks." Being ranked at 1 under the system identifies the ability of a normal human, so the E Rank, classified as 10, indicates someone ten times above normal human ability.[3] As it is far above the realm of what an ordinary human can achieve, it allows Caster, one of the physically weakest Servants, to easily crush a child's head with a single hand.

There are two different "modifiers" that can be applied to ranks, + and -. The "+" modifier represents the capacity of a temporary boost in power if certain conditions are met, allowing a weapon or ability of a lower rank to surpass a higher rank for a moment. + indicates a two-times increase, ++ indicates a three-times increase, and +++ indicates a four-times increase. The "-" modifier has not been explained, but it is present on Kanshou and Bakuya and Rider's Divinity.

The same system is applied to the ranks of magecraft, Magic Circuits, Regression to the Age of Gods, and Noble Phantasms. Magic Circuits and Regression to the Age of Gods are ranked by Quality (, ?), Quantity (, ?), and a separate Composition (編成, ?) measurement. A Rank Magecraft is already on the level of High-Thaumaturgy, and Magecraft of A+ Rank is said to be almost at the level of Magic. The scale for Noble Phantasms is different than that of regular attacks. If a Noble Phantasm is C Rank, it is equivalent in power to an A Rank normal attack. A++ Rank Noble Phantasms are said to be a mystery on the level of Divine Spirits. There are Noble Phantasms that can be quantified directly by numbers when referring to their abilities, but there are also those with conceptual effects that fall into a special category.[4]

Rank Value + ++ +++
A 50 100 150 200
B 40 80 120 160
C 30 60 90 120
D 20 40 60 80
E 10 20 30 40
  • Generic version of the vision
  • Shirou's version of the vision

Masters who have made contracts with Servants have the ability to read out the status of a Servant with powers of clairvoyance. It is a unique ability granted by the Grail that summoned the Heroic Spirits, so it cannot be used by those without a contract. They can see through the abilities of the other Servants and compare them to those of their own, so that they can guide them as efficiently as possible in battle situations. Tohsaka Tokiomi owned a book that provides a similar ability, but it is useless to a full Master. It was passed on to Rin after his death, and she gives it to Shirou because he lacks a proper connection to Saber. The book itself is blank, but simply looking at a random page gives him an image in his head that allows him to look upon all known status of Servants in the War. Reading the book will give him new details any time he reads it, and Rin says that he will be able to identify Servants from intuition without using the book after he gets used to it. It is reflected in-game as the Servant status screen.

Class Skills

Each class is granted certain skills upon summoning. They generally reflect the abilities that they had in life, but they will not always have had the corresponding skills. Even if the Heroic Spirit did not have the abilities in life, they will still get a lower ranked version of the skill automatically if they fit the class.

Independent Action

Independent Action (単独行動, Tandoku Kōdō?) is the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the prana supply from the Master. At the higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's prana supply, the Master can concentrate their own prana on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they can not supply prana due to injury. The downside is that they can be harder to control and keep by their side, making the only true way to command them by utilizing Command Spells.

  • A+: Servant can remain in this world indefinitely even without a Master. However, in order to activate his Noble Phantasm, it is necessary to first acquire an extra supply of prana from alternative sources.
  • A: Can remain in this world for a week even after losing his Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms of great prana consumption, back up from the Master is necessary.
  • B: Capable of remaining in this world for two days without an established contract. Also capable of living on for a short period of time after suffering extensive damage on his spiritual core.
  • C: Capable of remaining in this world for one day without an established contract.
  • E-: Materialization is possible for 30 turns.

Item Construction

Item Construction (道具作成, Dōgu Sakusei?) is the skill to manufacture magical items.

  • A: Capable of making healing potions that grant limited immortality. (Caster)
  • -: At the cost of the acquisition of the summoning ability by means of the Noble Phantasm, the "Item Construction" skill is lost.(Caster)

Mad Enhancement


Normal Lancelot and Lancelot affected by Mad Enhancement

Mad Enhancement (狂化, Kyouka?) raises basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. In some cases, also seals away Personal Skills.

  • A: Rank up for parameters, but most of one's reason is robbed. Due undergoing consciousness equalization with the Master, one has become a more mechanical Servant.
  • B: Rank up for all parameters, but takes away most of sanity.
  • C: Rank up for all parameters except Luck and Mana, but in exchange one can no longer think and speak properly. (In Arcueid's case, it does not go well due a misunderstanding from the Master. Her original Rank in this Skill is A)
  • E: (Kintoki, while not strictly speaking mad, possesses the mentality of a grade schooler and intermittently flies into uncontrollable rampages. It is unclear if this is an effect of Mad Enhancement or his natural disposition.)

Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance (対魔力, Tai Maryoku?) grants protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects prana, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Important to note that the term "verse" seen below refers to a set of three lines. Thus, a chant of two verses is equivalent to a Six-Line incantation.

  • EX: In addition to the Magic Resistance of the Saber Class, Joan demonstrates high Magic Resistance due to her unwavering piety. However, since it is just averting (evading) the Magecraft, Joan will only be saved against a wide-range magic attack. It cannot cope with the sacraments of the Church either.
  • A: Cancel spells of A-Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer".
  • B: Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected. (As Saber Alter, Arturia suffered a rank-down in this skill due her corruption)
  • C: Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals. (Because she herself does not have any Magic Resistance, Nero boasts a low level that is unbecoming of the Saber Class)
  • D: Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.
  • E: Cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat. (Lancelot's originates from a magical ring, however its powers received a rank-down due to Mad Enhancement)

Presence Concealment

Presence Concealment (気配遮断, Kehai Shadan?) is the capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. It is a common skill to the Assassin class.

  • A+: It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, efficacy will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.
  • D: Suitable for spying.
  • -: (Li Shuwen's capacity to cut off his presence does not correspond to this technique)


Riding (騎乗, Kijō?) is expertise to ride animals and vehicles.

  • A+: Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.
  • A: All creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts. This rank is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider Class.
  • B: Most vehicles can be handled with above average skill. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasm Races such as Monstrous Beasts.

Territory Creation

Territory Creation (陣地作成, Jinchi Sakusei?) is the skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus.

  • A: Creation of a "Temple", which is superior to a "Workshop", becomes possible.
Nursery Rhyme-specific description:
The little door, the mad tea party,
The checkered rainbow meadow, the riddles of the chattery twins,
Oh but, oh but, the personal favorite is definitely only that,
The invitation to the nameless forest where everything is forgotten!
  • B: Creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible.
  • C: (Because it seems that her personality is not suited for it, Tamamo-no-Mae has difficulty in manufacturing even a Workshop)

Personal Skills

Personal Skills reflect the abilities the Heroic Spirits had in life and their personal legends.

Animal Dialogue

Animal Dialogue (動物会話, Doubutsu Kaiwa?) is communication of intention with animals that don't speak a "language of words".

  • C: Since it's not like the intellect of the animals improve, very complex nuances are not conveyed. (Even then, maybe because Kintoki's mental structure is close to animals, they strangely get into a mutual understanding.)

Battle Continuation

Battle Continuation (戦闘続行, Sentō Zokkō?) is the strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated.

  • A: Makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.
  • C: (In Cú Chulainn's case, because of his Master boosting his Endurance, its Rank was temporary lowered. His original Rank in this Skill is A)


Bravery (勇猛, Yūmō?) is the ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement.

  • A+: Bonus effect of increasing melee damage.
  • B:


Charisma (カリスマ, Karisuma?) is the natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent.

  • A+: At this point it is no longer popularity, but rather a kind of spell (curse) in itself.
  • A: Can be said to have achieved the greatest level of popularity as a human being.
  • B: Suitable for a king of a country.
  • E: Leadership skills increase, but the morale of troops decreases extremely.

Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts (中国武術, Chūgoku Bujutsu?) is a Chinese rationality. A value that measures one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe as its objective. Its difficulty to learn is of the highest level and, unlike other Skills, it is at A Rank that one is at a level where he is said to have finally "learned it".

  • A+++: At this point, one is a master among masters.


Clairvoyance (千里眼, Senrigan?) is superior visual perception. Supplement long-range aiming and increases dynamic vision. Furthermore, at higher ranks it is possible to acquire precognition ("see into the future") and other forms of perception that are beyond normal eyesight (X-ray vision and the sorts).

  • C: Capable of keeping track of fast-moving object within a range of 4kms. (EMIYA acquires this by applying Reinforcement on his eyes).

Discernment of the Poor

Discernment of the Poor (貧者の見識, Hinsha no Kenshiki?) is insight to see through the opponent's character and attribute.

  • A: He will not be deceived by excuses and deceptions from words. (It expresses the power to grasp the true nature of the opponent possessed by Karna, who was blessed with the opportunity to inquire about the life and value of the weak due being someone without a single relative.)


Disengage (仕切り直し, Shikirinaoshi?) is the ability to break away from combat.

  • C: Bonus effect of returning battle conditions to what they were at the beginning of the match.


Divinity (神性, Shinsei?) is the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a  Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster, Demonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due one's dislike for the gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith.

  • A+: (Gilgamesh original value as a 2/3 demigod)
  • A: (Karna son of the sun God and later became one himself.)
  • A: (Heracles was originally a 1/2 demigod, but he became a full God after death.)
  • B: (Gilgamesh effective value, which was reduced due his dislike of the Gods)
  • C: (Iskander has been said that he is the son of the greatest of the Gods, Zeus, while there is no clear evidence to support this claim.)
  • D: (Kintoki, depending on the version of the tale, is the son of Yama-Uba impregnated by a clap of thunder.)
  • E−: (Medusa's divinity was reduced after her transformation into the Gorgon)

Eternal Arms Mastership

Eternal Arms Mastership (無窮の武練, Mukyū no Buren?) prevents degradation of fighting skills when under the effect of mental hindrance.

  • A+: Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

Expert of Many Specializations

Expert of Many Specializations (専科百般, Senka Hyappan?) is access to and use of many expert skills.

  • A+: A total of 32 different skills ranging from tactics, academia, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric and others can be used with proficiency of Rank B or above. (Assassin achieves this by arbitrary changing between his multiple personalities).

Eye for Art

Eye for Art (芸術審美, Geijutsu Shinbi?) is infatuation with works of art.

  • E-: If he happens to see a Noble Phantasm that possess artistic anecdotes, there is a small chance that he might be able to figure out its true name.

Eye of the Mind (False)

Eye of the Mind (False) (心眼(偽), Shingan (Nise)?) is an innate talent to sense and avoid danger based on intuition, that can also be called the Sixth Sense or prescience, gained through many ordeals and adventures. As a natural talent to avoid danger based on the "perception and resolution of the current situation", it greatly differs from Eye of the Mind (True), which is danger avoidance that originates from “predictions augmented by experience”. "False" is an ability that can never be gained through training or experience, and while it would seem that the ability should be called "True" and the ability gained only through experience should be "False", the inverse is actually the case.[5]

  • A: The ability grants an effect of offering resistance against penalties caused by visual obstructions. (During the fifth Holy Grail War, in the battle with Arturia, Assassin crossed blades with an invisible sword numerous times. He was able to use this ability to gauge even the length and width of the sword, and see through the fact that Arturia was unable to use her Noble Phantasm attack due to a lack of mana. Seeing through the weapon and style of his opponent after crossing blades only a few times, the perception of his eyes is the best among Servants.)
  • B: (Even though Heracles’ sanity was lost due to Mad Enhancement, this skill remained effective as it is nearly an instinct. When crossing swords with a seasoned swordsman like Arturia, he would not fall for half-hearted feints. It is such a troublesome ability for Hercules’ opponents. Although monstrous in size, Hercules has a high rank in Agility. As a result, it is very difficult to corner him.)

Eye of the Mind (True)

Eye of the Mind (True) (心眼(真), Shingan (Shin)?) is heightened insight that was refined through experience.

  • B: Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

Golden Rule

Golden Rule (黄金律, Kogane Ritsu?) measures one's fortune to acquire wealth.

  • A: Money problems are completely unknown.

Guardian Knight

Guardian Knight (守護騎士, Shugo Kishi?) temporarily raises defensive power when protecting others.

  • A+: (As the guardian of many countries and regions, George is always expected to "guard over others". And such expectations give him unlimited power of protection.)

Headache Sufferer

Headache Sufferer (頭痛持ち, Zutsū-mochi?) is a curse inherited from the birthplace of one's previous life. Due suffering from chronic headaches, the success rate of mental Skills decreases considerably.

  • B: (Because of the presence of this Skill, it is hard for Nero's to perfectly demonstrate her valuable talent for fine arts)

High-Speed Divine Words

High-Speed Divine Words (高速神言, Kōsokushingon?) is the power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is power long lost by modern magi.

  • A: High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.

Imperial Privilege

Imperial Privilege (皇帝特権, Kōtei Tokken?) is an ability that, due the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. In cases when the Rank is above A, even the "burden to the body" is acquired (such as Divinity).

  • EX: (For Nero, the relevant Skills are Riding, swordsmanship, fine arts, Charisma, Military Tactics and others)

Information Erasure

Information Erasure (情報抹消, Jōhō Masshō?) is the removal of information regarding the Servant's true name, abilities, and appearance from the records and memories of all witnesses, including the opponent, following the conclusion of an engagement.

  • B: This effect is enforced even within digital recordings by a closed-circuit camera in broad daylight. However, evidence of the engagement is not removed from the scene, and by way of logical deduction, the Servant's identity may be revealed.

Innocent Monster

Innocent Monster (無辜の怪物, Muko no Kaibutsu?) is the name of the monster that had his past and way of being distorted because of the image that was born from his behavior in the previous life. Both abilities and appearance were transformed. Incidentally, this equipment (Skill) cannot be removed.


Instinct (直感, Chokkan?) is the power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle.

  • A: Refined sixth sense is now close to true precognition. Bonus effect of reducing by half the penalties caused by obstructed vision and hearing.
  • B: (As Saber Alter, Arturia's senses became dulled due having to constantly suppress the rage caused by Angra Mainyu's corruption)
  • C: It is only effective for the sake of defense (George employs this ability for the sake of immediately judging "whether the opponent is an enemy that must be fought".)

Knowledge of Respect and Harmony

Knowledge of Respect and Harmony (宗和の心得, Sōwa no Kokoroe?) prevents any decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless of how many times it is used against the same opponent.

  • B: Attacks cannot be perceived by the enemy.

Librarian of Stored Knowledge

Librarian of Stored Knowledge (蔵知の司書, Zōchi no Shisho?) is an ability that makes it possible for a clear recall of knowledge from memory with a successful Luck check, even if the information perceived in the past was not consciously acknowledged at the time.

  • C: (Assassin achieved this by distributing his memory processing among his many different personalities).


Magecraft (魔術, Majutsu?) is knowledge about modern Thaumaturgy.

  • C-: Capable of using orthodox Thaumaturgy.

Mental Pollution

Mental Pollution (精神汚染, Seishin Osen?) makes it highly possible to shut out any mental interference Thaumaturgy, due possessing a distorted mentality. However, at the same time it becomes impossible to come to an understanding with individuals that do not possess an equivalent rank of mental pollution.

  • A:
  • C: Provides a probability that mental interference magecraft will be rendered ineffective. In the condition that the Servant's master is of Evil alignment, and perpetrates acts of cruelty against the Servant, Mental Pollution will increase in rank, further increasing defenses against magecraft. However, as the Servant's psyche is inherently broken, this may result in irreversible deterioration.

Military Tactics

Military Tactics (軍略, Gunryaku?) is tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

  • B:

Monstrous Strength

Monstrous Strength (怪力, Kairiki?) is an ability possessed by monsters and beasts, temporary boost of the Strength parameter by one rank for a time limit determined by the ranking of this skill.

  • B: (the longer Medusa is under the influence of this skill, the more she turns into the legendary monster Gorgon)

Murderer of the Misty Night

Murderer of the Misty Night (霧夜の殺人, Kiriya no Satsujin?) is a skill associated with the Servant's nature as a serial killer rather than as an Assassin, which permits preemptive strike against all opponents. However, unconditional success of the skill is possible only at night. Requires a successful Luck Check for use during daytime.

  • A: (From the conditions of their bodies, it is believed that all of the victims of Jack the Ripper were assailed when unguarded)

Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes (魔眼, Magan?) is the possession of Mystic Eyes that are capable of interfering with the outside world.

  • A+: Cybele
  • C : Possesses Mystic Eyes that enchants the souls of those who the user looks at and of those who look at the user. (In Arcueid's case, it does not function properly due a misunderstanding from the Master. Her original Rank in this Skill is A)

Mystic Face

Mystic Face (魔顔, Magao?) is a spell (curse) inherent of one's facial features which is cast as soon as the target look at the user's face.

  • C: Diarmuid of the Love Spot (愛の黒子, Ai no Kuroko?). Effects are similar to those of Charm-type Mystic Eyes.

Natural Body

Natural Body (天性の肉体, Tensei no Nikutai?) is the possession of a perfect body as a living being from birth. The owner of this Skill is treated as if his STR is always Rank-Up.

  • C: (Furthermore, even without training Kintoki's muscles are brawny and his body shape doesn't change no matter how much calories he intakes.)

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit (反骨の相, Hankotsunosō?) is the temperament to never remain at one location and never embrace a lord. A wandering star that does not have the capacity to be king nor is capable of finding his own king. Negates the effects of Charisma with the same rank.

  • B:

Numeral of the Saint

Numeral of the Saint (聖者の数字, Seija no Sūji?) denotes that "3" is the sacred number of the Celts. Only during the three hours between 9 AM and midday and the three hours between 3 PM and sunset, one's power increases three-fold.

  • EX:

Original One

Original One (原初の一, Genshonoichi?) is the status of being an Ultimate One. By receiving back up from the planet, one's specs become one class above than the opposing enemy.

  • : (In Arcueid's case, it does not function at all due a misunderstanding from the Master. Her original Rank in this Skill is EX)

Pioneer of the Stars

Pioneer of the Stars (星の開拓者, Hoshi no Kaitaku-sha?) is the unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".

  • EX:

Prana Burst

Prana Burst (魔力放出, Maryoku Hōshutsu?) is the increase in performance caused by impregnating one's weapons and body with magical energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of jet burst by expending large amounts of prana.

  • A: A normal weapon that is not on the level of a divine mystery can be destroyed in one blow. Raises defense in several times. (Arturia uses this skill mainly for defense and high-speed movement. As Saber Alter, her magical energy will cover her body in this fashion regardless of her will)

Prana Burst (Flames)

Prana Burst (Flames) (魔力放出(炎), Maryoku Houshutsu (Honoo)?) is a version of Prana Burst that impregnates weapons with prana that imparts a flame effect.

  • A: In Karna's case, blazing flames become prana to dwell in the weapon used. This Skill is usually active and all the weapons that Karna grasps receive this effect.

Presence Detection

Presence Detection (気配感知, Kehai Kanchi?) is the ability to detect other Servants and local mana sources.

  • Unknown: Called an ability of the highest class, Enkidu is capable of detecting anything from other Servants to water sources clear across Snowfield, covering more than ten kilometers.

Projectile (Daggers)

Projectile (Daggers) (投擲(短刀), Tōteki (Tantō)?) is the expertise for throwing projectile weapons; in this case, daggers.

  • B: Thrown projectile weapons are now comparable to bullets.

Protection from Arrows

Protection from Arrows (矢避けの加護, Yasake no Kago?) is an increased defense against ranged attacks by predicting the projectiles' trajectories through exceptional means, such as hearing the sound of air being cut, or sensing the killing intent of the enemy.

  • B: (an inborn ability of Cu Chulainn; as long as the shooter is within his line of sight, he can track down ranged weapons with his eyes and defend against them. Does not apply for attacks made from super-long-range or with a great area-of -effect)

Protection from Wind

Protection from Wind (風除けの加護, Kazeyoke no Kago?) is a charm (spell) originated from the Middle East, used mainly for protection against sandstorms and Jinns.

  • A: True Assassin's ability originate from the time when he was alive (mainly used to protect himself from sandstorms and similar events), and this ability once saved him from Saber's Invisible Air.

Protection of the Fairies

Protection of the Fairies (精霊の加護, Seirei no Kago?) is a blessing from Elementals; the capacity to increase one's Luck in dangerous situations. Activation is limited to battlefields, where it is possible to perform feats of arms.

  • A:

Protection of the Faith

Protection of the Faith (信仰の加護, Shinkō no Kago?) is a Skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view. Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is only the absoluteness of one's body and soul, which is born from faith. But if it is too high, it causes abnormalities in the personality.

  • A+++:


Revelation (啓示, Keiji?) is a Skill equivalent to Instinct, a sixth sense regarding battles; however, "Revelation" accommodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal (for instance, choosing the most suitable path while traveling). Because there is no basis to it (or so she thinks), it cannot be explained to others clearly.

  • N/A:


Saint (聖人, Seijin?) indicates being acknowledged as a saint. When summoned as a Servant, the ability of saint is selected one among "raising the effectiveness of sacraments", "automatic HP recovery", "1 Rank-Up to Charisma" and "production of a holy shroud is possible".

  • N/A:

Rune Magic

Rune Magic (ルーン, Rūn?) is knowledge about this type of Magecraft that originated in northern Europe.

  • B: capacity to use the 18 original runes.


Self-Modification (自己改造, Jiko Kaizō?) is the aptitude to merge one's own flesh with body parts of others. The higher the ranking in this skill, the further away one is from being a proper hero.

  • A:
Nursery Rhyme-specific additional description:
Do-do-do-doesn't matter doesn't matter that kind of stuff doesn't matter at all!
Whatever it is if you talk to me I'll do it from your orders!


Shapeshifting (変化, Henka?) refers to both borrowing bodies and appearance change. A method used by the millenary spirits of foxes and badgers of China that are put on par with Tamamo-no-Mae.

  • A+: It seems like the master's look has been copied exactly.
Nursery Rhyme-specific additional description:
I'm going to shapeshift, I will shapeshift.
I am you, you are me.
I'm going to shapeshift, I shapeshifted.
I am you, and you are me.
  • A: (A method used by Daji of the Shang Zhou Revolutionary Period (see Fengshen Yanyi), but Tamamo-no-Mae does not feel like making much of an use of this due a trauma of the past)

Soul of a Martyr

Soul of a Martyr (殉教者の魂, Junkyousha no Tamashii?) is a mental protection that negates mental interference.

  • B+: (George is the owner of a strong faith who was pressed to renounce his religious beliefs many times and, despite receiving countless tortures, never fell down to such persecutions.)

Sphere Boundary

Sphere Boundary (圏境, Kensakai?) is a technique in which, by use of Qi, one perceives the circumstances of his surroundings, and can make his own existence vanish. For those who have mastered it, unification with the world and even making their figure naturally transparent becomes possible.

  • A:

Subversive Activities

Subversive Activities (破壊工作, Hakai Kōsaku?) is the talent to reduce the enemy forces in the preliminary stages, before going into battle. An expert of traps. However, the higher is the ranking of this Skill, the more one's spiritual status as a hero declines.

  • A: It is possible to disable nearly 60% of the total military force before the enemy advances.

Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedure (外科手術, Geka Shujutsu?) is the capability of surgical repair with use of a bloodstained scalpel, applicable to the Servant or her Master.

  • E: Despite the technique being 120 years old, and somewhat unreliable by visual appearance alone, the procedures manage to attain their intended effect, boosted somewhat with application of prana. (The victims of Jack the Ripper were found with their organs removed in such a way as to require anatomical knowledge or skill with dissection.)

Tsubame Gaeshi

Main article: Tsubame Gaeshi

Uncrowned Arms Mastership

Uncrowned Arms Mastership (無冠の武芸, Mukan no Bugei?) is arms competency that was not recognized by others due various reasons. To the opponents, the rank of Karna's sword, spear, bow, Riding and Divinity appears to be one degree lower than what it actually is. If his true name is revealed, this effect will be terminated.

  • N/A:


Vitrification (透化, Suka?) is a serene state of mind. A mental protection that nullifies mental interference.

  • B+: By limiting his fighting spirit as a martial artist, one can conceal his presence. (As he is not a true assassin, Kojirou cannot truly make use of the Assassin's Class Skill Presence Concealment. However, with this ability he is able to simulate its effects to some extent)

Voyager of the Storm

Voyager of the Storm (嵐の航海者, Arashi no Kōkai-sha?) is the talent to impel a ship and those who the user identifies with. Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this unique Skill also has the effects of both Charisma and Military Tactics.

  • A+:


Witchcraft (呪術, Jujutsu?) is the Dakini heavenly methods. It includes methods to discern one's time of death and secret arts to obtain influence, such as methods to attain status and fortune (for men) and methods to gain the favor of influential individuals (for women).

  • EX: (By lamenting harshly learning from experience in the past, Tamamo-no-Mae does not feel like making much use of this)


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    A set of rules for representing the rank of a particular status. They range from A~E. EX is in a league of its own, representing powerful to the extent of rendering comparisons meaningless. If we assign numbers to ranks, then E=10, with each subsequent rank increasing by +10. Ranks with “+” such as A+ and B+ can momentarily multiply its associated numerical value. For instance, C+(30) can temporarily boost its power to 60, exceeding Rank A (50). Also, “++” represents multiply by three times.
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    A: That's a serious question. The level of the Noble Phantasm would be B, and ability being represented by numbers would be called an average Noble Phantasm. Broken Phantasm, Barrier of the Wind King (C), Gae Bolg (thrown) (B), that sort.
    On the other hand, those with conceptual effects, destiny interference types fall into a special category. With Gae Bolg (regular), no matter how much Arcueid might be superior to Lancer in numbers, she will be killed depending on her luck, you see.
  5. Q What is the difference between Eye of the Mind True and False?
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