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“Holy Ground Expansion, Space Fixation, Divine Punishment Enforcement Period Establishment... All Clear. By Shiva's wrath, your life ends here... Pashupata: Raised Hand of the Destruction God!”


Pashupata: Raised Hand of the Destruction God (破壊神の手翳パーシュパタ, Hakaijin no TeeiPāshupata?) is the Noble Phantasm of Arjuna.

A weapon given by one of Three Greater Gods of the Hindu religion, Shiva, the one who governs destruction and creation. It is a an Anti-"Unit" Noble Phantasm, but that is only because of its nature of "not collective crushing all humans in its surroundings", but "judging each one individually and delivering Moksha to those who fail". Moksha is basically instant death.

The higher your Divinity is, higher is your probability of Moksha. The reverse is also true: Servants commonly referred to as Anti-Heroes have a lower probability of Moksha.[1]


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