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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: パッションリップ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Capsule Servant
Fate/Extra CCC / Foxtail
Japanese VA: Yui Ogura
Character type: Alter Ego
Servant (Master: BB)
Gender: Female[1]
Birthday: April 10[3]
Height: 156cm[1][3]
Weight: 907kg (1 ton)[1][3]
Three sizes: B160/W63/H87
Blood type: O[3]
Likes: Main Protagonist, Dessert time[3]
Dislikes: Unfriendly people[3]
Talents: Karate ~ Deadly strike[3]
Natural enemy: Meltlilith, Robin Hood[3]
Secret Garden:

Passionlip (パッションリップ, Passhonrippu?) is a High-Servant of BB in Fate/Extra CCC.



Alter Ego M (アルターエゴ M, Arutā Ego M?), whose True Name is Passionlip, was created by BB as a Heroic Spirit-Complex. Classified as a High-Servant, she was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with the Ego from inside of it. BB reproduced the data of the goddesses, comprising them into Passionlip as a Composite Divinity (複合神性, Fukugō Shinsei?).[2]

She is composed of Parvati, Brynhild and Durga (ドゥルガー, Durugā?). Durga (ドゥルガー, Durugā?) is the goddess of war, considered to be a facet of Parvati. She possesses ten divine weapons, and Passionlip's gigantic nails are the incarnation of these ten blades.[2]


She resembles Sakura Matou and BB. She has had part of her arms turned into gigantic talons. Her face resembling that of BB is also a trait shared by Meltlilith.


Passionlip is the Alter Ego of "the end of love and hate", born out of BB's ego "desire to court" and "hate and love."

She will initially be friendly to Hakuno Kishinami, but orders from her "mother" will force her to attack them. Like Caster and Saber, she will fall in love with them despite their gender.


Fate/Extra CCCEdit

Chapter 3 - The Lip of Love and Hate - Alter Ego / MEdit

  • Passionlip's Secret Garden
  • Passionlip's punishment
  • Passionlip's relief
  • Passionlip asks the protagonist to touch her hand

Fate/Extra CCC Fox TailEdit

Virgin Razor 2

Passionlip and Meltlilith performing "Virgin Razor - Paradise On".

Meltlilith and Passionlip invaded the school and Gawain fought back and things seems at a disadvantage for him. Karna later appears and allies with Gawain to take both Alter Ego. As Passionlip was cut down, Passionlip and Meltlilith combined an attack called "Virgin Razor - Paradise On".

Other appearancesEdit

  • A.l.T.e.r

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, she part of the Imperial Roma talent agency.


She has an excellent rank in Presence Concealment, normally a base ability of the Assassin class, that was acquired due to her personality. Her cowardice and prudence make it possible, allowing her to have stalked Hakuno Kishinami from early within the story. She was able to watch over them from an unseen location, among other things, without anybody noticing. The main problem is that her gigantic nails get in the way, leading to her becoming discovered and keeping her from becoming an excellent stalker. Her Noble Phantasm is Brynhild Romantia.

Her Quality as a Target of Abuse increases the chances of her being targeted by an enemy during group battles. Though it is normally a Minus Skill. it works for a Servant with a strong defense like her, allowing her to function as an excellent escort and grants some pluses to defensive values. Her A rank also comes with the special effect of causing the attacking side's composure to break the more they assail her, eventually reaching the point of no longer being able to think of anything but the owner of the skill.

She has the ability Trash & Crash, a specialty skill that the Alter Egos naturally possess. It is a Cheat Skill referred to as "id_es" that evolved from Monstrous Strength. It allows for anything, no matter how much of a gigantic capacity it may have, to be crushed and compressed by her nails as long as it is "something that can be enveloped by hand." It is not limited to something that can fit in her hands, but everything in her line of sight will be treated as a target as long as it "is settled in her hands." Even if the target is a gigantic Mega Structure like an Arena, the conditions for compressing it will be fulfilled if there is a place that she can get an unbroken view of the Arena.

She is able to compress her line of sight by holding her hands out towards the target Arena in the distance, gaining a small unbroken view of it. Once the whole figure of the Arena is completely settled in her hand, she will recognize it as having grasped it, making compression possible. Such planar physical interference disregards perspective, but the compressions still takes time if the target is large. Compressed objects become a cube five centimeters on all sides, but the mass of the cube can only be reduced to one tenth of the original object's weight. The compressed objects are treated as dust data, allowing them to be stored within her Breast Valley (ブレストバレー, Buresuto Barē?), a simple trash box with the function of harvesting unnecessary data files and storing them.

It functions as well as a garbage can, and the icon is configured in the middle of her breasts for some reason. It is an imaginary number space pocket that stashes away as much trash as one likes, allowing her to harvest anything as long as it is dust data in any capacity infinitely. Though it is contradictory, that which exceeds her own memory volume can be thrown away in this valley. While it seems like a convenient function, it is truly a meaningless function because dust data cannot return to its original shape. She gained this special structure because she is the type of girl-figure that stashes away her emotions inside and self-mutilates.[2]

  • Salome Smiles (微笑むサロメ, Hohoemu Sarome?) - Increases her strength.
  • Salome to Degenerate (堕ちるサロメ, Ochiru Sarome?) - When the enemy uses BREAK, it decreases the enemy's endurance.
  • Ioannes to Cage (ヨカナーンを籠に, Yokanān wo Kago ni?) - Causes physical damage and ATTACK command sealed
  • The Secret Room is the Bell's Box (密室は釣鐘の箱, Misshitsu wa Tsurigane no Hako?) - Causes physical damage and stun status.
Virgin Razor 1

"Virgin Razor - Palladion" displayed in Fate/Extra Material

  • Virgin Razor - Palladion (ヴァージンレイザー・パラディオン, Vājin Reizā - Paradion?) - A combination attack with Passionlip. Meltlilith launches as Passionlip throws her towards the enemy.


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