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“'Phantom Maiden'!”


Phantom Maiden: Phantasmal Iron Maiden (幻想の鉄処女ファントム・メイデン, Gensō no Tetsu ShojoFantomu Meiden?) is the Noble Phantasm of Carmilla. The Iron maiden is a famous torture tool said to have been used by Elizabeth Báthory/Carmilla.[1][2] However, as a result of a long term investigation, it is believed that it did not actually existed.[1][2] That being said, there are many who have faith in this torture tool, so it has been esteemed as an exquisite Noble Phantasm that kills innocent girls in fear.

It floats above Carmilla's head, being filled with the blood and shrieks of the target once it closes. It is a joint use of an attack and the recovery of physical strength. In the case of female Servants, damage increases.[1]


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