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“'Photon Ray'!”


Photon Ray: War God's Sword (軍神の剣フォトン・レイ, Gunshin no KenFoton Rei?) is the sword of Attila the Hun, shaped like a longsword while also bearing a "somewhat futuristic design." It is believed to be formed from the combination of "the prowess and terror that led to her being feared as the ‘Divine Punishment’ and ‘The Scourge of God’" and the "anecdote about her obtaining the ‘Sword of Mars’." The "blade" of the sword, formed of tri-colored brands of light, is believed to be capable of destroying any existence on Earth. When activated, Attila charges at and annihilates the enemies like a shooting star with the sword projecting rainbow-like prana. Upon unleashing its true power, both its rank and type classification as a Noble Phantasm increases.[1]

When fighting Saber Alter, she mentions Excalibur Morgan being a "true Divine Construct", meaning Photon Ray may be similar or related to Divine Constructs in some way.


Teardrop Photon RayEdit

In Fate/Extella, she has an enhanced version of her Noble Phantasm titled Teardrop Photon Ray: Star of Tears, Sword of the War God (涙の星、軍神の剣ティアードロップ・フォトン・レイ, Namida no hoshi, Gunshin no KenTiādoroppu Foton Rei?).


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