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Nasuverse character





Anniversary Blonde

Royal brand

Brilliant Summer

Memory of Lunar Mare

Memoria of the Far Side of the Moon

Japanese name: 主人公
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Japanese VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Male)
Character type: Human, Master
Affiliation: Chaldea Security Organization
Gender: Male or female

The Protagonist (主人公, Shujinkō?) is the playable Master in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. The male version is called Ritsuka Fujimaru (藤丸 立香, Fujimaru Ritsuka?).



As a self-insert for the player, the Protagonist has absolutely no background details or connections to other people or events. They are simply "someone who just happened to see a recruitment flyer at a station, applied and got accepted into the job, and somehow ended up getting taken into the Chaldea Security Organization."[1] They are acting as a newly established Master candidate of Chaldea whose only purpose is shoring up numbers.[2]


The Protagonist wears various different Mystic Codes.

  • Chaldea (カルデア, Karudea?)
  • Chaldea Combat Uniform (カルデア戦闘服, Karudea Sentō-fuku?)
  • Mage's Association Uniform (魔術協会制服, Majutsu Kyōkai Seifuku?)
  • Atlas Academy Uniform (アトラス院制服, Atorasu-in Seifuku?)
  • Anniversary Blonde (アニバーサリー・ブロンド, Anibāsarī Burondo?)
  • Royal Brand (ロイヤルブランド, Roiyaru Burando?)
  • Brilliant Summer (ブリリアントサマー, Buririanto Samā?)
  • Memory of Lunar Mare (月の海の記憶, Tsuki no Umi no Kioku?)
  • Memoria of the Far Side of the Moon (月の裏側の記憶, Tsuki no Uragawa no Kioku?)



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

The Protagonist is to act as a Master who uses FATE to summon Servants for the purpose of completing Grand Orders to correct distortions in human history.[2]


The drama CD and First Order involves with the male protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru. He just enters the Chaldea Security Organization and encounters Mash Kyrielight, Fou and Lev Lainur Flauros.


  • Male command spells
  • Female command spells
His skills as a magus actually isn’t much different from Lord El-Melloi II.[3]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

According to Takeuchi, he designed the protagonists for Fate/Grand Order as gender swapped versions of Shirou and Rin.[citation needed]


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