Prydwen (プリドゥエン, Puriduen?) is a treasure owned by King Arthur, said to be a "wonder tool" able to become both a ship and a shield.[1] Having stored it in Camelot's treasury, Mordred stole it from Artoria during her temporary rule while Artoria was away.


Prydwen Tube RidingEdit

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“Now, that's a large wave!"
"It's here, Wednesday's legendary wave! Let's go, partner!"
"Prydwen Tube Riding!"


Prydwen Tube Riding: Kingly Mood of Reining in Surging Waves! (逆巻く波濤を制する王様気分!プリドゥエン・チューブライディング, Sakamaku Hatō wo Seisuru Ōsama Kibun!Puriduen Chūbu Raidingu?) is a technique used by Mordred after having her class container modified by Scáthach. Bringing forth Prydwen and modifying it into a surfboard because she was looking for a "surf board that could withstand her power", she rams the opponent head-first with Prydwen while tube riding, a surfing technique where she runs through the gap of the waves. Said to boast a "top-class degree of difficulty among the surfing techniques", she "feels exactly like a king that rules the sea" while performing the technique.[1]


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