Qin Shi Huang (始皇帝, Shikōtei?), the First Emperor of the Qin dynasty, is a Heroic Spirit noted as the most celebrated figure in Chinese history.



Qin Shi Huang was the First Emperor of the Qin dynasty. He was the target of a failed assassination attempt by Jing Ke.[1]




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

During Jing Ke's interlude, Qin Shi Huang is represented by a shadow Gilgamesh in a simulation of his assassination in Jing Ke's interlude in Fate/Grand Order.

The full assassination attempt is detailed in a short story about Jing Ke.

Fate/strange fakeEdit

The Kuruoka family obtains a catalyst to summon Qin Shi Huang as a Servant for the False Holy Grail War, believing that he will be a Heroic Spirit that requires deference even from the summoner. The mention the catalyst is a Noble Phantasm that they could also utilize themselves. He is never summoned due to their daughter obtaining Command Spells and her own Servant.[2]


One of Qin Shi Huang Noble Phantasms has been recovered in modern times, and it is usable as a weapon even by normal magi as a Master's Noble Phantasm.


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