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“My anger is ecstasy!"
"I'll be going, I'lll be going!"
"Queen Anne's Revenge!"
"... Well, that was one-sided!”


Queen Anne's Revenge: Revenge of the Queen Anne (アン女王の復讐クイーンアンズ・リベンジ, An-joō no FukushūKuīn Anzu Ribenji?) is the Noble Phantasm of Edward Teach, a vessel ship that Blackbeard actually boarded on.[1] Originally, it was a French ship, but it was plundered by Blackbeard, named as "Queen's Anne Revenge", and became a pirate ship. It is a ghost ship in a literal sense of the word that specialized in completely plundering enemies.[2][3]

After starting with the ship's artillery attack of its 40 cannons on the enemy ship, Blackbeard will savagely assault his enemies together with his subordinates, who have became low ranking spirits (they have no name, nor any sense of self other than being "Blackbeard's subordinates"). Damage increases by leaps and bounds when Servants other than Blackbeard are travelling together on the ship. An overwhelming amount of violence will be seemingly guaranteed with many Noble Phantasms being used too. While on the sea, this ship can manifest as a "constantly active Noble Phantasm". It can also travel on land and sky, but consumption of magic energy becomes heavy in this case.[2][3]


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