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“I won’t give up on anything, anymore!”


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“Muscular, nervous, vascular, lymphatic tissue — Pseudo-magic circuit conversion, complete!”

Magical Ruby

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“This is everything I have! 'Quintett Feuer'!”


Quintett Feuer: Multi-instrumental Saturation Bombardment (多元重奏飽和砲撃クヴィンテット・フォイア, ?) is a technique used by Illyasviel in her Kaleid Liner Zwei Form, materialized as a Noble Phantasm when taking form as a Servant.

It converts Illyasviel's muscular, nervous, and lymphatic systems as well as her blood vessels into pseudo-Magic Circuits, greatly increasing her magical output for an instant at the risk of her own life. The tremendous torrent of Magical Energy, dancing through the five circuits running along her body, boasts destructive power rivaling the radiance of the planet.[1] Quintet Fire's power is comparable to the light of a star and was able to defeat the Blackened Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish, and although Gil is amazed his attack failed, he claims that being only partially incarnated meant he could only do so much.


Unlimited Prisma CorpsEdit

Unlimited Prisma Corps (無限の幻想アンリミテッド・プリズマコーズ, ?) is a technique used by Illya Testament.


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