Rani VIII (ラニ=Ⅷ, ?) is the Master of Berserker in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra. She appears as a Berserker-class Demi-Servant in Fate/Extra Last Encore.



Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia created the homunculus known as Rani VIII with the intention to see if it was possible for not just alchemists but for humanity to continue existing in the cyber world, which would mean having to give up their physical bodies.[3][4]

Rani the Eighth signifies “the eighth woman.” She is different from the homunculus created through DNA engineering that are popular on the black market. Rani’s design is based on old world Magus theory, and she was made with cutting edge science and technology developed by the Atlas Institute. She was made as a Magus so she could be sent to the cyber world. In short she is nothing short of being a new form of mankind. By using nano-sized fibers called Etherlite, Rani can directly send herself into to the cyber world without any direct physical connection. Her computational power is equivalent to the power required to generate all of the Holy Grail War's arena and schools. She can go head to head with the High Level AI who are in charge of managing the Holy Grail War.[4]


Rani is a young girl who appears to be of Indian descent with wavy light purple hair with part of it tied into a ponytail. She has purple eyes, a tan complexion, wears glasses and has a bindi on her fore head as worn in India. She wears a purple fable collar with a dark purple gem in the center. Under that she wears a white shirt with a deep V, leaving a portion of her chest bare, and black tight shorts. Over that, she wears a white lab coat with the emblem of Tsukumihara Academy on it. On her hands are multiple golden bracelets and small thin white gloves. On her legs she wears long white and purple socks and black shoes. She seems to be from southern part of India due to her complexion.

In Fate/Extra Last Encore, she wears a combined outfit of her original and parts of her Atlas Academy Uniform.

In Fate/Extra CCC, Rani is seen wearing the alternate navy sailors uniforms she wears black tights with her normal bracelets and wears black shoes.

She considers her height to be average height for a girl and her weight to be rather thin. Her three sizes are optimized for activity and portability. She wears no underwear because she considers wearing them are forbidden.[2] Ironically enough, however, she is depicted as wearing one beneath her skirt and pantyhose in Fate/EXTRA CCC EXTRA Garden.


Rani is an intelligent, calm, polite, yet emotionless young girl. She doesn't seem to follow any will of her own, and instead refers herself as a tool of her professor.



  • Rani and Berserker.
  • Rani talking to Hakuno

Rani is, like Sion, an Atlas alchemist, but also a homunculus like Illya. She was created specifically to take part in the Holy Grail War.

Her servant is Berserker. Like most of his class, he has barely any personality left, although he does seem to follow her orders without question and willingly protects Rani during the battle with Rin, even giving her a "gentle smile" before being destroyed if you choose to save her. If he weren't summoned as a Berserker, he had the qualifications to be any other class besides Caster.

As noted, during the game, a crisis will occur and the player is given the choice of coming to the aid of either Rani or Rin Tohsaka. While both will survive regardless, if you choose to save Rani, her Berserker will sacrifice itself and she will become their ally during the latter stages of the Holy Grail War. After recovering from the shock of being deprived of what she saw as her one purpose for existing, she comes to support and care for the main character.

If the player sides against her, she survives Lancer's Gáe Bolg attack. She hands over a Knifeshape pendant to help identify Hakuno, the knife absorbs residual magical energy while doing so, it puts phemenal amount of stress to the brain. The feedback would normally be enough to kill someone if a magic circuit was not present. This confirms Rani's suspicion about Hakuno existence as a self-aware NPC. They will also end up fighting Run Ru and her Lancer in the fourth round as a result. They must fight her and Berserker in the sixth round of the Holy Grail War. After her defeat, she slightly smiles showing signs of sadness and says goodbye to Hakuno.

In the manga adaption, both Rani and Rin survived and they both help support Hakuno. However, it is later revealed that her Berserker survived. In Chapter 26, Rani and her Servant later attack Hakuno and Saber, but they defeat her. The scene that later plays out after is similar to that of the game when she is defeated. In Chapter 28, a grave was made for her and both Rin and Saber pay their respects.

Last EncoreEdit

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

  • Rani's Secret Garden
  • Rani's punishment

Rani also appears in Fate/Extra CCC. Rani is featured in the Student Council shot trailer along with Leo, Rin, Shinji and Monji meaning Rani will be a member of the student council in Fate/Extra CCC.

Other appearancesEdit

In the backstory of Fate/Extella, Rani was defeated in the 6th-7th round.


She is an Atlas Alchemist, Rani claims that she possesses the knowledge of the Atlas Alchemist but it pales compared to her professor. She is also skilled in Astrology that surpass even Caster, she uses her Astrology to help Hakuno learn more about Archer's identity.

She can create the Vorpal Blade with her alchemy but she requires a Malachite as the catalyst to recreate the blade. The Vorpal Blade has an effect on types of monstrosity such as the Jabberwock. Even with her skills, the blade would shatter when it is used and she can only transmute it once.

Rani's pure computational ability surpasses Leonardo B. Harwey.[5]

At her core is Hermes, which is a 6th generation spiritron computer that shouldn’t even be completed and exist in this world yet.[4] She has a self-destruct mode called "Helm to the Northern sky: Mode Osiris", it is a last resort move in the case of her mission failure. It was intended to destroy the Moon Cell. Her body was design to have her Magic Circuits overload and her Etherlite heart would explode causing meltdown to the arena and causing shockwaves of data corruptions.

  • gain_con(128); - A Codecast that strengthens her Servant's defense.
  • gain_mgi(128); - A Codecast that raises her Servant's magic.

In the Fate/Extra Manga, Rani had the ability to observe others remotely from mirrored surfaces, such as the water in a fountain.

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit



Within the world of Fate/Extra Last Encore, Rani VIII's various bodies created during the Unlimited Raise Dead phenomenon have become Berserker-class Demi-Servants. Fused with Lu Bu, she has access to God Force.




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