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Nasuverse character
Reika Rikudou
Normal | Concept Art | Original Design
Reika Rikudou3
Japanese name: 六導玲霞 (りくどうれいか)
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Human, Master
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 9[1]
Height: 164cm[1]
Weight: 53kg[1]
Three sizes: B90/W62/H89[1]
Blood type: B[1]

"Then, you can cut them a little. However, not in the throats because then they won't be able to scream anymore."
— Reika Rikudou.

Reika Rikudou (六導玲霞, Rikudou Reika?) is the Master of Assassin on the Black Side in the Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.



Reika grew up without an actual family, and she suffered from abuse before being adopted. She was unable to do anything for herself during her childhood, and eventually became a prostitute simply because she needed money to survive. She becomes involved with the Holy Grail War at the age of twenty-three upon encountering Sagara Hyouma.


She is a woman who finds inherent worth in neither her own life nor that of others, and has lived merely by allowing herself to be pushed along by the flow of things. Though she can despite this be said to possess a morality becoming of a human being, the morality she possesses seems in some way flawed.


Fate/Apocrypha Act1: UnbirthEdit

Reika is a prostitute living with Sagara Hyouma, a magus. Sagara wishes to summon Jack the Ripper as a Servant, but he fails to do so even with her six knives as the catalyst. He concludes that he needs to create the conditions were the blades where practically used in order to establish a better connection. He quickly decides to use Reika as a sacrifice. In his attempt summon Jack by killing her, her wish to live is what brings Jack into the world. While Sagara is the proper Master with Command Spells, she quickly shows that she has concluded that Reika is her Master instead. Before he can tell her to commit suicide after realizing something is wrong with the situation, she incapacitates him by cutting off his jaw and the hand with the Command Spells. She uses her skills to stitch up both their wounds while Reika is unconscious.

She explains the nature of the Holy Grail War to Reika upon arriving at her apartment. She is able to transfer the Command Spells from Sagara's hand to Reika, but she is not a magus or a proper Master. This requires that she devour souls in place of being unable to restore prana from her Master. She uses Sagara at Reika's suggestion, and they decide to participate in the War together. Jack's memories appear in Reika's dream during that night, and she sees Jack cutting open a woman to return to where it was warm. They target a loan shark company full of "bad people" the next day in order to gather energy for Jack. She uses the Mist to kill them all, and then they return home for a meal afterward.



Reika is an average person without any aptitude as a magus, but instead has an exceptional compatibility with Jack the Ripper. She is also not a formal Master, but rather made one through the transferal of Command Spells from Sagara. She is unable to provide Jack with prana, which forces Jack to devour souls regularly to keep herself from fading away. Reika uses a "ruby", a mineralized human heart, owned by Hyouma as their personal vessel for the Grail.


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