The Unnamed Noble Phantasm possessed by Richard the Lionheart is mentioned as being one of his two trump cards along with Excalibur. It allows for him to bring a small group of Heroic Spirits with him upon his summoning, voluntarily bringing them directly from the Throne of Heroes. Those summoned with him cannot manifest due to a lack of energy, but they can interact through his shadow, reacting to attacks coming from blind spots, and provide him tools to utilize, such as an arrow emerging from his shadow to knock away Assassin's hand, or a sphere of water appearing with light emanating from it. Richard has referred to it as black magic rather than sorcery, but he is not truly familiar with such things. It seems that they can act with some degree of independence, as hinted to when Watcher mentions "the mage Saber summoned" was protecting Ayaka.

Upon Saber's summoning, Enkidu senses the presence of seven souls serving one powerful soul. All are present when he is first summoned, some kneeling before Saber and others appearing inhuman. They are only visible for a moment before coalescing into Saber. Among those brought forth in the False Holy Grail War, there is Robin of Loxley, Pierre Basile, and William, possibly William Marshal or William Longchamp. He seems to take care to hide this Noble Phantasm, even telling Ayaka to pretend that he is talking to himself when she overhears him muttering to someone not informing him of something sooner. It is shown that he can even go as far as having "William" manifest a horse with this Noble Phantasm if Saber provides enough magical energy.