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Nasuverse character
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Japanese name: ライダー
Character type: Servant (Master: None)

Rider (ライダー , ?), Mounted Knight, is one of the seven normal Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. Servants placed within this class are those known for riding mounts, living beasts or human constructs, during their lives. They generally have lower attributes compared to the Three Knight Classes, but the abilities of the mounts described in their legends compensate by granting them powerful Noble Phantasms or abilities. They have the class abilities of Magic Resistance and a high rank in Riding, allowing them to fully utilize the abilities of their mounts. Depending on the rank, they can take full control of everything from simple horses, modern machinery like motorcycles and planes, and even Divine Beasts. Dragons are the only exception, as the ability to ride them falls under a different skill.

Known RidersEdit

Heroic Spirit War Master
Unknown*First Holy Grail WarUnknown
Unknown*Second Holy Grail WarUnknown
Unknown*Third Holy Grail WarUnknown
Alexander the GreatFourth Holy Grail WarWaver Velvet
MedusaFifth Holy Grail WarSakura Matou
Francis DrakeMoon Cell Holy Grail WarShinji Matou
AstolfoGreat Holy Grail WarCelenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia
AchillesGreat Holy Grail WarShirou Kotomine
Saint GeorgeFate/Apocrypha gameN/A
Ramesses IIFirst Holy Grail War (Prototype)Shizuri Isemi‎
PerseusSecond Holy Grail War (Prototype)Isemi
UnknownFalse Holy Grail WarTsubaki Kuruoka
MedusaAinsworth Holy Grail War First setN/A

Other qualifying heroesEdit

Heroic Spirit Current class Notes
Cú ChulainnLancerFate/Ace Royal only
Diarmuid Ua DuibhneLancerFate/Ace Royal only
GilgameshArcherFate/Ace Royal only
Gilles de RaisCasterFate/Ace Royal only
King ArthurSaberFate/Ace Royal only
King Arthur (Male)SaberFate/Ace Royal only
LancelotBerserkerFate/Ace Royal only
Lu BuBerserker
Toyotomi HideyoshiSaber


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