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Nasuverse character

Boudica Rider FGO stage 1

Boudica Rider FGO stage 2

Boudica Rider FGO stage 3

Japanese name: ライダー
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Chibichuki!
Fate/Grand Order
Japanese VA: Chiwa Saitō
Character type: Servant (Master: Protagonist)
Servant classes: FGO Rider FGO Berserker
Gender: Female[1][2]
Height: 174cm[1][2]
Weight: 62kg[1][2]
Place of Origin: Europe[1][2]
Addresses self as: Atashi (あたし, ?)[1]

Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Boudica (ブーディカ, Būdika?), the young warrior queen of 1st-century Ancient Britannia, Iceni.[2]

When her husband Prasutagus died, the empire of Rome had deviously invaded her land, culminating with disgrace to her and her daughters. Boudica, seeking revenge, rallied the various kings and incited a rebellion, but was eventually defeated and killed by Emperor Nero's army.[2]

  • Thirst for Victory (勝利の渇き, ?)

She would later enter legend as the queen of victory.[2] Though the sword bore “victory” in its name, Queen Boudica ended her life in defeat. Still, she displayed valor in the face of hardship and injustice, and won many victories before the end. Even today, her memory is carved into the hearts of the people.[3]



She loved all of Britannia from nature to wild life and it's people. She is affectionate to later Heroic Spirits who are related to the Isle of Britain, and treats them as if they were her own children. For example, she wants to look after the King of Knights and she'll become someone like a relative's elder sister.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Septem: Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

She appears along with Spartacus as part of Nero's army.

Boundary of Emptiness: Garden of OrderEdit

Boudica also appears under the Berserker-class Servant.


Rider's Noble Phantasms are Chariot of Boudica and Sword of Boudica. Boudica also appears under the Berserker class as an enemy Servant.


Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for Boudica in Fate/Grand Order.[1] Takao Aotsuki is the character illustrator for Boudica.[1][2]


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