Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Martha (マルタ, Maruta?), also known as Saint Martha, the Dragon Rider (ドラゴンライダー, Doragon Raidā?). A holy woman from the 1st Century who appeased the evil dragon Tarasque and made this frightening monster fall madly in love.[2]


  • The Staff that He gave me (彼のくれた杖, Kare no ku reta Tsue?)

Guided by the words of the Messiah, whom she and her siblings gave a warm reception to, Martha became a believer.[2] She did not abandon her faith even after the Messiah was executed, avoiding death after being exiled by the Roman viceroy at the time as she was placed in a boat with neither a sail or paddle to use, and drifted to South France upon receiving the grace of God.[1][2]

At the city of Nerluc, a city located ahead of her as she went north along the Rhône River, Martha ended up confronting the monster Tarasque, both a dragon and a child of Leviathan, the cruel dragon tormenting the people.[1][2] Martha was not afraid and suppressed this monster with discipline carried out through her sacred powers. Afterwards, Nerluc changed its name to "Tarascon", and it is currently prospering as a city that enshrines Saint Martha and Tarasque.[1]

There are various opinions on the details behind the suppression of Tarasque. From the scene back in Saint Martha's lifetime, Tarasque has an expression similar to one who can't be managed, but within Fate/Grand Order, Tarasque always appears to be sad. If one can guess about this matter in question, what it is is in fact domestic violence done to a certain degree.[1]


A perfect person, possessing beauty and overflowing with charm. Endowed with beauty and dripping with charm, Martha was perfection. Even fearsome beasts would fall head-over-heels for this holy maiden.[2] A beautiful saint and a radiant and flawless saint.[1]


The woman's exterior is that of a perfect holy woman. The woman's interior is also that of a perfect holy woman.[1] Saint Martha is a perfect holy woman, both on the outside and the inside. Perhaps due to the existence of her younger sister, she often acts like an older sister.[2] A woman who is reliable, holds an indomitable spirit, and on top of that, tender.[1] Kind, chaste, and gentle, she is a person who is always shining.[2] No matter what kind of predicament happens, even in a predicament where everybody is getting back on their feet after receiving an attack, if she says "I'm okay", her companions will believe that she's truly okay. Even raging monsters will embrace that sanctity. The perfect holy maiden.[1]

Still... especially around those she grew close to, the saint may also show a "Martha who is not a holy woman", even although she can forgive her companions with her particularly saintly nature. As this "Martha who is not a holy woman", her words, gaze and facial expressions can suddenly turn sharp, and she and the mood around her becomes dynamic and determined.[1][2] This happens when she is doing things such as sulking, getting angry, or even unintentionally getting irritated towards someone being reckless. But she will control her bare knuckle brawling, given that she received her cross staff from "Him".[1]

This side of her's Martha displays to her close friends is also a form of herself that comes from her trust, showing a kind of dependence on others. It is her figure of the "town girl who lived together with her siblings" from before turning into a holy woman and from a time where the Messiah have yet to pass by.[1][2] She is a genuine saint, but this persona is just a little bit extreme.[1]

Still, even though it is a bit far from the "image of a perfect holy woman", her charm that captivates everybody, her indomitable spirit and belief that guides and protects each single person, her love for people, etc., are constant with her fundamental essence, for even while Saint Martha displays such behavior, her core remains unchanged as that of a holy woman. Nevertheless, the point is, it is said to be a difference of having a ON-OFF filter.[1][2]

Saint Martha has no wish for a Holy Grail that is not that of the Messiah's. Just like in the past, she will remain a holy woman even after having manifested as a Servant. Therefore, she will be cooperative with the activities of the Master so long as the Master continues to walk on the proper path.[2]


Fellow Saint. "George is also not half bad."[1]
Jeanne d'Arc
Fellow Saintess. Has many opinions about her. Wants to have a relaxing chat with her once.[1]
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Since she reminds her of her past self, Martha can't look at her in the eyes. "Impossible! You, you will regret this with shame later."[1]
"A demon!?" (veins popping)[1]
"The Scourge of God!?" (veins popping)[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' WarEdit

Gilles de Rais summons various Servants to face Mash Kyrielight and Ritsuka Fujimaru, including Saint Martha who is summoned as Berserk-Rider (バーサーク・ライダー, Bāsāku-Raidā?). She is first encountered in Dijon, where she is defeated by the Protagonist's party. Before vanishing, Martha thanks them for releasing her from her madness and tells them that they need to find the Dragon Slayer to defeat Jeanne Alter and her forces.

Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?Edit

Traveling Georgios and Sasaki Kojirou, Saint Martha run into Marie Antoinette, Chevalier d'Eon, and Charles-Henri Sanson, who give them most of their dumplings as a sign of friendship. Afterwards, she and the others go to the waters of Marseille to pray.

Later, while camping at the shoreline of Marseille, Martha obverses the calmness of ocean waves. After stating that no one wants Georgios' photos, she begins eating the dumplings with him and Sasaki. But, Martha soon becomes upset at Sasaki for tagging along with her and Georgios, and asks what his motives are. After Sasaki answers that he seeks a duel with her, Saint Martha refuses, saying that she preaches the folly of battle. She then asks Sasaki why she must fight him, saying she isn't the fighting type, and wonders if Sasaki is actually a samurai. Saint Martha then gets angrier when Sasaki asks about Tarasque, wondering if he's after the dragon. She continues to say that Tarasque's shell is too thick for both Sasaki's sword and her fists, and becomes upsets when Georgios wonders if she fought dragons with her fists before becoming a saint. Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and Artemis soon arrive however, with Mash demanding that they surrender. Martha and the others seemingly return the dumplings to the group, but Artemis reveals that they're still hiding some, with Martha hiding some behind her back. With their poor deception unveiled by Artemis, Martha, wanting more dumplings, fights the group with Georgios and Sasaki. After being defeated by the group, Saint Martha reprimands Georgios and Sasaski for pretending to be passed out due to their male pride by knocking the two of them unconscious. Afterwards, she escapes on Tarasque, but not before revealing that her group had given half of their dumplings to a fat man they met in the wasteland.

Santa Alter for Roughly a WeekEdit

When Julius Caesar came to Jing Ke's hideout, Saint Martha mistakes him for Santa Claus and asks him for a new set of German cooking knives. Caesar however instead makes her along with Ushiwakamaru and Jing Ke sign a contract that forced them to buy expensive presents with their own money. But when Caesar discovered that they don't have enough money, he confiscates their possessions.

Later, Martha aggressively punches a punching bag while complaining Christmas. Then, after punching the bag off its chain, she becomes startled when Santa Alter asks her where Jing Ke (calling her Jean Kay) is. Martha welcomes her and Ritsuka Fujimaru to the cave, and tells them to leave after they had their soup. Jing Ke arrives though and asks for Martha to cook some seared beef and sea turtle soup, but Martha instead confronts her about lazy she's become instead of being her usual gallant self. Then when Santa Alter reveals herself to be Santa Claus, Martha attacks her along with Jing Ke and Ushiwakamaru. After Santa Alter defeats them, Martha relays to her about their incident with the other Santa. She is then given her present, which will help get buff, but she complains about why a saint would want to get buff.

Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~Edit

Saint Martha appears in her swimsuit as a Ruler-class Servant due to Scáthach's deed.

Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~Edit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Martha is amongst the "Orleans" Singularity Servants to assist Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[3]


In her first interlude Saint of the Dragon and Sea, Martha, Ritsuka and Mash go to France due her sensing a distortion on the Marseille coast. While there she tells the others of her past before Romani Archaman tells that multiple magical energy signatures have been detected under the sea. After Mash asks if they'll have to dive under the sea, Martha states that she can use Tarasque to guide the swarm of incomplete dragon subspecies to the shore. swarms of wyverns then appear, but the group is being slay them all.

in her second interlude The Desired Saint, Martha goes to Rome with Ritsuka and Mash, sensing that something is wrong in the era. The group then proceed to destroy a group of ghosts that suddenly appeared before them. However, a demon then appears, but the group is able to slay it. Afterwards, Martha expresses that even though she perceives her summoning as a Heroic Spirit as unnatural, believing it was done for the purpose of saving the world, for which she thanks Ritsuka and Mash.

Other appearancesEdit

In the manga adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha, Saint Martha made a cameo as a possible Ruler-class Servant.


As a Servant, when materialized as a Rider, Saint Martha would be accompanied by the monster Tarasque as her Noble Phantasm.[1] A Rider that can exceptionally mount the Dragon Kind, she is able to ride every beast and every vehicle.[1][2] Normally the Riding Skill is not supposed to allow one to ride dragons; however, Martha is an exception due to her legend as a Dragon Rider.[1]

Saint Martha can perform distant attacks through her prayers (magical-based attacks). She can also deliver damage to the target by praying on her lengthy cross staff that she carries, of which it can be visibly seen as a spear. This is not an explosion caused by the impact of a energy wave or a fireball flying through the air, but an attack where after Martha's cross staff starts to shine from her prayer, the target will automatically emit a magical light and "explode" or "burst".[1]

As a companion in the Messiah's journey and as a saint who calmed down the evil dragon Tarasque, a child of Leviathan, Martha is a subject of worship and reverence. Because of this, she has the Divinity Skill at Rank C.[1]

Martha's Miracle Skill can make the impossible possible. Although it has some similarities with the Skill Pioneer of the Stars, it is something essentially different. There are also differences regarding the things that it can be applied to.[2]

Saint Martha has deep connections to water for having to drift on top of a boat and reined in the Tarasque at the Rhône's riverbank. The Saint of the Waterside (水辺の聖女, Mizube no Seijo?) Skill represents this factor, and upon perceiving a waterside, Martha's attack power raises.[1][4]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


“Apart from that, I won’t allow a slacken lifestyle just because it is summer!”


Brandishing an iron fist, she breaks steel. With a single attack of her strong fist, she pierces even a dragon. With the words of the Messiah (that person) carried in her heart, even now, her vow as a Saint has not been forgotten.[4][6]

“————This body surely exists for the sake of the people.”


Since she lost the holy garments and holy staff to manifest in a swimsuit, Martha has no other choice but to stop conflict with her bare hands. This cannot be helped. It is not conflict. It is mediation. The holy woman finally ended up being released empty-handed... a dragon-slayer (unarmed)... and the likes that must not be mentioned.[4]

Even if there are some changes in her words, and even if her form has changed, Martha is still herself. Nothing but a perfect holy woman saving mankind and the world. However, in any event, it is a special materialization. As she says, this is the Lord’s trial, or is it?————[6]


It should be as usual, but… as a matter of fact, Martha's state of being has become somewhat anxious given that she does not carry her cross.[6] Because of that, it is possible to catch glimpses of the signs of “those times” from before she held the holy staff appearing and disappearing. When compared to her materialization as a Rider, the frequency is somewhat higher.[4][6] For the person herself who has such manners, the way she loses her bearings is unconcealable, even though she has a feeling where she is not sure if this is the Lord’s trial.[6]

Judging from appearances, Martha is the usual self. However, it is also a matter of time before she becomes serious in accepting everything from the Master and without any help from others since in this way, the Master begins to appear as her “younger brother”.[6]

Even if things turn for the worse, Martha will not be wishing on the Holy Grail to return to her original Saint Graph. Even if her Saint Graph is altered, there is only one Holy Grail as far as Saint Martha is concerned, and she will not be misled by a fake Holy Grail too. That is her foregoing thought.[6]


Moses / Jacob

"Jacob, Moses, please greatly forgive me for swinging my fist. I believe this is also undoubtedly a step to take for the sake of saving the Human Order."[6]

Beowulf / Li Shuwen / Assassin of Shinjuku

"I did not say something like, 'That’s just fine, bring it on!' I did not say that. Since I did not say that, please do not send your looks of anticipation for such a behaviour from me. Haaa…"[6]


"Younger sister. This form, I cannot show it to you!"[6]


Martha uses hand-to-hand combat attacks. Basically unarmed. If anything, she has the Holy Knuckles armaments equipped on her third stage Ascension. “Even though I want to be a Saint, why!?” She says as the person herself seemingly complains.

Martha’s body, which was undressed from holy garments, is perfect as a living being. It’s amazing when undressed. Her Natural Body (Sea) (天性の肉体(海), Tensei no Nikutai (Umi)?) is a Skill that denotes the absoluteness of the body, but it also functions as a fascination Skill towards others.[4][6]

Jacob's Limbs (ヤコブの手足, Yakobu no Teashi?) is an old method of hand-to-hand combat that was continuously inherited from Jacob, to Moses, and finally to Martha. If reached to its limits, one can triumph even over an archangel. According to legends, a saint who mastered this can surely beat an “angel of destruction” that leads 12,000 angels to death. In addition, the reason why Martha can bring out “that sort of behaviour” when releasing the True Name of her Noble Phantasm is surely because of this Skill.[4][6]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Mineji Sakamoto is the character illustrator for Saint Martha.[1][2][5][4][6] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1][5][4][6]

Comments from IllustratorEdit

"There was a suggestion to have a facial expression of the so-called 'embarrassed laugh followed by sticking out her tongue' look, and it is nice that it came out OK."[6] (Swimsuit Ver.)


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