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Alternate versions
Rider Class Card (Prisma Illya)
Nasuverse character

Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei! - 09 - Large 29

Rider Illya


Japanese name: ライダー
Character type: Class Card

The Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) Class Card of the Sixth Ainsworth Holy Grail War was one of eight Class Cards transported to Illya's world in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.



The True Name of the Heroic Spirit of the Class Card is Medusa. She is an Anti-Hero, a non-legitimate Heroic Spirit hostile to Heroic Spirits.[1]


Medusa's dress, armwear, and leggings have a tattered appearance, and they leave a number of small patterns on her skin. Breaker Gorgon is greatly changed, showing a pattern with an eye in the middle. She fights straightforwardly with her dagger, overpowering her opponent.


Illya and Rin Tohsaka encounter the Rider Class Card manifested in the schoolyard. Although Illya is able to fight, she is too inexperienced to win. Before Rider can use Bellerophon, Miyu arrives and uses Gáe Bolg to slay her and obtain the Class Card.


Heroic SpiritEdit

Medusa's specialty is utilizing her high agility to perform acrobatic maneuvers that lead the opponent on and provide her the momentum in battle, but she is lacking in hand-to-hand combat ability. She can summon a Pegasus and Bellerophon, a golden bridle able to control any mount. She predominately utilizes it for the Pegasus, granting it a rank up in all parameters upon releasing its true name. Its magical energy is gathered, becoming a "shooting star" as its "super-charge" pulverizes the target.[1]

Her Mystic Eyes that can petrify targets simply by sight are sealed by Breaker Gorgon, a Bounded Field meant to confine the consciousness of a target to watching a "nightmare of both delight and taboo" while sealing all abilities they possess in the outside world. It takes the form of a visor to seal her Mystic Eyes. Her Mystic Eyes are of the highest class, Jewel, and they can entrap, paralyze, and slowly petrify the opponent with a glare. Those that can resist will be exposed to a "pressure" effect that lowers all parameters by one rank.[1]


Including the Rider Class Card grants the user Medusa's Iron Stake, stakes fastened to iron chains. They possess no overt abilities, but they are hard to remove from the opponent upon stabbing them.[1]

Installing the Rider Class Card grants Medusa's outfit, combat abilities, and Mystic Eyes. They can summon the Pegasus, turning the Iron Stake into Bellerophon's bridle of light, allowing them to force the Pegasus to charge. Both of Miyu's eyes are converted, but only one of Illya's becomes a Mystic Eye.[1]


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