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Nasuverse character
Rottweil Berzinsky
Rottweil Berzinsky
Japanese name: ロットウェル・ペルジンスキー
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Command Spell: Rottweil Berzinsky CS
Affiliation: Mage's Association
Gender: Male

Rottweil Berzinsky (ロットウェル・ペルジンスキー, Rottoweru Perujinsukī?), also known Silver Lizard (銀蜥蜴シルバーリザード, Gin TokageShirubā Rizādo?), is a Master of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.[1] He is the original Master of Archer of Red.[2] He is quickly captured by Shirou Kotomine and eventually coerced to give up command of his Servant to him.



Rottweil is a freelance magus. Just like the other Red Masters such as Jean Rum and the Pentel brothers, he has fought both together and against Kairi Sisigou at various times in the past.[1][3]


Apart from his face, most of his body is covered in silver scales.[1] It seems that he also has the organs of a lizard as well.


He is obsessed with animals, particularly lizards.[1]

Rottweil also seems to have a very perfidious nature where, in a subspecies Holy Grail War, he killed both his client and his confederates because of how the nature of the war "irritated him," along with the fact that it wasn't written in the job's contract that he couldn't kill his client.



He and the other Red Faction Masters was easily entranced by Semiramis's poison upon her arrival to Sighisoara.[1]

Other appearancesEdit

Roland Berzinsky (ローランド・ペルジンスキー, Rōrando Perujinsukī?, Roland Perjinski) is a relative of his and was mentioned in Fate/strange fake. He was one of the disciples of Lord El-Melloi II and has reached either the ranks of "Brand" and "Pride".[4]


He seems to be skilled in body modification. Rottweil's body appears to be very durable as he was able to survive a large explosion from a defective Holy Grail.


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