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Alternate versions
Nasuverse character

Attila Fate Extella

Attila Fate Extella dlc swimsuit

Neighbor Altera Extella

Japanese name: セイバー
Also known as: Attila the Hun
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extella
Japanese VA: Mamiko Noto
Character type: Servant (Master: Hakuno Kishinami)
Servant classes: FGO Saber
Gender: Female[1]
Birthday: Unknown[1]
Height: 160cm[1]
Weight: 48kg[1]
Blood type: Unknown[1]
Natural enemy: Nero, Velber 01[1]
Image Color: Dark Platinum[1]

Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant appearing in Fate/Extella.



Saber's True Name is Altera (アルテラ, Arutera?), or Attila (アッティラ, Attira?), but she is different from the Altera of Earth. She is Velber 02, also known as the White Titan (白い巨人, Shiroi Kyojin?), one of the ships that surround the main Velber "Harvester Star." The ship entered the solar system with her "older brother" and "younger sister" fourteen thousand years ago, Velber 01 and Velber 03, and she eventually landed on the Moon. She invaded the Moon Cell and Earth simultaneously, becoming known as "Sefar" (セファール, Sefāru?) on Earth.

She invaded SERAPH as an Anti Cell, and also sent her own data to Earth to create a material body (avatar), invading both at the same time. She did huge damage to both, but was beaten by the Moon Cell on the Moon and by the wielder of the holy sword on Earth. On Earth she became a corpse, but on the Moon she was sealed since Moon Cell had no way to wipe her out. The Altera (Moon) stayed in the Star of Tears which became the separated "unknown territory". 14000 years past and Altera wakes up as the Velber approach the galaxy again.[2]


She has white hair and red eyes.

  • Street Vacances (ストリート・ヴァカンス, Sutorīto Vakansu?) - Altera's swimsuit costume.
  • Neighbor Altera (となりのアルテラさん, Tonari no Arutera-san?) - Altera's casual costume.




Saber is a playable character and her main party consist of herself, her adjutant Gilgamesh, Jeanne d'Arc, and Iskandar. She is the heroine of the dawn arc where she takes the protagonist "prisoner" however eventually falls in love with him/her and defies the Umbral Star . Her and the protagonist (the body of the protagonist) mainly interact in a cavern where she is titan sized however she can send herself out in a smaller hero sized mode to the outside world. The memories of the two Altera's are linked however they have differing personalities with Titan Altera being shy at times however very friendly to the protagonist (except when trying to portray herself as a "destroyer") while hero mode can be at times somewhat stern but shows a tsundere personality type.

Hero mode even helps stop titan mode when she is transformed into Sefar however hero mode cannot exist without the titan mode so she fades away - the protagonist sends his memories into an alternate timeline to himself before the events leading up to her end, to save Altera.

In the Golden Dawn arc the memories (which went to the mind of the protagonist) are used to help Saber(Nero)+ the protagonist (mind and eventually merged with soul) to help save Altera from her fate with even Saber(Nero) becoming convinced from seeing the shared memories of Altera's tears from her end in the dawn arc. After convincing her to stop being a destroyer Altera's master (the body of the protagonist) fades away to prevent a time continuum (of saving Altera as in the other timeline this is when he sent his memories) causing a tearful departure between the master and servant. However without her master shortly after hero mode fades away.

The Titan Altera is accidentally freed by Elizabeth (who was trying to steal Titan Altera's powers) who comes to the rescue of the moon cell and saves Saber (Nero) and the protagonist from Archimedes scheme of destroying everything. After the moon cell is saved Titan Altera also fades away however leaving a much younger normal child sized Altera who still recognizes the protagonist as her master.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Main article: Saber (Fate/Grand Order - Attila)

The Altera of Earth is able to be summoned by the Protagonist


Her Noble Phantasm is Teardrop Photon Ray.

Attilaight CellEdit

Nasuverse character
Saber Mars
Attilaight cell
Japanese name: セイバー・マルス
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extella
Japanese VA: Mamiko Noto
Gender: Female[3]
Birthday: Unknown[3]
Height: 16m~1024m[3]
Weight: 50t~[3]
Blood type: Unknown[3]
Likes: Cute-looking things, small things[3]
Dislikes: Trivial work, terrorized gazes[3]
Talents: Giant transformation[3]
Natural enemy: Protagonist, Velber 03[3]
Image Color: Light Black[3]

Saber Mars (セイバー・マルス, Seibā Marusu?) is a form taken in Fate/Extella. Attilaight cell (巨神アルテラ, Kyoshin Arutera?, Titan Altera) is the Anti Cell that fell to the Moon. The "Titan" Anti Cell that absorbs mana from the civilization she destroys and uses it to grow bigger, designed to destroy itself once the task is done.[4][2]

In the Early Dawn Territory/Zone, she is 16 meters in size, but that's only because her default height is set to be "10x the size of the people native to that civilization". From this initial condition she can assimilate electrons in order to enlarge in scale.[4]

Magic Energy Absorption (魔力吸収, Maryoku Kyūshū?) is an exclusive skill of Attilaight Cell. The body of the Titan, composed of spiritron collectors, will unconditionally absorb "magical energy processed into techniques" and covert it into HP and Armor values. Techniques equate to skills, knowledge, and civilization. To an Anti Cell, there is no better form of nourishment. Any form of attack (interference) designed by intellect - however undeveloped the theory behind it may be - will only grant more power to Altera. The large firepower of greater magecraft and strategic weapons of science and technology will fuel the fire further. On the other hand, while pure magical energy - what can be called life-force itself - will also be mostly absorbed, it can still exert its regular effect. Facing against an Anti Cell, it comes down to simply "bludgeoning" it. Although this is a troublesome skill that can absorb even physical attacks boosted with Mana Burst, one thing can deal an effective blow. The energy discharge of the holy sword. The White Titan that had once appeared upon the surface was repulsed by the holy sword tempered in the inner sea of the Earth.[5]


Nasuverse character
Velber 02
Japanese name: ヴェルバー02
Also known as: White Titan
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extella
Japanese VA: Mamiko Noto
Character type: Velber
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown[6]
Height: 64m~[6]
Weight: 100t~[6]
Blood type: Unknown[6]
Likes: None[6]
Dislikes: None[6]
Talents: Civilization infringement[6]
Natural enemy: Holy Sword User[6]
Image Color: Cosmic Blue[6]

Sefar (セファール, Sefāru?, also romanized as Sephyr), also known as Velber 02 (ヴェルバー02, Verubā 02?) is a form taken in Fate/Extella, after she was awakened as the destroyer and controlled by Archimedes (in Flame Poem arc and Dawn arc) or Corroded Elizabeth (in Orchid Words arc). She is the final boss in Main Story, excluding Golden Poem arc, as well as the second boss in Archimedes' Side Story. In this form, Sephyr loses reasons but desires to destroys everything in her path. After she was defeated, Sephyr regains her sanity for a last moment to her Master (the Body of the protagonist) and apologizing and thanking the protagonist for being with her until the end before she crumbles into rubble.


huke is the character designer for Altera and Arco Wada is the character illustrator for her in Fate/Extella.


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