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This page is about a NPC Fate/Extra servant. For playable servant, see Playable Saber (Fate/Extra)
Nasuverse character
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Intial concept Closeup
Saber extra
Japanese name: セイバー
Also known as: Knight of the Sun
The White Knight of the Round Table
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Fate/Extra CCC
Japanese VA: Mizushima Takahiro
Character type: Servant (Master: Leonardo B. Harwey)
Gender: Male[1]
Birthday: Unknown[2]
Height: 180cm[1][2]
Weight: 78kg[1][2]
Blood type: Unknown[2]
Likes: King Arthur[2]
Dislikes: Older wife[2]
Talents: Effective hit confirmation with the Holy sword[2]
Natural enemy: Alice[2]
Image Color: Silver[2]
Bloodline: N/A

Saber is a Servant in Fate/Extra, and reprises his role in Fate/Extra CCC. He is the last servant to battle in order to win the Holy Grail.



Saber's true identity is Gawain, one of the Knights of the Round Table that appeared in the Arthurian legends, also known as The White Knight of the Round Table.[3]

If King Arthur was the night, the symbol of the moon itself, then Sir Gawain was the day, which shoulders the sun. He acted as King Arthur's impersonator (in the kagemusha sense) in the royal castle of Camelot. In other words, he was one of the candidates to substitute the King after his fall. He is the bearer of the sister-sword to Excalibur, Excalibur Galatine.

However, in his blind adoration for the King, he remained unaware of the King's agony. A loyal knight just like Sir Bedivere who took care of King Arthur in his final moments, but unlike Bedivere that wished for the King to attain happiness as a person from the bottom of his heart, Gawain wished for him to flourish as a king. Unmindful of such evaluation and intentions from those who surrounded him, Sir Gawain remained as King Arthur's right-hand to the end.

He never looked down on his enemies. Needless to say, he also never insults his enemies, confronting them with politeness and maintaining his fighting spirit and resolve even when the opponent lacks capacity. Remaining under the shadow of the King, he gallantly proceeds to the battlefield once the command is given and triumphs with a refreshing smile. Naturally, he was described as the ideal knight.

His greatest regret was his dispute with Sir Lancelot. He was a knight who was equal to Sir Lancelot but was also incompatible with him, unable to forget that Lancelot killed his brothers, Gareth and Gaheris. With a pure personality, he was an ideal young warrior and thus his affection towards his relatives was greater than in others.

"Sir Lancelot not only killed my brothers, that black knight even betrayed the King. Kidnapped the King's wife. How expect that to be forgiven?"

But in the end, King Arthur forgave Sir Lancelot.

"I was at fault for everything"
—King Arthur

Gawain, however, never forgave Sir Lancelot's betrayal and remained hostile towards him to the end. That grudge not only cost Sir Gawain's status as a knight, but in the end even played a part in the King's ruin. Sir Gawain continued to reject Sir Lancelot when he attempted to participate in the Battle of Camlann even after being excommunicated and, consequentially, caused the death of both the King and himself.

During King Arthur's final battle at the hill of Camlann, Sir Gawain died after being struck by an enemy in an old wound inflicted by Sir Lancelot. Just as King Arthur reproached himself in the hill of Camlann, Sir Gawain, too, cried in his deathbed. His passion invited the King to death. He regretted that his grudge invited the ruin of the King and accepted his enmity towards Sir Lancelot - and even Lancelot's disloyalty - as coming from his own lack of virtue.

" the chance there is a next time. If there is an opportunity to restore my honor - a second life - then at that time I will devote my everything to the king..."

Thus, he was brought back as a Heroic Spirit. From this conclusion, the Heroic Spirit Gawain seems to perceive "being of assistance to the king" as his absolute mission. Now set free from all doubts, Sir Gawain regained his proper figure as a literal "Knight of the Sun". Having become a Servant while retaining such an oath in his heart in order to correct his mistake, the regret of his past life, Sir Gawain serves his Master as an even more perfect "knight".

All for the sake of becoming the cornerstone of a single, lonely king.


His appearance is very likely based on the original Archetype Saber while the armour design is roughly based on Saber from Fate/stay night.


Gawain wanted to serve a true king loyally without questions or doubt like a true knight. However Gawain saw flaws in his master and he understood that his master lacked the experience of defeat. Gawain didn't tell him because he wanted to witness his master's growth before his defeat.



Leo and Saber forming their contract.
KodakaAdded by Kodaka

In Fate/Extra, he was summoned by Leonardo B. Harwey as a Saber-class Servant. Leonardo refers him by his real name to intimidate others. Gawain would follow Leonardo like a shadow and serve him like he would a king.

He was the last Servant in school that the player would face. With his defeat, Leonardo finally learns of defeat and thanked Gawain for his services. He pointed out to Leonardo that he was honoured to witness an honourable king before fading out.

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

While BB devoured both Masters and servants, Leo was able retain Gawain as his servant. In the majority of the game, he assisted Leo in the student council.

After Hakuno Kishinami defeated Karna and Jinako Karigiri, Leo and Gawain took action in Chapter Bad End. Gawain created a fire wall to avoid BB directly interacting with Hakuno. There Gawain and Leo suffered a massive defeat but Leo used all his Command Spells to break his contract with Gawain thus BB wouldn't be able to absorb him.


Knight of the SunEdit

Compared to King Arthur's providence from the moon (Alto, Artemis, the pedigree of goddess of the moon), Sir Gawain is the knight who receives grace from the sun. This power is displayed at its maximum at noon when the sun is at its highest.[4]

In the game, the player couldn't damage him due to this ability until steps were taken to circumvent or negate it. Gawain wields Excalibur Galatine, a sister-blade of Excalibur gifted by an Elemental called Lady of the Lake. Though not as famous as Excalibur, it possesses power that could rival the legendary sword. He uses abilities such as Divine Aegis to boost his Luck, Siege Perilous to boost his defense, and Blade of the Devoted, a powerful strike with Excalibur Galatine.


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