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Noble Phantasm
Japanese name: サクリファイス
Title: Flames Upon the Altar
Japanese title: 燔祭の火焔
Transliteration: Hansai no Kaen
Owner: Archer
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A
Range: 1~99
Maximum number of targets: 600 people

Sacrifice: Flames Upon the Altar (燔祭の火焔サクリファイス, Hansai no KaenSakurifaisu?) is the "flame that carries the hottest heat, shinning brightly, which flared up by God's commands" that is told of in the Book of Numbers of the Old Testament, carried by David as an incense burner while not activated. It is activated by burning Ketoret within the burner, and a phantasmal incense burner would materialize in front of each enemy presence before it would cause violet fumes to envelop the targets. Immediately, thunderclouds and mist gathers overhead, "giving the impression of Mount Sinai," and from them descends fire from the heavens in the shape of an alter to incinerate all those who oppose the will of God without leaving a trace of blood.[1][2]


  1. Fate/Grand Order Material Book II

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