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“'Saint War Order'!!”

Saber, Fate/Grand Order

Saint War Order: Rally Upon the Holy Banner and Roar (神聖たる旗に集いて吼えよセイント・ウォーオーダー, Shinseinaru Hata ni Tsudoite Hoeru yoSeinto Wō Ōdā?) is the Noble Phantasm of Gilles de Rais as a Saber-class Servant. It is the primary Noble Phantasm that recreates the time when Gilles had fought under the banner of the Holy Maiden - in other words, when he himself had been at the most brilliant point of his life. It grants a rank up to parameters similar to Mad Enhancement, and he automatically continues attacking until the target is completely silenced. It also adds a bonus to his attack damage.[1]


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