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“All right. I'll take out my trump card!”
“Lemuria in the sea, Hierarchy in the sky, and this earth for me! "Sanat Kumara"!”


Sanat Kumara: Venusian God, Heavenly Lord of the Flame (金星神・火炎天主サナト・クマラ, Kinsei-shin - Kaen TenshuSanato Kumara?) is the Noble Phantasm of Helena Blavatsky. A giant clad in a body of shining ether appears alongside an Unidentified Flying Object, and burns the area with flames.

  • "It's one of the greatest spells in Theosophy, the temporary re-enactment of the power of Sanat Kumara, a divine being that came from Venus, one of the creators of Earth."
  • "The saucer? Oh I found it next to my pillow one day when I woke up."
  • "My Noble Phantasm? Uh, it came out of some documents I got from the Mahatma. It started of really small. It had really cute eyes too."
  • "I met it by chance, this one time when I was travelling through Nevada... Yes, Nevada in the United States. My consciousness was sent to Alpha Centauri where it touched something magnificent... And when I came to, I had the saucer."

She speaks of many origins, but the true identities of the flying object and giant remain unknown.[1][2]


Sanat Kumara WheelEdit

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“Yes, yes! Wonderful!”
“Now then... there's an obstacle on course! Requesting backup! "Sanat Kumara Wheel"!! Yaho!”


Sanat Kumara Wheel: Venusian God, Silver Torus (金星神・白銀円環サナト・クマラ・ホイール, Kinsei-shin - Shirogane EnkanSanato Kumara Hoīru?) is the Neo-Noble Phantasm pulled out by Helena upon her class change. A Silver Torus. It is made of the same properties as the flying objects that appear when she activates her Noble Phantasm in her Caster form, and carries a different composition from any kind of matter found on Earth. During activation, countless flying objects appear, and pour a barrage of light beams into the surroundings. They cause violent explosions, but they will definitely never land a direct hit on Helena.[3]


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