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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: サンタナ
Franchise: Canaan
Appears in: Canaan
Voice actor: Hirata Hiroaki
Leraldo Anzaldua (anime series dub)
Character type: Human
Gender: Male

Santana (サンタナ, ?) runs a karaoke cosplay bar in the street of Shanghai while working with Hakkoh to assist other Borners and Unblooms to find refuge from Hebi. In addition, he is an acquaintance of Natsume Yuri and is rather protective of Hakkoh, willing to enter into a physical altercation with Minorikawa Minoru for asking her too many questions. As he takes Hakkoh and the others to the factory, he was mortally wounded by Hakkoh's deadly voice after Liang Qi manipulates Hakkoh into thinking he was her(Liang Qi), but before he dies Hakkoh finally forgives him and Santana requests her to keep saying she loves him until he dies.

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