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“What a nuisance, I wished that you would go away.”
“Now, get swallowed!”
"Saraswati Meltout"!”

Meltlilith, Fate/Extra CCC

Saraswati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five-String Biwa (弁財天五弦琵琶サラスヴァティー・メルトアウト, Benzaiten Go-Tsuru BiwaSarasuvatī Merutoauto?) is an Anti-Mind Noble Phantasm BB bestowed to Meltlilith. It is comprised of the goddess Benzaiten, a goddess who is one of the Seven Gods of Good Luck and identified with and having the same rank as the Three Munakata Goddesses and the god of harvest Ugajin, taking the form of Benzaiten's Biwa. It controls "things that flow" like natural phenomena, especially water and wind, music and words, speech, poetry and prose. It normally displays its power as a vortex gathering and dispersing water, swallowing all things.[2][3]

Though it is currently an Anti-Unit ability, its original use was not supposed to be as such but as an Anti-Populace, Anti-World Noble Phantasm. In the cyberspace, it would function as an Anti-City, Anti-World Noble Phantasm instead. It was not something to be used in combat or by a single warrior or soldier, but it was meant to be used against a civilization where their established cultural sphere has advanced to a certain level.[2][3]

Meltlilith's honey sweetly dissolves both body and mind, and its original use would melt the community's common good sense and morals, turning them into a sort of colony organism. Its true power would allow one to trample the body, mind and society that has been reduced to slime and absorb it, and it displays immense effectiveness against non-combatants. Meltlilith's vileness is displayed as she demonstrates this power against non-combatants.[2][3]

Benzaiten's origin is the Indian river goddess Saraswati of Hindu Mythology. She was born from the creation deity, Brahma, but he took a passionate liking to her due to her overwhelming beauty and desired her as his consort. She could not bear his advances, and desperately ran for her life, making her a goddess who is timid when faced with love. Saraswati is a goddess who governs scholarship and the arts, and when she was worshiped as Benzaiten, she also gained a power over wealth to increase property.[3]


Originally, instead of a giant tidal wave forming around the enemy, Saraswati Meltout would have been a vortex of water that sucks the Servant(s) inside, immobilizing them. Meltlilith then would performs a series of kicks upon her foe, finishing with her and the target climaxing. Because of its suggestive and risque nature, it was cut. As Kinoko Nasu put, "Even the god of art couldn’t win against the code of ethics."[2]


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