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The Second Magic (第二魔法, Daini Mahou?), known alternately as Zelretch and Kaleidoscope, (though it is unknown if these are its true names) is one of five remaining Magics in modern Nasuverse.


Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg had already achieved it several centuries ago when he used it to kill Brunestud of the Crimson Moon, though exact details are not available. It is said however that even Archer, the only known Servant from the future, would be unable to comprehend it.


The little that is known about "Kaleidoscope" is that it encompasses the Operation of Parallel Worlds. Zelretch himself uses it frequently to move through parallel worlds, though due to his age he cannot use it as extensively as in his youth. Two of his inventions, the Kaleidostick and his trunk, also use the Second Magic to some degree. In hollow ataraxia, Rin Tohsaka attempted to create a "miniature of a miniature" of the Jewel Sword in the form of a pendant that would allow her to observe the 'waves' from parallel universes, but this failed spectacularly.

Multi-Dimensional Refraction PhenomenonEdit

The Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon (多重次元屈折現象, Tajuu Jigen Kussetsu Genshou?) is one fragment of the Second Magic, which is essentially the ability to create openings into parallel universes. One can then interact with the 'other side' through this gap.

The Jewel Sword and Tsubame Gaeshi, Assassin's sword technique, are both capable of causing this phenomenon.

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