Secace (セクエンズ, Sekuenzu?) is a short sword possessed by King Arthur. It can "only be carried into mortal combat."


Secace MorganEdit

Secace Morgan: Sword of Dawnless Burning Victory (不暁燃え立つ勝利の剣セクエンズ・モルガン, Fugyō Moetatsu Shōri no KenSekuenzu Morugan?) is the Noble Phantasm of Maid Alter. It is a combination Noble Phantasm formed by using Excalibur Morgan and Secace, taking the forms of a broom and small automatic pistol respectively. They combine into a large sniper rifle to "repel the filthy invaders before they enter the 'lord's domain.'" It is actually an Anti-Material Rifle, but pointing out that fact to Artoria could result in that person having their "pretty face blown off."