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Nasuverse character
Shirou Kotomine
Japanese name: シロウ・コトミネ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Master
Servant (Master: )
Affiliation: Church
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown[1]
Height: 169cm[1]
Weight: 59kg[1]
Blood type: Unknown[1]
Bloodline: N/A

Shirou Kotomine (シロウ・コトミネ, Shirō Kotomine?) is the Ruler-class Servant of Einzbern family in the Thrid Holy Grail War and the Master of Assassin of Red in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. It then makes contracts Caster of Red, Archer of Red, Lancer of Red, and Rider of Red.

Profile Edit

Identity Edit

Shirou's real identity is Shirou Tokisada Amakusa (天草四郎時貞, Amakusa Shirō Tokisada?), the teenage leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. Born in the Edo period, he was a boy of miracles who could nearly be called a saint.

The Shimabara RebellionEdit

The rulers of the land, the Matsukura clan had drastically raised the taxes causing famine and overtaxation to the people. This action forced the weak to fall in despair as they were unable to even resist. As they continued to be exploited, the people found salvation in Christianity, the words filled with love that couldn’t be defeated by starvation, poverty or despair. However the Matsukura clan tried to take even that from them. For them it was no longer exploitation but it was murder. The people were provoked and they rise up and revolted. They feared of having their right to live taken away overcame their fear of dying in battle. Amongst them was Shirou Tokisada Amakusa, a young boy at the time. Nobody knew whether his presence there was a coincidence or the will of God, but before anyone realized it, Shirou was leading them. Their battle should have no defeat and no victory either. Because by rising up, they were both losers and victors at the same time. All they had left was the power to rise up, however the act of rising up itself was a necessary act. They rise up for the sake of what they believed in—that in itself was important and what they wished for. They believed the sacrifices would be kept to a minimum, and even if several people including themselves became sacrifices, the world wouldn’t die, but would instead be reborn.

Shirou brought forth a miracle, he utilized the power of the Counter Force in order for the possibility of victory that should have been impossible. In his own words, he was granted miraculous power granted by God because God will occasionally exercise malice due to good will. Shirou led the defense of Hara Castle, and defeated the strongest of the Shogunate attackers in a series of coordinated defensive surges. Unfortunately, Shirou attained victory. Everyone went wild and became excited over the victory. They clung to Shirou, who had won a battle where victory should have been impossible, as a child of miracles. That foolish purity of theirs troubled the boy. Shirou believed they shouldn’t have won. Winning was not an option. He had been caught up in saving lives in the near future and averted his eyes from the bigger picture. They may bite a cornered cat—but after being bitten, the enraged cat would retaliate by slaughtering them.


After his rebellion ultimately failed, Shirou was sentenced to execution by decapitation. Before his death, Shirou felt he was naïve and he witnessed a scene like hell as his comrades were slowly killed off. The decapitated heads of the elderly, men butchered up like experimental animals, babies pierced by spears, girls raped in the pursuit of lust and then thrown away afterwards. He was convinced that the countless lives gathered were not taken away by the enemy but by the himself. Shirou without once changing expression, accepted this result with a will of steel and it made him impossible to yield and give up. He merely gazed at this scene of ruin. He revealed no resignation or sorrow and even overcame the pain of his dismembered arms. He accepted that he had lost, the responsibility for his comrades death and his inevitable death. But the one thing he couldn't accept was that everything would fall to ruins after this. He couldn’t accept it. After having wasted so many lives, he absolutely could not accept that nothing would be gained as a result.

"So, God. Give me another chance. Next time, I won’t lose sight of the bigger picture. I will eliminate all obstacles, enemies and hardships in my way. Next time, I will obtain all the good in the world. A world where everyone is happy, everyone is good, and everyone is perfect. I will exterminate all evil and create a new, pure world."
—Shirou Tokisada Amakusa's last prayer


Differing from the timeline of Fate/stay night's Third Holy Grail War where the Einzbern family summoned the Avenger-class Angra Mainyu, they instead brought forth Shirou as a Ruler-class Servant. The Einzberns wished to call forth a proper Heroic Spirit befitting of the Ruler class rather than some nameless Eastern hero. However the act of summoning a Ruler was already a severe interference in the normal operating format of the Holy Grail War so he was a compromise with the advantage of his Command Spells.

As the third war drew to a close, the Einzberns clearly stood closer than any other to the Greater Grail. However Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia successfully stolen the Greater Grail, the only survivors in Fuyuki City were Shirou and Risei Kotomine. While his Master was killed in action, Shirou remained materialized due to Shirou came in contact with the Greater Grail and he managed to receive flesh. Risei questions about Shirou's future plans, Shirou lied to Risei about giving up on the Greater Grail but he plans to travel around the world. He had joined with the Church thanks to Risei's connections. He adopted Risei's surname, though he remained distant from Risei's own son. Taking up a position in the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, there was little information left to be gleamed about him from those who would search for it.

As the Mage's Association decided to seek one Master from the Church in order to have their involvement prove the legitimacy of their cause, Shirou was dispatched by the Church's Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament as one of the Masters of the Red Faction. He gathered with five of the other Masters of the Red Faction, and he used an unknown method to manipulate them into allowing him to control their Servants. He summoned Assassin of Red as his Servant, and she asked him, "Not for naught am I known as the world's oldest poisoner... Are you truly certain that you can wield Queen Semiramis?" He replied to her with, "O Queen of Assyria - in this Great Holy Grail War, I aim not for victory or defeat but for another goal. Will you aid me?" Although initially worried over his strange nature, she eventually came to greatly respect him and decided to aid him without hesitation.


  • Shirou with Black Keys

Shirou wears the vestments of a priest and a golden cross around his neck. He has an innocent, boyish face showing that he has yet to have aged past twenty years of age. Though incarnated decades ago, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix has granted him his still youthful appearance. His body is covered in scars and he has two Command Spells on his chest, the seals are very similar to Kirei Kotomine.

Personality Edit

In his lifetime, Shirou walked the path of suffering and despair. He and his comrades fought for their faith and beliefs, and in return, they failed and died. He once hated everything, from God to humans. He claims that he hated humans, not because they had killed him or his comrades, but how humanity easily accepted it as a repeating system in history where life is priceless yet has no value. He finds humanity to be just like Ouroboros, eating themselves in order to grow. Shirou admitted to his failure, his mortality and his guilt. So, he forsook his heart filled with hatred, for the sake of humankind's salvation. He claims he doesn't hate humanity anymore, and that he will save the current six billion people and the people from past and future. He desires to make use of the Holy Grail to fulfill his own ambition.

Shirou appears to be a benign man with an innocent smile; he is in actuality a manipulator who would destroy his adversary with no hesitation in order to fulfill his own ambition. He is essentially a character who looks light on the outside and has a darker personality inside.[2] Kairi sees him as being overly judicious given his supposed age.


Before Nasu wrote Fate/stay night, he claims he was a big fan of Samurai Resurrection, which involved battles between dead historical figures from around Japan.[3] Shirou Tokisada Amakusa was the major antagonist in Samurai Resurrection who commands the historic dead. The character Shirou Kotomine was planned by Nasu, Takeuchi, and Higashide, but the character development was written by Nasu.[2]

Role Edit


  • Assassin, Caster and Shirou conversing

Shirou is sent by the Church to observe the Holy Grail War as the overseer and to participate as one of the Masters of the Red Faction. He takes control of the five puppet Masters, and he and Assassin are the ones present for the summonings of Archer of Red and Rider of Red. Pretending to provisionally act as the mediator for the other Servants, Rider and Archer are wary of their Masters not showing themselves and of his presence. Caster of Red has oppositely taken to calling him Master. Upon the arrival of Kairi Sisigou and the summoning of Saber of Red, he uses one of Assassin's dove familiars to deliver a message requesting a meeting. He calmly introduces himself upon their arrival, but both are not trusting of him. He requests that Saber be materialized, and he is surprised when he cannot tell of her identity with his ability as Ruler.

He has Assassin reveal herself and begins to discuss the situation of the war. Showing the collected parameters of the Black Faction's Servants, he gives his speculation on the likelihood of Lancer of Black being Vlad III. He confirms that Lancer of Red and Rider have the strength to oppose Black Lancer. Though he tries to get Kairi to reveal the name of Saber, Kairi declines and decides to act alone instead of with the group. Though somewhat troubled by the situation, he agrees to provide Kairi with information on the proceedings of the war as the two leave. Disappointed that they felt suspicious and of being unable to see through Secret of Pedigree, Shirou rejects Assassin's idea of sending an agent after them. Dealing with them as allies until the Black Faction's defeat is in their best interest, so he instead moves onto the topic of the completion of Hanging Gardens of Babylon in three days' time.

They are interrupted moments later by the arrival of Caster, chanting a line from Richard III. When Shirou is unable to identify the line, Caster exaggeratedly laments that he cannot believe Shirou hasn't read one of his greatest works, giving him "The Works of William Shakespeare." As discussion with Assassin brings him back to seriousness, he reveals that Berserker of Red has begun a march on the enemy. Shirou is relatively clam compared to Assassin's shock, and immediately has Assassin send orders for Archer to pursue him in an attempt to stop him, though very unlikely. He thinks that trying to stop Berserker with Command Spells would only delay the inevitable now that he has found his target, so he has Archer back him up instead.

Shirou must work as the overseer in keeping the supernatural away from the public eye, so he must follow Berserker's path to deal with onlookers. Berserker does not dematerialize, so he will be kept busy for the two day march. Telling Caster to stay out of trouble, he tries to encourage him by telling him that the coming war will satisfy his love of stories. As Berserker reaches the stronghold, he returns to the other Master and feeds them false information about the nature of the war. Telling them that the Red Faction has only two Servants left and that the escaped Masters have been caught, he urges them to relinquish full control of the Servants to him due to it being no longer necessary for them. They are still unable to accept his proposal, believing it to be too dangerous, so he takes his leave of them. He returns to Assassin, having bet a bottle of wine over an acceptable outcome, so he plans to set other things into motion.

He asks if the wine, a bottle obtained from an elder of the Eighth Sacrament, is an acceptable prize, but she simply wants it for the "taste of wealth." They muse over the nature of kings, causing Shirou to become amused as it appears to him that it would be more suitable for him to have been the Servant and she the Master. As she jokingly asks if he would like to switch places, he declines while noting her nature as a despot in life, and they repeat their words from her summoning. She mentions that his words at the time were strange enough to want her to search out a person to become her Master instead, but later became greatly interested. They receive notice that Berserker has almost arrived, noting that Rider has also joined them. They also receive notice of Ruler's arrival, of whom Shirou is most cautious. While not hating her, he feels she is one who's existence must be crushed, so he dispatches Lancer of Red to kill her after deciding that Rider would not willingly accept the task.

  • Shirou sleeping on Assassin's lap
  • The Red Faction on top of Hanging Garden of Babylon.
  • Ruler confronting Shirou.
  • Assassin of "Red" seducing Shirou.
  • Shirou manipulating the Greater Grail with his Noble Phantasms.


Shirou Tokisada Amakusa was summoned as a Ruler-class, he was a figure whom had been as close to a ‘Saint’ as you could possibly find in the Far East, the sainthood of this tragic youth had never been recognized. As a Ruler class, he has the abilities to track down any Servants and learn their identity, Skill and Parameters. However there are certain limits, for example Saber of Red's Noble Phantasm Secret of Pedigree can mask out the details of her identity. Shirou was neither outstanding in combat nor proficient in Magecraft to the level of a Caster-class Servant, but he continued to win, and survive, in the Third Holy Grail War. He was ever heedful and never gambled, fulfilling his duties even as he thoroughly cemented his defenses.

He is an adept swordsman and he wields a katana when Black Keys aren't effective against his opponents. Shirou’s sword technique was almost average. He was above the level of a rank-and-file warrior, but he was far from being a master. The katana is a first-rate famed sword and it was once the favored blade of a certain master swordsman. Because the sword was incredibly famous, Caster of Red successfully enchanted it as a C ranked Noble Phantasm that can easily cut down homunculi or golems. Shirou managed to catch Berserker of Black off guard and was able to cut off a patch of her skin. No matter how many blows were exchanged with her mace, the blade did not break or bend or even receive a single scratch.

He possesses two Noble Phantasm, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix and Right Hand - Evil Eater.

As part of the Church's Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, Shirou is skilled at using Black Keys (黒鍵, Kokken?) and is an expert in Baptism Sacrament (洗礼咏唱, Senrei eishou?). As he was dispatched by the Church with the duty of being the overseer of this Great Holy Grail War. He possessed the Spirit Board (霊器盤, Reikiban?) that was given to the overseer and could perfectly grasp the state of all fourteen Servants.


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