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Nasuverse character
Shirou Kotomine
Japanese name: シロウ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Master
Servant (Master: )
Affiliation: Church
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown[1]
Height: 169cm[1]
Weight: 59kg[1]
Blood type: Unknown[1]

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Shirou Kotomine. This time, the grail... This wish is certainly right. That's why I have to make it happen. No matter how many lives will be trampled by it."
— Shirou.

Shirou Kotomine (シロウ・コトミネ, Shirō Kotomine?) is the Master of Assassin of Red in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.

Profile Edit

Identity Edit

Shirou's real identity is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada (天草四郎時貞, Amakusa Shirō Tokisada?), the teenage leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. After his rebellion ultimately failed, Shirou was sentenced to execution by decapitation.


In the Apocrypha parallel world, the Einzbern summoned Shirou as the Ruler-class Servant for the Third Holy Grail War instead of Angra Mainyu of the Avenger-class Servant. With Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia successfully stealing the Greater Grail, the only survivors in Fuyuki City were Shirou and Risei Kotomine in the Third grail war. He remained materialized afterward and joined with the Church. He adopted Risei's surname, though he remained distant from Risei's own son.

As the Mage's Association decided to seek one Master from the Church in order to have their involvement prove the legitimacy of their cause. Shirou was dispatched by the Church's Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament as one of the Masters of the Red Faction.


Shirou wears simple vestments and a golden cross around his neck during the war. Thanks to his "Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix" Noble Phantasm, he obtained eternal youth and he is generally very youthful looking, which is expected since he died when he was only 17 years old.

Personality Edit

In his lifetime he walked the path of suffering and despair. He and his comrades fought for their faith and beliefs, and in return, they failed and died. He once hated everything, from god and humans. He claims that he hated humans, not because they had killed him or his comrades, but how humanity easily accepted it as a repeating system in history where life is priceless yet has no value. He finds humanity to be just like Ouroboros, eating themselves in order to grow. Shirou admitted to his failure, his mortality and his guilt. So, he forsake his heart filled with hatred, for the sake of humankind's salvation. He claims he doesn't hate humanity anymore and he'll save the current 6 billion people and the people from past and future. He desires to make use of the Holy Grail to fulfill his own ambition.

Shirou appears to be a benign man with an innocent smile; he is in actuality a manipulator who would destroy his adversary with no hesitation in order to fulfill his own ambition.


Before Nasu wrote Fate/stay night, he claims he was a big fan of Samurai Resurrection (魔界転生, Makai Tensho?) manga, which involved battles between dead historical figures from around Japan.[2] Amakusa Shirou Tokisada was the major antagonist in Samurai Resurrection who commands the historic dead.

The character Shirou Kotomine was planned by Nasu, Takeuchi & Higashide but the character development was written by Nasu. Nasu gave a detailed description about Shirou, he is basically a character who look “light outside and darker inside” personality. Uncanny different trait from Kirei.

Role Edit


  • Assassin, Caster and Shirou conversation
  • Shirou sleeping on Assassin of "Red" lap
  • The Red Faction on top of Hanging Garden of Babylon.
  • Ruler confronting Shirou
  • Assassin of "Red" seducing Shirou

He is sent by the Church to observe the Holy Grail War and to participate as one of the Masters of the Red Faction. He arranged to meet Kairi Sisigou in the church in Sighisoara. Shirou asked Kairi to materialize his servant and Saber of Red senses something was wrong, instantly manifests to protect her master. Shirou revealed Assassin of Red to Kairi and Saber. Shirou informed them about the Black faction's servants and the identity of Lancer of Black. Shirou tries to convince Kairi to reveal Saber's true identity but both Kairi and Saber refuse to trust Shirou. Shirou reveals to Kairi that he will lead the Red Faction for a unified frontal offense, Kairi was the only one to reject this. When Kairi left with Saber, Assassin insisted on sending an agent to assassinate them but Shirou replied that fighting amongst allies is too early. As Shirou talks about Assassin's preparation for her Noble Phantasm, Caster of Red arrives and reveals that he told Berserker of Red the location of the enemy base and he is on a rampage towards the fortress. Shirou orders Archer of Red to support Berserker.

Shirou controls both the Masters and Servants of the Red faction. He manipulates the Red faction Masters by giving them luxurious throne room and making them believe themselves are in control. Shirou reported to them false information about the events of the ritual, he made them believe that they are winning the Greater Grail War. Shirou unsuccessfully obtained the Command Spells from the Masters but he believes he needs to push them one more time to obtain them all. He considers the servant Ruler as the biggest obstacle and plans for her elimination by ordering Lancer of Red to kill her or detain her.

Shirou managed to transfer the right of masters to him by force as the five masters seem too unconscious and appeared to be under mind control. Currently he has six command spells, he lied to the red faction servants that the five masters willingly transfered their rights to him.

Shirou dreamt about his past and as he woke up, he found his head on the lap of his servant. The two talked about the current situation and the loss of Berserker was of no importance, since he could not be controlled in the first place anyway. He spotted Ruler at the Black faction location. As Assasin's Hanging Gardens of Babylon had been completed, the Red Faction prepared for an all-out assault.

As they assaulted Shirou went alone, as he ran in the forest he encountered Berserker of Black. Shirou, who had eavesdropped on the Black base beforehand, knew the true name of Berserker. He tried to entice her over to his side, but negotiation failed. Assassin sent a duplicate to observe the fight and aid her master. Since Black Keys are not very effective on Frankenstein, Shirou switched to using his enchanted katana. The two were even. Shirou was only an adept swordsman, but it was enough against a Berserker. Shirou detected Jeanne approaching and to avoid contact, he quickly retreated, easily passing 60km/hour when running. Berserker defied her master orders and pursued Shirou. To assist Shirou in his escape, Caster of Red temporarily materialized and used his Noble Phantasm "The Globe: Seat of The King" to stall Frankenstein.

Shirou later ordered Archer of Red to retreat, letting Ruler to gain Berserker of Black's attention. Shirou discussed the transformation of Sieg with Assassin, he concluded that his short-term transformation will not affect the outcome of his plan and it can be ignored.

When Lancer of "Black" transformed into his Legend of Dracula vampire form, Shirou deliberately cut off the mana supply of the Red Servants luring Lancer towards the Greater Grail. Shirou sealed the movements of the vampire with his Black Keys, following up with a Baptism Sacrament in order to exorcize the vampire. Ruler following the vampire, encountered Shirou and realized the truth about him. Shirou reveals the truth about himself and the other Red Servants decide to obey him for now. Shirou asks for Black faction to surrender, and Caster of Black decides to switch sides. Just when things look bleak for Ruler and Archer of Black, Saber of "Red" crashes in and helped them to escape.


As a Ruler class, he has the abilities to track down any Servants and learn their identity, skills and parameters. However there are certain limits, for example Saber of Red's Noble Phantasm Secret of Pedigree can mask out the details of her identity.

As part of the Church's Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, Shirou is skilled at using Black Keys (黒鍵, Kokken?) and is an expert in Baptism Sacrament (洗礼咏唱, Senrei eishou?).

He is an adept swordsman and he wields a katana when Black Keys aren't effective against his opponents. The katana is enchanted by Caster of Red as a C ranked Noble Phantasm.

He possesses two Noble Phantasm, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix and Right Hand - Evil Eater.


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